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  1. CONVERSION THERAPY > we’re all people, wherever we are, so if conversion therapy is harmful to Americans and Europeans, it follows that it’s harmful to people everywhere else. DUH. But we must beware of unintended consequences. If we discredit conversion therapy and get it banned everywhere, the homophobic world will be super-motivated to try something else that might be even more devastating to our community – a genetic “cure,” I can see researchers making a maximum effort to find a gay ‘gene’ or hormone or secretion or whatnot, and develop a ‘solution’ that really does bring about a heterosexual attraction, even if coexists with the same-sex one – make us all honestly bisexual whether we want to be or not. I’m naturally bisexual, but if I was strictly gay, I think I’d want to stay that way.

    CHURCH HATE GROUP > I’m no fan of the wildly biased and agenda-driven SPLC, it has zero credibility with me as I consider the SPLC itself a hate group, but as we all must accept, “Congress shall make no law … you know the rest.”

    UK MOHAMMEDANS > Good for them, But I remain wary of Muslims of any kind. Adherents to the Islamic heresy are like pit bulls, they can turn without provocation, and should be closely watched at all times.

    TRUMP A QUEER ALLY > The Donald does believe that LGBT people should not be killed, jailed, or otherwise persecuted. We’ll all survive the Trump – Pence years, all 16 of them I hope, and maybe the President will be successful in easing the burden on some of our dangerously oppressed brethren overseas.

    MATTEL DOLL > Vox Populi will decide this one.


    GRETA THUNBERG > Yawn. But I’ll bet she swallows. Good for her.

    US SCHOOL SPIES > And the schools that simply armed and trained willing and able teachers and staff have never had a problem. Google “Armed teacher signs” and enjoy the variety appearing on schools everywhere. My favorite says: “Staff Heavily Armed And Trained. Any Attempt To Harm Children Will Be Met With Deadly Force.” Israel experienced a school shooting problem decades ago with Palestinian terrorists doing the dirty work.They armed their teachers, and the problem went away. Israeli teachers are still armed. It’s common for a teacher to walk into a classroom packing a pistol, or even an Uzi submachine gun. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling to be safe at school.

    FACEBOOK > Fake News gets a new lease on life.

    1. The SPLC has and shows a hell of a lot more credibility than anyone who is of the religious front. Interesting how YOU give more credibility to non-profit/non-taxed, but fraudulent organizations over those such as SPLC.

  2. — As first hear of sexual conversion years ago, thought it was a joke about converting str8 guys into gay guys. Already that is what this brain does to any do see and wont but can not, uh, have.
    The absurdity of the non-joking coversionists is their notion that homosexuality is some how odd. The reality is the variety of str8 sex … there is no one version of str8 sex in the real world ! ! ! When some Polynesians end up on pristine Hawai’ian Islands, they become at least 13 tribes, some very separatist, and many social types, from brother-sister marriage to slaves and slave virgins. That is, how STR8 is STR8 in the first place ?

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