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  1. LGBTQ rights take decades, but eventually these homophobes die out. Meanwhile, it’s one step forward, one step backward, one step right, and one step left, with just the big toe forward a bit…

    I dare not call the 2 small woodlands in my plot “forests” even if the FAO does and if they are home to roe deers and boars (no koalas yet). It’s too hot to work in the fields during the summer days, so at least these woods provide ways to cool down. I can’t imagine the temperatures when millions of hectares of forest are missing.

  2. US & LGBTQ RIGHTS > As one of the last remaining unreconstructed, unrepentant, and unapologetic imperialists, I’m all for re-colonizing the world and forcing it to do what we want. Aside from that, if you want the USA to have influence in other countries, then by definition it is equally right that they have influence over us. And I want nothing whatsoever to do with them, other than trade (as in USMCA) or national defense (as in NATO). Human rights tend to differ from place to place, and we in the civilized West don’t get to call the shots for everybody else; any nonsense with the UN notwithstanding. Those held fast in the grip of heretical abominations like Hindooism, Islam, Shinto, Buddhism, etc., and those enslaved by various forms of socialist or oligarchic dictatorship, see things differently.

    CHRISTMAS CARDS > Ellis Roberts-Wright is a prince. Nicely done, Ellis, nicely done.

    NETFLIX > Tastelessness is its own reward. Maybe Netflix should pick on Muslims instead.

    CANADIAN ACTIVIST MURDERED > Sad. Julie Berman was beaten to death. Had she been allowed appropriate means of self-defense, she might still be alive today. And the killer will get away with it because Canada has no death penalty. (Canuks value the life of a murderer over the life of his victim.) Note to Americans – if you’re old enough and have no criminal record or mental health issues – get your CCW permit (if required in your state) and carry. Do not, never, ever, for any reason, leave home without it. If you’re not old enough, or otherwise disqualified from possessing handguns, learn martial arts. Don’t be a victim.

    CROATIA > Baby steps, but progress nonetheless.

    GOOD NEWS 2019 > Happy New Year!

    SEEING THE FOREST FROM THE TREES > Quote from article: “Healthy, mature forests support a broad variety of lifeforms, giving and taking nutrients, habitat, and shade. They catch, store, and filter water. They improve air quality by removing pollutants. And their impacts extend outside their borders;…” Wow. Maybe forests aren’t just a fortuitous concourse of disconnected plants, maybe they’re an example of … wait for it … intelligent design.

    ANIMAL HOLOCAUST > So sad. Poor koalas!

    TASMANIAN KELP > Nature giveth, nature taketh away. Quote from article: ” Arctic tundra is melting away in Siberia and Alaska, exposing the remains of woolly mammoths buried for thousands of years …” The inescapable conclusion – long before industrialization and burning ‘fossil’ fuels, the arctic tundra wasn’t there, (here come the mammoths) then it was (mammoths got covered with ice), and now it isn’t again (mammoths exposed). Climate runs in cycles, it always has, and always will. Get over it. Anthropogenic climate change is a socialist hoax.

    IRELAND > Ever since the old joke “what’s an Irish 7 course meal? A potato and a six-pack” made the rounds, the Irish have been stereotyped. Funny that an anti-alcohol ad is “too political” proves the point.

  3. … wait for it … intelligent design.

    No they are not. Your existence proves there is no intelligent design.

    1. Interesting comment there – I never thought of myself as an argument against intelligent design, LOL, but then, my existence doesn’t say much for evolution either.

  4. @Nate

    I second that!!!! Next he’ll tell us Earth is flat.


    It’s not that we value more the life of a murderer, it’s simply that we value life more. We don’t like the aftertaste of wrongly executed people. Do we have bad people? Yes but the rest of us support this strange idea of being civilized and more humane, even if some of those murderers would deserve a quick death. But like Kirk once said “”We’re human beings with the blood of a million savage years on our hands, but we can stop it. We can admit that we’re killers, but we’re not going to kill today. That’s all it takes.””

    1. Mon Kapitan also said, “General Order 24 in 2 hours! In 2 hours!” He was more than ready to kill “today” and kill a whole planet.

  5. GLOBAL WARMING — When this naked ape first gets to asking what the heck is the human infesting the globe with their warmth, do, at the very start, get, as in reply, do first get as the answer : CO2, methane, infra red light, and all hot things give lone. off infra red light.
    Q — Does infra red light equal heat ? A — No. Heat is not light.
    oh. This naked ape walks away.
    Do witness too many times the ice and snow disappear in weather WAY under 32F from the sun light alone. The snow and ice in hidden alley ways melt later … but the light lets me see such. YES — LIGHT does NOT equal HEAT.
    SEE Antarctica … it aint melting.

  6. ALCOHOL AS POLITICAL — Traynor Ora Halftown (February 24, 1917 – July 5, 2003), better known as Chief Halftown, was an entertainer who hosted a children’s show that aired on WFIL-TV (which became WPVI-TV in 1972) in Philadelphia from 1950 to 1999. He says that he is last of his tribe, hence, chief. He says that alcoholism is a disease. He says that he prefers not to die of that disease. He then stops alcohol intake. He does let the public know of this. See AA for his writing, for example. — — Is this POLITICAL ? ☝️☝️👌👌 & ☝️☝️👌 & ☝️☝️👌👌 ‘DAMN RIGHT’ !

  7. GAY JESUS — Lots of possibilities !

    — Being born as a fuckee. — Not all females are even born with what the they call a virgin proof. You are aware of who the who are the they are, are you not ? NO ? Go figure. Such females are of a know as born whores.

    — VIRGIN BERTH — Not all pregnant women are fuckers. The male juice ends up on their vagina, no penile entry. This is not new … they remain virgins, The sperms wriggle squiggle swim effort their bod to end up to any egg [ chaotic orderliness ] if any. VIRGIN BIRTH. BERTH. Get it ?

    — Do remember a GAY public parade in Brazil with the leader [ as do remember it ] having his right
    and left fists, they emphasize fists at the time, inside, beyond the boys’ asshole. Cocaine, they say, then, is the pain control. [ As if. ] Two fist fuck boys up in the air for all to see add know.
    — — — a GAY JESUS is less than merely possible.

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