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  1. UK Home Office failing to erase …
    teen boy killed himself after being outed as bisexual …
    Gang attack man with steel bars for kissing boyfriend …
    Employees watched as mob beat gay men at restaurant …
    YouTube biased against queer videos …

    Nothing but bad news …. against gays
    Now, during the Trump administration and at the same time, Along with thereligious far-right going amuck.

    Coincidence? No Fucking Way

  2. UK RECORD KEEPING > There’s nothing more obstinate than an entrenched bureaucracy. We have the same problem in America with the NICS bureaucrats failing to destroy records of approved gun purchases, like they’re supposed to.

    TEEN BOY SUICIDE > Social media strikes again. Be careful what you post. Rule of thumb – If you don’t want your parents to see it, don’t post it. Cyber bullying is a problem with no apparent immediate solution, as long as social media isn’t strictly regulated and all posts aren’t pre-screened by the authorities.

    IRISH GANG ATTACK > Welcome to gun control. An armed society is a polite society.

    NEW YORK GANG ATTACK > An armed society is a polite society.

    YOU TUBE BIAS > The site is privately owned by far-left liberals, the far-left owners can do what they want. It’s a free country, isn’t it?

    WHITE NATIONALISM TERRORISM > Like the article says, it’s a problem going back over a decade. About time something was done. Thanks, President Trump. No thanks to Bush or Obama.

    HOME BUYING > Where is it written that the median price of a house should be tied to the wages of the average worker? Huh? If the average worker can’t afford a median-priced home, he should buy a less expensive one. If none are available, there’s always manufactured homes – they’re nicer than ever, and new ones are less than half the price of stick homes. Used ones are even less expensive. I own one as a rental – if the SHTF I could live in it quite comfortably.

    NRA AND RUSSIA > See you in court. This is going to be interesting. I let my NRA membership lapse, and won’t renew it until this is settled to my satisfaction.

    AUSTRALIAN ABORTIONS > There goes the birthrate. Expect lots of immigrants – got to replace all those lost workers to keep the social safety net alive.

    FOUR DAY WORK WEEK> If Europeans don’t want to work, fine. We do, and don’t be surprised if before long the American and Chinese and Japanese economies own it all, and the EU has “lazied” itself into relative insignificance. Economics is not well-payed by liberals – it’s a game for adults.

  3. EDITORIAL COMMENT > Regarding abortion, whether you call a fertilized egg an unviable tissue mass, or a fetus, or a young human being, whatever, if allowed to be born, 99% of the time it grows up to be a worker and a taxpayer for about 50 years. Abort it, and that worker must be replaced. The social-service actuarial tables require 4-5 workers paying into the system for every person taking out of the system. That ratio can be stretched, temporarily, to as few as 3 to 1, as it has been in the USA.

    Over 40 million Americans have been aborted since Roe V. Wade, and considering we’ve also lost the children (workers) they would have had if they’d been allowed to grow up and reproduce, we must now import the lost labor. America had a surplus of jobs and a shortage of workers, Mexico had a surplus of workers and a shortage of jobs – to Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama, the solution was obvious – open borders covered by public platitudes about border security. Millions and millions of illegal immigrants swarmed into our country. We don’t have a clue how many – estimates range from 11 million to over 30 million.

    With huge advances in technology (robotics and communications, etc.) the demand for human labor has eased, America’s unemployment rate is at record lows for every demographic, and millions of workers are still on the sidelines, not yet counted in the worker-participation rate. They’re in reserve, so to speak. Our need for imported workers, except for certain specific kinds like farm workers, is at an end. Hence, Trump’s efforts to close the border to illegals.

