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  1. UK HATE CRIMES > Britain has a long history of anti LGBT behavior – they persecuted some of their most prominent luminaries like Oscar Wilde, and even war heroes like Alan Turing. However, I can’t help but wonder if Britain’s burgeoning Muslim population might have something to do with this. In any case, it is a great sadness that British subjects are denied, by law, the right to effective self defense.

    CONVERSION THERAPY > We know it’s bad for gays and lesbians – only makes sense it’s bad for the trans community as well. Besides, all the big supporters of it turn out to be closet cases anyway.

    GRINDR BLACKMAILER > Throw away the key. That said, who is so f*cking stupid that after all the scandals, all the abuse, all the security breaches, they’re still on social media? Kidding me?

    STUDENT T-SHIRT > The only solution to nonsense like this is to mandate school uniforms.

    QUEER CREDIT UNION > ‘What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?’ – Bertolt Brecht. Indeed, Mr. Brecht, which is the greater crime?

    PURITAN FUTURE > Looks like the sex biz is going through the same hassles lots of small gun manufacturers, and the NRA have been going through.

    LIFE EXPECTANCY > The rich are rich because of correct and profitable life decisions. The poor are poor for their life choices as well. Of course, in both cases there are other things at play like luck, genius, accidents, health, and any of life’s other variables, but the fact is, generally speaking, we make our own way in life, and end up accordingly. Don’t envy the wealthy – birth is fatal – death comes for us all, even for kings he comes.

    INSTAGRAM > Who cares? It’s just social media behaving badly again.

    FACEBOOK SELLS LETHAL SEX DRUG > Zuckerberg’s finest hour? Decades ago, a great Lady told us everything we need to know about abusing drugs, “Just say no.” – Nancy Reagan

    NYPD DETECTIVES > Despite all the ‘evidence’ collected, the bottom line is right in the article:

    Prosecutors dismissed the rape charges earlier this year, citing credibility problems. The district attorney, in a letter to the court in January, said the woman “made a series of false, misleading and inconsistent statements about the facts of this case.”

    The case was botched from the beginning.

  2. STUDENT T-SHIRT > The only solution to nonsense like this is to mandate school uniforms.

    You are a fucking moron, just like you were wrong about tattoos, you are wrong about this. Kids should be able to express themselves.

    You are a monster, everything you say is terrible.

      1. I’m also not a monster. You are and I want to remind you every time I can that you are a disgusting human.

        1. Fucking moron … wrong … monster … disgusting human

          I guess my supporting school uniforms was just too much for you. For mercy’s sake I’ll spare you some of my more controversial positions. I’d hate to see you lose it altogether. Take your meds, get some rest.

  3. @Horselips

    I was and am a parent and I second Nathan’s opinion of you. Uniforms have only one goal, that being to live as drones.

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