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  1. Trump scraps healthcare: Of course he did, his administration is disgusting, anyone who thought he supported LGBTQ rights was an idiot.

    Straight Pride: They can make fools of themselves again.

    Gay president: I agree, it’s not time for a gay president, the most important thing is getting Trump and his corrupt administration out. Anyone who still supports him is an idiot. We need him out and to replace all the christian fascist judges he has put in place.

    Republican lawmakers in Georgia and Kentucky: Of course that’s what they are trying to do, the Republican party is disgusting and anyone who supports it is an idiot.

    Boris Johnson: He’s just as corrupt as Trump

    Welfare: Because they are idiots like Horselips

    Guns: As a owner of lots of guns I still don’t understand why anyone is against comprehensive background checks.

    Politicians: How do you know they are lying, if they are talking they are lying, all of them. Especially the orange tard Trump.

  2. From the article:
    “The “pride parade” — also known as a hate rally in this context — is being organized by Super Happy Fun America”

    From the organizers home page:
    “Straight people are an oppressed majority. We will fight for the right of straights everywhere to express pride in themselves without fear of judgement and hate. The day will come when straights will finally be included as equals among all of the other orientations.” – John Hugo, President of Super Happy Fun America

    “We will educate the public about straight issues and foster unity and respect by having a parade.” – Mark Sahady, Vice President of Super Happy Fun America

    “Through hard work and determination, a Super Happy Fun America can be achieved in our lifetimes.” – Sam Racioppi, Grass Roots Organize

    They are not nazis, they are trolls that want to have fun. Think of them as South Park, a parody.

  3. HEALTHCARE > Still waiting for the defining case regarding the limit (if any) of the “free exercise thereof” clause in the 1st Amendment vs. anti-discrimination laws to reach the Supreme Court. This is as important issue as gay marriage, abortion, gun control, or any other issue.

    STRAIGHT PRIDE PARADE > No doubt about it, some people have way too much time on their hands and way too little work to do. F*cking idiots.

    GAY PRESIDENT > Question is all wrong – it should ask about an ‘openly’ gay president. For all we know, we’ve already had a few ‘closeted’ gay presidents. We’ve already had a transvestite FBI Director. Thousands of our military personnel are LGBT. And everybody knows it. My problem with Mayor Pete is not his sexual orientation, it’s his politics. And that’s all that should matter.

    DELTA AIRLINES > Controversial inflight movies should not be controversial in any way, and as inoffensive as possible. I recommend the Bugs Bunny family of cartoons, or B&W sitcom reruns.

    TRANSGENDERED MINORS > Once again, the science and the courts are way behind the culture and needs to catch up. The shrinks, docs and scientists need to decide once and for all whether gender dysphoria is a medical condition or a mental illness, and the courts have to sign-on to their decision.

    RUSSIA & BREXIT VOTE > If Russian intervention there is as comical and ineffective as it was here in 2016, who cares? The paranoids and conspiracy freaks care, but who cares about them? The Queen should dissolve Parliament until the December election. Here’s how it’s done: and

    WELFARE > There are makers and there are takers, and conflict between them is natural. It is inherent in the concept of American Exceptionalism that each is responsible for his own support, and should labor to the fullest extent of his talents and ability. Nobody has a problem with Social Security for the elderly and the sick and the disabled, but if your need is the result of poor life choices, or criminally acquired addiction, screw you.

    BLACK MARKET GUNS > It is already illegal for friends and relatives to buy guns for anyone but themselves. It’s called making a “straw purchase.” it’s a law that is rarely if ever enforced. Lots of other gun control laws are unenforced, and when they are, charges are usually frittered away in plea bargains. Before I submit to any further infringement of my God-given natural rights, I must insist on a maximum effort to prosecute, and punish to the fullest extent, all violators of existing laws. Until then, MOLON LABE. (Bring lots of backup – you’ll need it.)

    TWITTER > Who cares? It’s only social media.

    CIA & ALIENS > The Men In Black have gotten to Snowden … LOL.

    1. “If Russian intervention there is as comical and ineffective as it was here in 2016, who cares?”

      [bolded:] You never fail to show your stupidity in either/both religion and politics. The Russians were very effective in 2016 — even though you’re too fucking stupid about this matter — give it up. You’re no better than Kellyanne Conway — in fact, you’re right on par with her.

      1. The Hillary campaign’s collusion with the Russians in the creation of the infamous and comical “Dossier” which the Deep State used to scam the FISA court out of warrants to spy on the Trump campaign was ineffective. Trump won anyway.

  4. Trump lost the popular vote. I also think you mean Trump’s collusion with Russia, because that is what actually happened. However, like Penboy said your stupidity knows no bounds.

    1. Take that up with the Mueller Report, which concluded after years of investigation and millions of dollars, that there was NO COLLUSION between Russia and Trump’s campaign.
      We look forward to the results of Barr and Durham’s investigation of Hillary’s improprieties, and those of the Deep State operatives like Brenner and Comey. I am hoping for indictments, perp walks, and long prison terms.

  5. GENDER does not equal SEX. A one is born off sex. A one is born as of a sex, male or female. If they cut off yor dick and balls and cut out your prostate and what ever else s there, AND destroy the nerves from the spinal, and if THEN if they implant ovaries and a uterus and so on to make the male into a female, AND if they do all that before you are a you,
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    Q — Am this making any sense ?
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