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  1. So glad to learn that “Maiden & Princess” does not turn girls gay, it’s apparently only the “Prince & Knight” fairy tale that turns boys into fairies… ;)
    And that book about the couple of gay penguins who steal and hatch an egg to raise their own baby penguin.

    Trump did and does so much irresponsible damage, there is not a single positive word about it. Be it LGBTQ rights, kids’ rights or climate change, but really, everything he touches turns to shit. He likes shiny gold, but he is truly the opposite of Midas. Sadim?

    Next year we’ll see the first COP21 checkpoint meetings, where countries will share every 5 years what they did and plan to do about their climate commitments. It will also serve as a stark reminder that countries really need to get started on these commitments, it is already too late for most of them to reach their 2030 goals because they haven’t done much since the 2015 COP21.

    Well, let’s have a little queer song to get into a better mood.
    Angèle (herself queer) – Ta reine (your queen)

    Translated lyrics, as YouTube’s closed captions suck:

    If only she knew how
    How were you watching her, she would be scared
    If only she knew how
    How you imagined her, she could ruin you
    But let, let the time
    It could give you a chance to find yourselves
    It will take time, of course, to forget all her prejudices

    But you want her to be your queen tonight
    Even if two queens, it is not quite accepted
    But you want her to be your queen tonight
    You, the kings, you do not care about them, it’s not what you like

    If only she knew how
    How you envisioned her, even if you’re a girl
    If only she knew how
    How you could love her so much more than him
    But maybe one day
    She will see all the love you could give her
    I, I believe in stories that can sometimes
    End well

    But you want her to be your queen tonight
    Even if two queens, it is not quite accepted
    But you want her to be your queen tonight
    You, the kings, you do not care about them, it’s not what you like

    But I think that one day she will accept
    That she also loves you a little stronger
    I, I believe in stories that others
    Do not believe yet

    Another recent pop song from French singer Clara Luciani :
    Ma sœur (My sister)

    She once played in the band “La Femme”, who gave us “Où va le monde ?” (Where is the world going?) 3 years ago, another nice French song:

    My consumption of music is huge these days, some form of escapism I guess…

  2. TREVOR CASH > Hope it helps. Being LGBT should not be a capital offense.

    HHS POSSIBLE RULE CHANGE > This is just another case of “freedom of religion vs. political correctness.” Still waiting for a case to be brought to the Supreme Court that will define the boundaries between the free exercise of religion, and discrimination, if there are any. As a religious queer, I’m on both sides of this.

    CHARGES IN TEEN SUICIDE > Northcott is an ass, and like most homophobes is probably a closet case himself. But he’s right about this – the laws of the state of Tennessee have not kept pace with the evolution of social ways and means.

    PRINCE AND KNIGHT > Can a children’s book turn its readers gay? Uhmm … no. The worst (best) it can do is encourage boys to sexually fool around with each other, which, Saints preserve us, they already do anyway, have always done, and always will. ‘Sexperimentation’ is a part of growing up. The gay boys keep doing it for life, the straight boys ‘graduate’ to girls. That’s the way of it. If along that way, the straight boys get a good dose of tolerance and understanding, yippee.

    REVENGE MEATLOAF > Never mind this wayward mom – I make the best meatloaf, period. We developed the recipes for stuffed meatloaf for one of my restaurants. I say recipes because we made three versions, all seasoned and stuffed with cheeses – an Italian one with melty mascarpone and mozzarella and covered with a marinara or alfredo sauce, a beefy version oozing with melted Swiss and cheddar, under a rich wine and mushroom gravy, and a Sonoran version filled with a blend of Mexican cheeses and green chilies, and topped with a spicy queso and pico-de-gallo sauce. All versions served with appropriate sides. All sold out every time they were featured.

    CLIMATE EMERGENCY > Junk science is the opiate of the secular humanists. The whole bullshit article revolves around the fear of a 1 or 2 degree centigrade increase in temperature. None of that applies here because the USA is on the Fahrenheit system, so we’re immune.

    ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN > One wonders why Salon never criticized the Obama administration for doing exactly the same thing. First of all, there’s no such thing as a migrant. The word demands modification by either ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ to have any meaning at all. Legal migrant families are processed and released, with our blessing, to their new opportunities and lives in America. Illegal migrant families are committing a criminal act, and the adults, like all adult criminals, are separated from their children. Many of the kids coming across are unrelated to the adults bringing them – they’re just ‘rental kids’ supplied for a price by coyotes (human traffickers). The solution to the whole mess? – build the fucking wall.

    SHUNNING HIV POZ > Heck, I don’t hug Democrats, and some of them are disease-free. Go figure.

    PORN POSITIVITY > Whatever ‘positivity’ means. Porn is wonderful. Everything I really need to know in life I learned from porn. Porn is neutral – there’s no anti-Trump bias, nothing liberal or conservative about it. It’s multi-racial, multi-cultural, and all inclusive. Pure political innocence. It’s educational, informative, and entertaining. Should be required viewing for children 10 and up. (Not that they aren’t watching on their own.)

      1. I owned 2 Italian restaurants/pizzerias, and one downtown luncheonette, The downtown location was my favorite – opened from 10am-2pm, lined out the door from 11am-1pm.

        The neat thing about owning your own place is you can make instantaneous decisions regarding menu, prices, suppliers, wages – everything – no dealing or negotiating with some nameless, faceless home office of corporate bureaucrats. We had a lot of fun concocting new recipes for all sorts of dishes.

        Another favorite was stuffed peppers. We’d buy the biggest green peppers available, then cut lasagna noodles to fit the interior, and stuff them with different flavors of lasagna such as sausage, eggplant and mushroom. Then we capped them with lots of mozzarella cheese so when they baked, the melted cheese would bubble down their sides like lava. Naturally, we called them “Volcanoes.”

        Had fun with sandwiches too, especially peanut butter. We bought those loaves of oversized sourdough bread and made giant triple-decker PB & J club sandwiches – your choice of smooth or chunky PB, and PB and bacon (try it!) clubs.

        One of our best selling to-go items was roast turkey drumsticks. They’re big! We made them in several flavors – plain, our own dry rub, BBQ, and Mexican. Sometimes we would experiment with marinades like teriyaki or different salad dressings. Wrapped them in foil. Food cost on them was about a buck, sold them for $3.99.

        Of course we also served the usual stuff – burgers, salads, deli sandwiches, etc.

        1. I disagree with you on almost everything when it comes to politics but it’s interesting to hear about the people behind the screens here and their personal lives. Wish we could talk about these kind of things more often in the comment section instead of fighting over politics.

    1. “I make the best meatloaf, period.”

      No, you don’t. I do. I mix ground pork with ground beef. And I can prove that by just telling you and not providing any recipe as evidence — you know, just like you did.

      You see what I did there?

  3. Trump: It’s called Mass Psychogenic Illness, that is, when a person breaks social norms and gets people to break the same norms, then you get a new norm. That’s how Fascisim spread in Germany and how it is now spreading worldwide. When a particular hate is just below the surface and people in power voice that openly; no matter how abhorrent, it becomes the norm.
    Because of the ease of distribution and the support of outlets like Facebook and Twitter and sites that support far right wing conspiracy theorists, the world can turn upside down in a heartbeat.
    Like climate change, it will take a massive effort to spread anti-hate messages as they completely conflict with the abhorrent ideology. So, mass psychosis.

    Bullies & DA: The family can bring federal charges based on the hate crime statues.

  4. The discriminant difference between religion and law is as clear as the separate STATE and particulars of religions, as in th constitution. As they also say outside back then, nothing is of guarantee. NOTHING. The gay acceptance of marriage contract law, they fail to get the gays as equals otherwise. That is, that you are a married queer can get you as much as any.
    — Do like boys underage and want to have sex with them. Well, some of them. OFF TO JAIL

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