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  1. “”Bullied trans teen commits suicide days after coming out & Leelah Alcorn’s mother threw away handwritten suicide note””

    Yes, things are getting better, right?

    Anti-gay politician caught sending nude pics to another man

    First thing that came to my mind was he must be a republican. I was right. What is it with those reps? Are they the official closet gay club?

    An orgasm a day keeps prostate cancer away, study says

    I try my best to keep healthy! Really!!!

    New Zealand kids taught that gays await death & hell

    Yes, god loves us all.

    1. @Dan:
      “Yes, things are getting better, right?”

      Well, yes and no. You’re basically correct, but we ARE moving — at a snail’s pace, I grant you — to make things better. This June 30, our SCOTUS will rule with 2 opinions, 1 of which could very well be a “slam dunk” or very close to it (6-3, 7-2 or even a 8-1 with the worst one {Scalia} holding out, as usual) for our gay communities, and the other will probably squeak by with the typical 5-4 (or maybe even an 6-3?) majority in favor of gay marriage (thanks to Kennedy).


      re: New Zealand kids taught that gays await death & hell
      “Yes, god loves us all.”

      See my reply to JN below after moderation.

  2. Go easy on NZ, Josh!!!
    No one in NZ suggested that this weirdo American Baptist view was correct!
    Rather, it was offered as an example of one extreme view point; part of a process of allowing students to make their own rational and informed decision; underlining the need to NOT take everything at face value but rather, to work through promoted concepts and come to one’s own informed decision.
    I would hate you to let your viewers think NZ parrots the garbage of the American Bible Belt!! NOT SO!!

    1. @John Newall

      Thanks for the head’s up. I was starting to believe that “the precious” was starting to have a bad effect on your people.

    2. @JohnNewall:
      “I would hate you to let your viewers think NZ parrots the garbage of the American Bible Belt!! NOT SO!!”

      Uh, actually that is so. If you break down the numbers and realize the proportional “value” of our populations, you will see that it IS SO.

      … AND …

      And, before you try to say how much more crazy the religious are in USA, let me remind you of this: The population today is roughly only about 4.5 million people and USA is just over 350 million. That puts USA roughly 77.8 times the amount of population than NZ which obviously makes us more religiously crazy — numbers alone tell you this. But, I pointed out over a year ago in here to another NZ’er (alex was his nick) with even more proof, that NZ has its share of religious nutcases (very much like Australia & S. Korea) that will do anything to brainwash its population if given the chance. So, proportionately, YES, NZ does nearly as much parrotting the garbage of our disgusting bible belt.

      Cheers and hopefully you CAN AND WILL DO YOUR PART to change this.

      Oh, and Dan, for your response to him, you can read and see these numbers as well.

    1. @Dan:
      “Yes, it’s another republican!”

      The continuing saga of American Republicans “getting caught with their pants down with other MALES” goes to show you just how much and persuasive that christian right money machine is here — they will SAY AND DO ANYTHING just to keep that money rolling into their accounts and keeping their voting machine oiled.

      Déjà vu — That TOTAL idiot, Rich Sanitarium …. oops, I mean Santorum, is baaaaaack! Ready to spouse his idiocy of our Constitution and its First Amendment — in 2015, he just can’t understand the incredibly simplistic concept of separation of church (religions, ALL) and State — you know, how our founding fathers made our Constition out to be …. without any reference to any “god” throughout this entire document — way back in 1776.


      Oh, and did you know Rick Santorum’s lineage? Let me clear things up:

      Santorum: The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.

      Care to offer any comments, Ricky?

      1. Ooops. Sorry ….. mistyped …. should have been “espouse”:
        “Ready to espouse his idiocy …”

  3. re: Leelah Alcorn’s mother threw away handwritten suicide note:

    Every time I read about her, I tear up. And I get hateful towards her “parents.” (No TRUE parent would ever allow their child to be emotionally torn up in this way.)

    Just a few of the comments says it all:

    “Behind that lies a religious ignorance and contempt for human nature. The bible is NOT a science manual.

    “religion. never such a poison on Earth as religion. how many lives? how much blood is enough?

    “Her parents should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Her death was preventable and this was THEIR FAULT.”

  4. El Salvador approves measure banning gay marriage:

    A country of people kept brainwashed and ignorant and under the thumb of the Catholic Church. Some places are not progressive and things will never change, it seems. I find that very sad.

    New Zealand kids taught that gays await death & hell:

    A sensationalist news title that is completely misleading. The material was merely presented as an example of extremist religious views, as opposed to other more rational ones. Young people need to be aware there are extremists out there. If providing a prime example of ignorant religious viewpoints in a lesson on critical thought helps them to understand that, I have no problems with it.

