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  1. ⸙ Russia: Encouraging news about Russia, it looked like there were more homophobic young people than what these surveys show, although it was already clear that this stupid “gay propaganda” policy was coming from political and religious leaders, who did a great job miseducating the gullible mass they control to make it look like it was coming from “the people”. There are however more and more protests organized by young people, like the ones in Saint Petersburg. They are unfortunately all repressed by the police.

    ♥ Fake pædophilia claim: Taking legal action against the “Yorkshire Child Protectors” organization is the right thing to do, I hope they win the case and lots of money, and that the group gets disbanded.

    ☼ Global Climate Emergency: I read their 5-pages pdf last week, their propositions are a good start, this is really an emergency. Even if it’s too late to avoid sea level rise because of the latency of ocean water, we can at least reduce its impact. By 2050, Asia will be the most impacted: No more Bangkok, the whole south west corner of Vietnam will be likely submerged, most of Hanoi and Rangoon too, Macao and Canton are gone, so is Calcutta, Dacca and half of Bangladesh which is already under a lot of humanitarian stress. And the “swamp” will be relocated from D.C. to Mar-a-lago. Check it out on
    Indonesia is already in the process of relocation its capital Jakarta from Java to Borneo. Thankfully, responsible administrators are not waiting for their government to take global action, they act locally, like California mandating solar rooftops on every new building, some cities prohibiting natural gas heating and cooking in new buildings or residential areas, etc.

    ♀ It’s a good thing current antiretrovirals work on this new strain of HIV. A few more decades and HIV could be history if we can make these drugs available to every person who need them worldwide.

    ® Already tried the 4-day week at Microsoft over 10 years ago, meeting-free days, and I even created a dashboard web site to automatically publish the status of every language in the Windows localization group, all 100 languages of them. Got officially nominated a Windows Vista “hero” (twice) and thousands of totally worthless stock options for this achievement! ;)

  2. GERMANY > It was once said that civilization was a thin veneer over the German psyche, that individually Germans were most estimable, but collectively, most dangerous. Seems civilization has begun to sink in.


    RUSSIAN KIDS > Can’t stop an idea whose time has come. “… And a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah)

    SWISS > These Neaderthals could maybe learn a thing or two about discrimination from Russian kids.

    ENGLAND > Do the math: Fake News + Vigilantism = Clusterfuck. (See you in court.)

    GLOBAL CLIMATE HOAX > The seas will rise up and swallow great cities – yeah, right – that’s why 2 of climate change’s true believers and most public proponents, Joe Biden and Barack Obama have recently bought oceanfront estates for millions of dollars. Obama’s mansion is about 150 feet from the water’s edge. Hmmm, what’s he not worried about? If this nonsense was true, waterfront lots along Florida’s coasts couldn’t be given away – instead, they are still being sold for millions per acre. If AOC was right and we only had a dozen years left, why are banks still accepting 30 year mortgages? Why are cities and school districts still offering long term bonds? Real people, with serious money riding on the issue, know better and are acting accordingly.

    HIV STRAIN > Thanks to Big Pharma we’re still one step ahead of the mutation.

    KIDS IN COURT > Quote from article: ” The out-of-control burning of fossil fuels, driven by wanton capitalism, has enriched the upper crust …” Obviously this lawsuit is all about liberalism’s anti-capitalist / pro-socialist agenda. Come what may, I’m not giving up my classic 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC with its 4.6 liter, 32 valve, Intech Cobra V8. Zoom Zoom !

    MICROSOFT > My last 2 jobs, after I sold my businesses, were both on 4 day workweeks, one was 4 x 12 hours, the other was 4 x 10 hours. Loved ’em both. I worked Mon. and Tues., took Wed. off, worked Thur. and Fri., and took the weekend off. There’s a lot to be said for not having to work more than 2 days in a row. A real break from the 24/7/365 of self-employment.

    GFYCAT > I never even herd of Gfycat until this article. It’s just social media, so who cares?

    1. Right, believe in the climate hoax and global conspiracy from thousands of climatologists all over the world. Unfortunately, sea level rise affect mostly the poorest. Rich people like Obama will always be able to relocate or have a dam built. It’s not exactly oceanfront by the way, it’s waterfront to the Edgartown Great Pond. Look up King Point on Google Maps, it’s just north of it.
      This whole peninsula will most likely be flooded by 2050 if nothing is done, it is just above sea level, tough luck to the Obamas with their vanity mansion. I thought he was smarter, but a fool and his money are easily parted, they say. A $14M mansion with 7 bedrooms, that’s $2M a bedroom. I could buy 2-4 farms for the price of 1 of these bedrooms.
      Biden will fare better in Delaware though.

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