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  1. DEPRESSION > Guess what? It’s the same with any minority, especially among the young, which are justly infamous for their cruelty and insensitivity. Kids who are inordinately overweight, or otherwise unattractive, or have some weird disfiguring or disabling birth defect can expect to be teased and made fun of. And heaven help the kid who is unusually smart or a genius or protégé of some kind – he will suffer tons of abuse. As will the borderline dumbass. As will the poor dresser … you get the idea. For all those kids outside the boundaries of the norm, it’s a part of growing up.

    TAIWAN > Good.

    FIRING TEACHER > You don’t hire your own students for babysitting or any other job, and you don’t contact them electronically. Very poor optics there.

    BOGOTA > Good.

    TINDER > In the real world, the one outside of political correctness, social justice, and the progressive agenda, there are just 2 genders – dicks and pussies, and just 4 sexual preferences – str8, gay, bi, and celibate. Quote from the article, “… and after being invasively questioned by cis men about their genitals –” Reality check to the trans community – yeah, it matters much what’s between your legs, not so much what’s between your ears.

    INSTAGRAM > Totalitarian-progressives (ie.: liberals in general) are noted for their hyper-sensitivity, and when it comes home and bites them – too bad. Don’t kid yourselves, Zuckerberg is a flaming Lefty. But as we should all know by now, nothing seen posted on any social media, or done by its moderators or owners, should ever be taken seriously. Remember, it’s just social media. Who gives a flying fuck through a rolling donut?

    AUSTRALIA > Stop the madness.

    POLAND > Gee whiz, whatever did we do before there was any such thing as sex ed? We had sex, that’s what. And it was good. And fun. And pregnancy and STD rates were never lower.

    SODA TAX > Nazis!

    ENCRYPTION > Fuck Comcast, and all companies that gather data without compensating the people who’s data they gathered. You should have to opt-in before your browsing history is seen, and even then be paid for the info you’re sharing.

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