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  1. THIS creature here writing understands little past a dick and ass hole. Warm and Wet. THE face is body and kegs and arms and snile andteeth and &c &c & &c … care nothing about gender. Slow thinkd as thid writer is, a slow walker, do never understand the hate of the dick. Am a reterd.

  2. SUPREME COURT > The Civil Rights Act of 1964 says exactly what it says, and its original intent must be discerned in the context of the times it which it was enacted. If the law fails to mention certain classes of people that were not politically prominent at the time, it’s a job for the legislative branch to correct with new legislation, not for “activist” Justices.

    UK DELAYS > Politics! Enjoy …

    PEPPER SPRAYED > Where all effective means of self-defense, and even the concept of self-defense are outlawed, you end up with a nation of defenseless victims. Predators like that, and take full advantage of their opportunities. Brits want to be sheep? Then be good, little sheep, and STFU.

    GENDER TREAMENTS > I believe in whatever works. Everybody has a right to be at peace with themselves.

    CHURCH FIRING > The free exercise phrase is sacrosanct, however, unless there was a specific clause in the teacher’s contract prohibiting homosexual activity, which the teacher violated, this is a chicken-shit termination. I’m sure, with a 13 year employee, it could have been handled with a conference, and with a warning and signed commitment to keep the whole controversy under wraps.

    TAXATION > Quitcher class-warfare bitchin’.If you don’t like the way the rich are taxed, don’t get rich. We don’t want you to be unhappy. Stay poor.

    WHATS APP > When “gun crime” is a problem,, the Left wants guns banned and the police to confiscate them. When terrorism, organized crime and child pornographers are a problem, suddenly what the police need to do is a privacy issue. What hypocrites. Zuckerberg is taking a big chance here – social media might end up with a long list of federal regulations if it pushes too hard.

    MIGRANTS > I not only support The Wall, but I want it to be a double wall with the space between them either mined, or stocked with Komodo dragons. As for Trump wanting to shoot them in the legs – fake news.

    XINJIANG > The Red Chinese know what happens when Muslims are uncontrolled – they start to exert influence over a nation’s traditional culture. Burma saw it happening, and had the army drive their Muslims out into Bangladesh, then they went and bulldozed their empty villages. The ChiComs are determined to keep a lid on their Muslims. The Mohammedan heresy is a dangerous infection.

  3. GRETA THUNBERG > A deluded, misguided, Kool-Aid drinking teenage actress plays the part of a climate-change alarmist, and gets attacked by clime change deniers. Well, DUH. At least the deniers didn’t say she should be imprisoned, as climate changed alarmists have said deniers should be.

  4. there is one race which is the human race. oddities irregularities anomalies off beat and &c &c &c make no less than a weeeee the may be weird human but non the less than human.

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