    Poll: Americans value religious freedom over gay rights:

    Once again there is proof on how important basic human rights of minorities should not be at peril by a majority. EVERYONE should be treated as equal in accordance with basic human rights laws REGARDLESS OF POPULAR OPINION.

    Swiss court: gay couple can’t both be fathers to their son:

    The Swiss mindset has always been an enigma to me. On many levels they have very liberal views, but then surprisingly seem to do an about-face at times.

    Japan schools told to let trans kids wear uniform of choice:

    Good for Japan! Although I don’t understand the logic of much of their culture, they seem to get things right most of the time.

    Bullied trans teen commits suicide days after coming out:

    Another sad story of suicide here, and a failure by her school to not end the bullying Cameron was put through. When will schools stop standing idly by and ignoring their own anti-bullying policies and actually take real corrective action against bullies?

    Anti-gay politician caught sending nude pics to another man:

    This doesn’t sit well with me at all. A closeted gay politician votes against an anti-discrimination bill because he feels he was representing the views of the majority of his constituents, despite being threatened to be outed. Making threats against politicians to vote a certain way is wrong. Talk about divisive or what. I find this sickening.

    An orgasm a day keeps prostate cancer away, study says:

    Well, finally some good news! Most men have been following healthy habits religiously most of their lives, it seems. Keep up the good work, guys. :)

    New UK culture secretary has history of opposing gay rights:

    Oh, what a great idea! A homophobic anti-gay politician gets appointed in charge of culture, you know, things like performing arts, figure skating and the like. There’s really a low percentage of LGBT people in those fields so it doesn’t matter, right? Cameron is an idiot.

    Leelah Alcorn’s mother threw away handwritten suicide note:

    This is what happens when you can’t accept your child for being who they are. If they really cared and loved her unconditionally, they would have supported Leelah in every way possible. Because of their narrow-mindedness, they forced her to undergo reparative therapy, which I have no doubt only contributed to her depression and ultimate suicide. They will have to live with their actions for the rest of their lives.

  5. EL SALVADOR > A step back.

    NEW ZEALAND > Judge not, Baptists. That privilege belongs to Christ, our Creator, Savior and Judge, and while it’s true no one comes unto the Father except by Him, His criteria are His alone. It is a delightful mystery that some of those who reject Christ most fervently are actually closer to Him in keeping His Commandments than many of His believers who are only hypocrites. We shall all be astonished at the verdicts.

    POLL > Of all the liberties codified in the Bill of Rights, freedom of religion is first, constraining the government from both establishing a religion, or restricting the free exercise thereof. The 1st Amendment contains no conditions, modifiers or caveats on free exercise. I can see the Supreme Court incorporating marriage equality this summer.

    SWITZERLAND > According to current Swiss law, the decision is correct. It just means that the Swiss have some legislating to do to catch up to the available science, and when that gets done the problem will be solved. And it will get done. In a counter-intuitive way, this is a step forward, sure to motivate and encourage positive change. Be patient.

    JAPAN > You all know how I feel about sex changes. That said, as I’m more of a libertarian than not, I’m OK with this. A step forward.

    TRANS TEEN SUICIDE > I don’t care how a teenager feels about his/her natural gender. The sad fact is we live in an imperfect world and given the attendant risks, many teens, already burdened with the angst that comes with adolescence, are simply not mature enough, strong enough, experienced at life enough, or simply really ready to deal with something as drastic as a sex change operation. I consider it malpractice to perform such a surgery on a minor. Oh, and do I have to say it again – stay the hell away from social media.

    ANTI GAY POLITICIAN > Don’t these jerks realize that being publicly anti-gay tells the whole world you’re a closet case? It’s like an inside joke everybody knows except them. Too funny.

    ORGASM A DAY > As a senior citizen, still doing the best I can. It would help if Michelle Obama and her food police would put sperm on the government’s Food Pyramid, with a generous recommended daily allowance.

    UK > Excuse me, but WTF is a “culture secretary?” We, as free individuals, are each a culture unto ourselves, aren’t we? This is why civil rights, including the right of free association, must be considered God given, and inalienable, and thus outside the jurisdiction of government to abridge or infringe.

    LEELAH’S MOM > Her parents have enough guilt, shame and regret on their plate already. What Mom did with the note is inconsequential – both will never forget what it said. Leelah needed help alright – not reparative therapy, but real psychiatric intervention. If adolescents were qualified to make adult decisions, we’d call them adults, not minors.

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