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  1. NEW ZEALAND > You guys know I’m a supporter of religious freedom, but conversion therapy ranks with animal sacrifice and cutting out human hearts as beyond any but the most extreme interpretation of the right. Banning conversion therapy wouldn’t keep anyone from seeking counseling or advice.

    IRELAND > They’ll get there.

    HONG KONG > The court “upheld a government policy” which is nice way of saying Peking said “no.” The freedom Hong Kong was promised for 50 years after the British left has been encroached and infringed on bit by bit until the people have had it up to here and we see the current situation. God help them.

    SYDNEY > Only problem is Australia is an expensive place to get to from just about anywhere else, so attendance will most likely be mostly local. Anyway, I hope it’s a better deal than winning the Olympics.

    CHIC-FIL-A > Word up – Carl’s Jr. sells its spicy chicken sandwich for $1. Nice sized breaded chicken patty. Cones with mayo and lettuce. For a few cents more you can add tomato, and for another little bit, you can add cheese. Total is still well under $2. Very tasty. Best deal in fast food anywhere. Enjoy.

    PrEP > My television is bombarded with ads for “Truvada for PrEP.” Well, at least it was, until ads began to show up for lawyers suing the pharmaceutical company over side effects.

    FACIAL RECOGNITION > It’s not just F.R., there’s issues with the coming 5G network as well. Oh, and the war on cash is a further affront to essential anonymity.

    DEEPFAKE PORN > We’ve had faked pics of celebs for years, we’ve have fake news across the mainstream media (deepfake reporting?), and now we have deepfake porn. I almost have to say, “so, what else is new?”

    STDs > Condom use is down, diseases are up. Take a hint, get a clue, be careful out there.

    FBI ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE > “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine. Drain the swamp!

  2. Using “freedom of expression” as an excuse not to ban the opposite of freedom of expression is kind of both moronic and oxymoronic. New Zealand or New Zealot?

    Chick-Fil-A should know better than opening subsidiaries in countries where Southern Baptist bigots don’t have much of one. ;)

    The price of meds and the whole healthcare system in the USA is really a joke. Probably a double oxymoron in disguise too, as it is neither about health nor care, but about wealth and dare, making the most money you can get out of your blackmailed customers. 8$ a box in Australia, $2000 in the U.S., 2.4 million STDs last year alone, that summarizes it very well.

    I don’t think facial recognition is going away. Maybe for the general public use, like automatically tagging your Facebook pictures with the names of the persons in the pictures, but the governments will still want to use this feature for the sake of national security. See the other article about the FBI/NSA abuse, they would happily violate the law even if facial recognition was officially made illegal for any purpose, national security included, or if it was prohibited in Article 1 of the Constitution.

    Deepfakes are an interesting new twist to technology that Black Mirror didn’t address yet. I think it goes way beyond porn, you could imagine books with hero character name replaced with your own and the villain with your stepmother’s, or a single movie declined into up to thousands or millions of versions, each designed for a specific audience or an individual viewer, replacing the movie actors with the viewer’s favorite person’s face. Remember the photos of the grey swimsuit guy of yesterday? Even if he is old or dead now, you could still put that face into any peplum if you prefer him to Charlton Heston.
    Personally, I think cute people have a moral obligation to be 3D scanned and give their scan to the general public after their death. Just like organ donations, it may save the life of thousands of people who would otherwise die of boredom. And unlike organ donations, the digital miracle means that the same scan can be used multiple times on multiple persons. I am only half joking. I am sure 3D full body scans will become a reality some day, because AI and brain biology can only capture the memories and persona, not the physical body representation. By the way, I just read that the thousands or millions of memories we have in our brains come from the same neurons, but rearranged into different and unique multidimensional arrays of connections. We are still not much beyond the wheel and wood fire regarding the tools we would need to detect and interpret these memories, but at least we are starting to have a better idea of how our brain works. Or don’t, if we look at the average American voter and their POTUS… ;)

    1. “Personally, I think cute people have a moral obligation to be 3D scanned and give their scan to the general public after their death.”

      Is that just to tell the public that being “cute” [only when young, of course] is a “bad thing”? Because I don’t think any carcass could be categorized as “cute”.

  3. There is a new conversion therapy issue. There is the nine year old male [boy] who claims itself to be a girl has a mommy who wants to get the male on a start of hormonal injecting preparatory to genital altering … and a father who opposes such.

    1. OH ! It is now in court. The nine year old child asserts that it has a different than birth reality ! Mommy says ok and wants to change, physically, the gentiles of the little one … instead of letting the child grow up to make their own changes on their own. Originally find this all out on CNN.

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