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  1. ® Well I am not back-tracking on my decision not to eat junk processed fast “food”, Chick-fil-A or not. ;)

    ♂♂ The Maine Council member is gay, but most importantly, was born this side of the third millennium. It’s probably a world’s first.

    † Tough luck for the Marshall Islands, the Tomb will be flooded by 2050 according to Climate Central. Ocean waters are already only a dozen meters away from it today. The USA only have a few years to move this radioactive waste back to the main land. French Polynesia has no such “Tomb” but did not fare better, with 110 atomic bombs, 5 times more cancer cases compared to 25 years ago, rain that is 11 million times more radioactive than normal rates!

    Ϩ Another good news for the fight against HIV.

    ҉ Renewables are even making electricity cheaper in the USA. Not as much as natural gas’s contribution, but still, and it does not come with the external cost of greenhouse gas, which should really be added to the price of natural gas for a fair comparison.

    ↓ Venice, Ô the irony… They really need to build a high dam on the laguna sea front, but also dams north and south of the laguna, or Venice will still be flooded from the land around. Well, the water around, rather.

  2. “Racial discrimination on gay and bi dating apps is extremely common” So, you should have sex with somebody who does not turn you on just to be politically correct? How about fat shaming by not selecting somebody who is sloppy fat? Sexual attraction just doesn’t always fall in line that way.

  3. RACIAL DATING > Racism is unlawful discrimination and nothing else qualifies. Every other decision involving race is nothing more than personal preference, and that is not only lawful, but normal. Racism is only an issue for the paranoid loony Left – the rest of us are way past that shit.

    CHICK-FIL-A > Not a fan of their sandwich, or Popeye’s either. Both are way overpriced. Best deal is still Carl’s Jr’s spicy chicken sandwich for $1. Add cheese, pickles, tomatoes, and it’s still well under $2. Get 2 loaded up for the price of 1 plain sandwich at Chick-Fil-A or Popeye’s. As for who the owner supports, I couldn’t care less. I do business with lots of companies who contribute to causes or organizations I oppose, and so what? It’s called freedom of speech, and this is still a relatively free country. Bon Appetit.

    GAY CITY COUNCILMAN > I hope he brings more skills to the job than social justice awareness.

    NYC ATTACK > Population of NYC – 8.4 million unarmed, defenseless sheeple. Are there haters among them? Ya think? Do the math. Cops are looking into whether this was a hate crime. Word up Coppers – it wasn’t a love crime.

    LGBTQ TRAVEL > The article ignores the reality of Muslims gay-bashing in Sweden, which is on the rise. Lesbians beware – Muslims are raping lots of babes there too. Just as important as the laws where you’re going is the danger from local Muslims.

    NUCLEAR TOMB > Hopefully, the radiation leaking into the Pacific Ocean will mutate some hapless sea creature and morph it into a gigantic fire-breathing dinosaur that will rise out of Tokyo Bay and stomp the city flat. It happened once in 1954 – they made a movie about it. Look it up.

    HIV VACCINE > This will do for gay men what The Pill did for girls back in the 60s.

    RENEWABLES > I don’t give a damn how electricity is generated as long as it’s reliable, abundant and cheap.

    ISOLATION CELLS > Stop the madness! Disruptive or disabled kids should be home-schooled by webcam. Any kid who can’t or won’t keep up needs to be expelled and schooled at home until he shapes up and catches up, or is held back until he does. Schools don’t have the money, the facilities or the staff to handle these fringe kids, and they shouldn’t be allowed to hold back or interrupt the education of the rest.

    VENETIAN FLOODING > Man duzzint cause climate change, and man can’t stop it, but the Venetians, who for centuries have had the time, talent and bucks to make their city a mecca and a monument for great art and architecture ought to build some serious sea walls to preserve it all – dontcha think? The tides, they arrrre a changing!

  4. Thid id the 3rd reason go LOVE thod fite.
    As William F Buckly says, gays are as obvious as newly weeds. … just do mot wed e aint gathem contracturaly otherwise … ha ha ha
    q — Why does JERRERSON x his slave ? JEFFERSONA yels for independence yet
    a — he aint gay …q — why are arab muslims in south Africa in the 1700’s ? a — horney slave makers free sex WHY do the Putitans come t these shores? They have their black and white slaves for their religionings and kill to keep. Salem witch trials show property, mot witch craft. — LIAR ? Go research HEROIN Baye r asperin street use how, crack and how
    — Do love the founding fathers. They do f a lot them times too two … ha ha ha

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