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  1. FBI admits no cases cracked with Patriot Act snooping
    Florida schools are tracking kids online NSA-style
    The Red Cross got $500 million and… build 6 homes
    Eye protection soon mandatory for US porn actors?

    Remember that big fence for that southern border of yours? I like it. I like it so much that it actually should be put up ALL around the U.S. to protect us up north and the rest of the world from the U.S. insanity!

    1. Take out the Red Cross mention in my above post only is it’s not the American Red Cross organization.

  2. Mozambique is decriminalising homosexuality: Excellent news, now if only more African countries would do the same thing. Still, it is disheartening that 78 other countries still criminalize it.

    Greenland next to legalize same-sex marriage: Great news as well. Also nice to see adoption rights will be in place for same-sex marriages.

    Germany has no plans for marriage equality: Although it appears from the article, polls show 75 percent of Germans are in favour of legalizing gay marriages, the conservatives there are too afraid to do what’s right. What the hell Germany, get with the times.

    Poland rejects gay civil unions for the fourth time: Notice the Christian cross prominently displayed. I think that indicates why they’re so behind the times. They’re afraid of angering the witch doctors in dresses that have been brainwashing the masses for centuries. Time to separate church from state, Poland.

    Korea Pride organizers vow to defy police ban: Shame on their cowardly police for being too afraid to grant a permit. So much for standing up for the expression of free rights. I fear things could get ugly, and people will get hurt. A large enough fight could bring the international spotlight to bear on their suppressive attitudes. If so, it wouldn’t be the first time the LGBT community has had to fight for equality.

    America’s unsettling child and youth homelessness: It’s not just the USA that has this problem. The exact same situations can be found here, and worldwide.

    FBI admits no cases cracked with Patriot Act snooping: Ineffective, too invasive a practice and a waste of money. However the USA isn’t the only country who spies on its citizens. A lot of our tax money has been wasted as well on dodgy spy schemes.

    Florida schools are tracking kids online NSA-style: You can’t protect kids from everything, and spying on their social media is an invasion of their privacy. At the same time, I think social media, especially in the hands of kids will always be a recipe for disaster.

    The Red Cross got $500 million and… build 6 homes: This article does demonstrate some realities and difficulties involved in trying to provide aid, and I’m sure most charities have had miserable failures in some of their mandates as well. However, nothing surprises me about the Red Cross anymore. After the tainted blood scandal, they proved years ago they’re highly incompentent.

    Eye protection soon mandatory for US porn actors?: This gave me quite a chuckle. Maybe the next step is they won’t be able to work together in the same room as their co-workers? :)

  3. Are y’all getting news stories from The Onion now? About half these headlines look made up.

  4. MOZAMBIQUE & GREENLAND > 2 steps forward.
    GERMANY & POLAND > 2 steps back, but time is on our side.
    KOREA > As a bona fide Xenophobic imperialist, I have no expectations for the Koreans one way or the other. That said, once again, time is on our side.\
    YOUTH HOMELESSNESS > So, they’re “still struggling to solve?” Haven’t got a clue, eh? It’s called incompetent, ineffective parenting. A failure to provide an enriched environment, to teach by example, to set standards and limits, and delegate responsibilities. It’s what happens when kids have kids, tails are allowed to wag dogs, and as the definition of family continues its catastrophic dilution, we can expect more and more of this.
    PATRIOT ACT SNOOPING > The Washington Times! Finally a legitimate source. So what if no major crimes have been solved, we’ll never be told how many have been deterred or derailed, or hopelessly complicated by the NSA’s ability to detect them and tap into them. Like the article says, the information is still valuable. The value of Section 215 leads may be overseas, in the hands of allied intelligence and law enforcement agencies. It’s hard to defend a program when saying almost anything in its favor blows its covers and undercuts its effectiveness.
    FLORIDA SCHOOLS > Once again the writhing tentacles of political correctness ensnare the unsuspecting. For the last fucking time, stay the hell away from social media. It’s free because ultimately you lose. Duh.
    RED CROSS SCANDAL > Never one of my preferred charities. Yes, I do regularly contribute to good causes. Each month, recurring automatically, my checking account is docked by National Public Radio, The Humane Society, the Disabled American Veterans, Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and, of course, the National Rifle Association. When my car is finally paid off, I’ll add a few more, but the Red Cross, American or otherwise, will not be one of them. Your money is much better spent by Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, or Save The Children. I’m sure there are many, many more. Get out your checkbook. One of the best feelings you can get.
    EYE PROTECTION > California, already expert at driving away businesses, won’t be happy until they’re all gone. Fine with me, we who live in neighboring states love the jobs that leave the rapidly tarnishing Golden State. That said, I’ve never been a fan of porn facials, I much prefer oral cum guzzling or anal creampies.

    1. I’m just going to sit back and wait for someone from outside the US to zero in on the NRA mention to start giving reasons why the US sucks and their country’s perfect…

      1. The NRA? The one Moses liked so much? Anyway, I’m one that does support gun ownership. The problem I have is with the nutcases that want full assault weapons… to go hunting. Gun registry? I’m not that hot about that. It cost a hell of a lot here and had to be scrapped.

        Funny, isn’t it? I saw a kid in “To Kill a Mockingbird” bragging about having a rifle given to him at the age of nine or ten years old. Today, most parents doing that would be immediately executed and their kid mentally disinfected. But then again, today’s kids of the same age wouldn’t survive in the days of To Kill a Mockingbird.

      2. @ Sixle United States:

        Well I won’t be fulfilling your wishes here, that’s for sure. I have no problem with gun ownership, and a lot of people in my country own plenty of them. The main difference are the attitudes of Americans versus others in other peaceful countries. The Americans live with a siege mentality, thinking they have to be fearful of their government and their neighbours, so therefore they feel the need to arm themselves to the teeth. They have an adversarial frame of mind and live in constant fear of being overrun, as opposed to other countries where attitudes lean much more towards those of co-operation and live, and let live.

        1. @Daveboy

          They live with a siege mentality? Really? I wonder why? Could it be cops on the hunt? How about cops killing dogs just because they can? Or maybe cops beating the life out of people? Or cops out right being judge, jury and executioner of the people they had in their custody? Or cops simply being unaccountable to anyone? How about the NSA? How about the FBI never having stopped a real threat? I suspect that they do have the right to have a siege mentality.

          Still, before pointing a finger toward the south we have to be honest about things being the same here.

          1. OK, enough about guns. How about the other charities? If every adult, working member of the LGBT community divided up just one $20 bill among three or four charities each month, we could change the world, and if we made sure everybody knew where the money was suddenly coming from, it would change the world toward us. Just a thought.

  5. @Horselips

    Did you hear about the 4 charities that got shut down recently? They were supposed to get money for cancer research, or at leas one was supposed to be about that. Then there is an other one some year or two ago that was getting money for the vets only to be keeping 99% for itself. Me give to charity? It better be damn well proven it’s not a scam before I even give them an empty bottle. Anyway, I’ve found that charity starts in our own backyards.

  6. As much as do HATE the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, do love their ad to squire guns and ammo in case of plutocracy et al. The homo / gay groups and the male / female homo / gay sub-groups have angers and hates leading to violence and a desiring’s of one over the other. Freedom is not by vote. The vote depends on justice as the populate discerns it. PLUS its willingness AND ability to defend it. Right, wrong, or otherwise. 🔥💥🔥 &c &c & &c.

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