    But the lesson is unavoidable. The social equation is a mathematical and metaphysical certainty – Abort a worker = Import a worker. With all the cultural consequences that come with that. European demographics are a train wreck. The death rate in every major country far exceeds the birth rate. Chancellor Merkel had no choice but to invite millions of Syrian Arabs to Germany – to keep the economy manned and functioning. If the vital statistics don’t change radically and fast, expect Germans in Germany to be a minority if not virtually extinct in a century or two. For the same reason, France is overrun with Muslims, and across the Channel, they don’t call it Londonistan for nothing. For the Old World, the go-to source for needed labor is Muslims, for the New World, it was primarily Hispanics.

    The solution? Start fucking for keeps, and stop murdering your children.

  4. EDITORIAL COMMENT [THAT MAKES SENSE] > Regarding abortion, when are you idiot chrissssstians ever going to start being, oh, I don’t know … let’s call it … intelligent?

    99.999999% of all [let’s be perfectly clear here] hetero sexual activity is for pleasure ONLY. And, let’s not forget [to all you idiot religious that literally IGNORE facts] our world, Earth, is way overpopulated. Yes, OVER populated. You DO KNOW what that means, don’t you? Let me tell you: There’s too fucking many humans for our natural resourses to satisfy. So, stop your IGNORANT rants about “abortions killing babies” — which THEY DON’T.

    “Human overpopulation is when there are too many people for the environment to sustain (with food, drinkable water, breathable air, etc.). In more scientific terms, there is overshoot when the ecological footprint of a human population in a geographical area exceeds that place’s carrying capacity, damaging the environment faster than nature can repair it, potentially leading to an ecological and societal collapse. Overpopulation could apply to the population of a specific region, or to world population as a whole.”

    If you’re so damn concerned with bringing more humanity onto a what is now considered a “dying planet of resources,” then why don’t you give up homosexuality all together and just do hetero sex for the sake of more babies. Oh, you don’t want to give up your personal pleasures, right? just like 100% of the world’s hetero population’s reasons for having sex in the first place — remember puberty?.

  5. horselips wrote: WHITE NATIONALISM TERRORISM > Like the article says, it’s a problem going back over a decade. About time something was done. Thanks, President Trump. No thanks to Bush or Obama.

    Nonsensical twaddle, indicative of a prexisting bias favoring President Trump. If Mr. horse-lips actually believes this, he must also be wearing horse-blinders.

    1. White nationalism/racism has indeed been a problem for decades, centuries in fact. Some may recall that we fought a little war in the 1940s against a particularly virulent form of this disease. We fought a much costlier war in the 1860s to suppress our domestic proponents of it. But I digress.

    The recent rise in white nationalist actions & the increasing visibility & acceptabilty of its rhetoric are coincident with two major political events:
    (i) the election, re-election & service of our first black President. White nationalists/racists were offended & reacted. That’s their fault, not Obama’s, who bent over backward to avoid inflaming racial tensions.
    (ii) the election and amoral, self-serving twittering of Trump, who conciously panders to the worst instincts in American society because it arouses his core supporters. For this encouragement of our most vile sentiments, the blame lies squarely with Trump.

    2. The article itself, which you cited selectively (another indicator of bias) clearly stated that this announcement was made IN SPITE OF President Trump’s own messaging on the subject.

    The wheels of government often turn slowly. In this matter, the available facts suggest that well intentioned DHS officials finally felt a need to respond to a rising trend that – while it began long ago – has been made significantly worse by the current occupant of the White House. Attempying to assign credit to Trump for this announcement is blatant hypocrisy.

    1. Wild4Vanilla:

      Perfectly written. Thank you. And, by the idiotic reply you received from horsey, what you wrote seems to have hit the mark. Well done.

      What you just did for white nationalism is what I’ve done for the hypocrisy and idiocy of religions to ‘our own’ horsey.

      Trouble is, is he paying attention or more likely, he’s just behaving just like his apparent “hero”, Donald Trump.

    1. Anything’s possible. But for you to conclude that, you must hang around with all the other dumb people.

        1. If I were the dumbest, and I hung around with all the other dummies, I would be their leader! Better to be a big fish in a small pond ….

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