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It’s back to school time for kids in the U.S. and you know what that means… (CW: the video is fairly graphic and might not be suitable for trauma survivors)

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  1. also in other news. there was a report somewhere that Colt will stop manufacturing AR-15s

    1. It’s apparently true, but there are MANY other manufacturers of that weapons platform, Colt is just a tiny drop in a giant bucket.

      Oh, and for those that don’t know “AR” Stands for “Armalite Rifle” in “AR-15.

      1. There are 400 companies manufacturing AR15s, and many hundreds of thousands are being home made each year from 80% receivers and parts kits.

  2. “This isn’t helped when YouTubers like Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie – who recently became the first solo YouTube creator to hit 100 million subscribers – seemingly endorse and even utilise, politically incorrect and even racist rhetoric. Theirs is the sort of worrying use of far right language and humour that, when presented to their millions of fans, can easily normalise it.”

    I’m gay and think those YouTubers are NOT racist. I love Dave Chapelles Sticks and Stones too.

    “How fascist memes are indoctrinating generation z” is a BS article.

  3. Very clever video … and very unfortunately, psychologically necessary.

    [Except that girl at the end didn’t do a believable job at her emotional acting.]

  4. UK RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION > I’m queer and I’m a Christian. Glad I’m not a refugee trying to get into Britain. However, in these cases, I suspect that other motives may be at work, and religion is just used as a convenient excuse. I suspect that racism, economic viability, or political uncertainty might be at play here.

    RUSSIA > Wow. Russians must be really uncertain about their sexual orientation to be this afraid of gay “propaganda.” Anyway, another reason to be very careful with social media.

    INDONESIA > Islamism on the rise. Next Parliament, you can bet Indonesia will shoot itself in the foot, and lose out on all the companies seeking to relocate out of China. Big winner here: India.

    UK HEALTHCARE > Old habits die hard, Can’t teach an old nurse new tricks. This is obviously a job for ‘continuing ed’ to remedy.

    AUSTRALIA BANNED > Well, dontcha know that’s how liberals debate issues? They just ban the other side and call it a win. Same thing in the USA – speakers deemed opposed to the progressive agenda are routinely denied opportunity to speak on college campuses. There is no free exchange of ideas in liberalism, the Left brooks no opposition, and nothing is more liberal than the UN. Easy rule of thumb: Whenever the Left bans a speaker, you know the speaker is correct.

    FASCIST MEMES > kidding me? No handful of memes can contend with the relentless socialist indoctrination of our children going on in the public schools. Instead of turning out skilled and knowledgeable capitalist sharks, ready willing and able to take over the most powerful economy in the known Universe, our schools and colleges are turning out snowflakes. Sorry kiddies – no ‘safe spaces’ in the real world. Better learn and catch up fast, or get eaten!

    PATIENT RECORDS > So much for HIPAA. Anyway, quote from the article, “… ProPublica found no evidence that patient data was copied from these systems and published elsewhere …”

    WALMART > Have to be 21 now for this, 21 for that, won’t sell this, won’t sell that, how long before it’s 21 to vote or fuck? Whatever happed to being an adult at 18?The busy and dangerous flight decks of our supercarriers are run by sailors whose average age is 19. But it’s typical of liberals – their go-to solution is always the infringement of somebody’s civil rights. FYI, gun stores all over the country are putting up signs saying “Welcome Walmart Shoppers.” Alpha Dog Firearms in Tempe, AZ, held a “Beto Special” selling AR15s for $349.99 and sold out its entire stock in less than 4 hours. The NRA named Beto O’Rourke “AR15 salesman of the year.” As we learned in the past with booze and recently with drugs, and we will soon learn with vaping accessories: Man’s desires flow like water past the rocks of prohibition. There are 400 manufactures turning out AR15s as fast as they can, feeding the demand for these modern sporting rifles. Estimates range to over 20 million are already in civilian arsenals, and that’s not counting the millions of AK47s that have been sold.

  5. BACK TO SCHOOL VIDEO > Yes, in most cases school shootings are preventable when you know the signs … AND … when school policies don’t interfere with other authorities taking decisive action. Stoneman Douglas High School was a “sanctuary state” for mental cases and malcontents, with the saddest results.

  6. When political correctness goes mad, funny memes is the only safe outlet.

      1. I’m no expert on that man, but I guess he is slightly less politically correct than some.

        1. Most definitely. But, like most show hosts that’s making a pretty fortune on their jobs, he generally knows when to show and when to fold to keep his job — although I think he has more control on Real Time than he did for Politically Incorrect when he was fired for just telling the truth [within 2 weeks after 9/11] which prompted his making of Religulous in 2008 — which was a[n unfortunately] necessary softball [in 2008] to the American public and most definitely not ‘hardball’ enough for, say, Europe.

  7. A demand for AR-15 that is so high (lol) that major companies are stopping making them, because of a flooded market. Horselips you owned a business in Oklahoma, you are really bad at business just saying. Is there anything you are not wrong about?

    1. Colt is temporarily stopping manufacture of its Ar15 because it is a very expensive, ultra-high quality model, made to military specs of metallurgy, fit and finish, lacking only the innards necessary for full automatic firing. It is twice the price of many lesser models, which are already excellent in their own right. Models from ATI, DPMS, Windham, and many other companies serve the market with models that fully satisfying civilian needs at very reasonable prices starting in the $350 +/- range.

      I never owned a business in Oklahoma, I never worked in Oklahoma, and never lived there. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else. I have owned a number of businesses in Arizona.

      Anything I’m “not wrong” about? Yes, almost everything, since being “not wrong” means I’m right. Thanks for the compliment. I love you too.

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