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  1. [1] TSA is pressuring trans people into showing genitals … If you got it, flaunt it.
    [2] Alaska’s sea ice completely melted for first time … How many times before no one has any knowledge of. This is an if. Climate change is as new to mother father earth as comets crashing and ice ages. There are over 1000 ice age leftovers around the world. All are finally melting. To many, such melting is all of a sudden. To most of the lands’ peoples’ who live without ice, good riddance those frozen rocks. Do recognize environmentalists as freakier than ice melt. OH ! What ever is unusual for ice than melting ? Do meet environmentalists and fist fight them as they hate this one. vv.

    1. I see, a true copycat indeed to the man-caused climate change denial arguments.
      To be fair, the article is poorly summarized, we’ve had several ice-free Alaska in the recent past indeed, just not so early in August, but several times in September, when Arctic ice is also at its lowest. The record is that it is the first time Alaska reached this coastal ice-free status so early in summer.

      Of course there has been warm periods in Earth history, but these always had natural causes and was always spread over several millennia, except for catastrophic events such as large comets or a ring of volcanoes erupting. Obviously, we are experimenting neither here. The expression “climate change” here refers exclusively to man-caused climate change that happened over less than 2 centuries, something you conveniently choose to ignore and mislead your readers with. It is short for anthropogenic climate change.

      But then even Josh propagates “monstrous lies,” like the one about capitalism not trickling down into the economy: Several scientific studies prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that for every additional million one billionaire earns, there is one cent of wealth redistributed between one million poorer people. If that’s not “trickling down,” I don’t know what is. ;)

  2. Damn lack of comment editing, I am still functioning in “Josh” mode… ;)
    Feel free to correct my post.

  3. UK HOME OFFICE > The worst outrage was denying asylum to the Romanovs, as a result the entire Imperial family was massacred by the bullets and bayonets of bloodthirsty Bolsheviks.

    TRUMP > The courts will handle these issues the best they can. Confidence: High.

    STRAIGHT PRIDE > I’m surprised anybody showed up at all. As for the macing of queer protesters, the Constitution, regarding protests, recognizes only the right to “peaceably assemble, to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Even “free speech” doesn’t allow for blocking traffic, closing sidewalks, taking over parks, making noise, littering, jaywalking, and so forth. Step even slightly out of bounds and I’m fine with the police hitting back with tear gas, rubber bullets, clubs and dogs. And chanting, “bottoms and tops, we all hate cops” is just asking for it.

    TSA > I’m all for the TSA being as “invasive” with everybody as possible. I haven’t flown in years, but if I ever do again, I want my plane as safe as it can be. Screw your sensitivity.

    CONVERSION LEADER COMES OUT > So, what else is new? Most hard-core homophobes are closet cases. We all know that.

    ALASKA SEA ICE > All you need to know about global warming and rising sea levels:
    One more thing:

    CAPITALISM> Envy, just like greed, is a very serious sin. You don’t want to be judged alongside those whose wealth you resent and covet, and end up being sentenced alike. MYOB.

    TEXAS > Don’t tell me – you’re STILL on social media? Un-be-fucking-lievable.

    AUSTRALIA > Too bad. Growing economies in Asia, as well as Australia itself, need fuel for power. The native shamans will just have to take their masks and rattles elsewhere. I wish the USA would just abrogate every treaty with every tribe, abolish the reservation system completely, assimilate the savages completely and absorb tribal lands into the state, county and municipal tax base.

    SEMEN > Exchanging bodily fluids sometimes hurts, sometimes helps. I’ve been lucky so far, so I guess I’ll just keep swallowing.

  4. Horselips again demonstrates what a disgusting human being he is and how little he knows about everything.

    1. My dearest Nathan, as you are a bona-fide totalitarian-progressive liberal, you should at least extend me the courtesy of labeling me a racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, bigoted, patriarchal, white supremacist.
      If not that, at least do me the honor of refuting, point by point where applicable, any of my positions. After all, I don’t claim to be right, never have, and I have always invited correction.
      Thanking you in advance.

      1. @Horselips
        “courtesy of labeling me a racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, bigoted, patriarchal, white supremacist.”

        👍🏻That’s gotta be worth ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

      2. There is no point in trying to refute someone who has said that even if all the evidence pointed to climate change being real they wouldn’t change their mind. You are a waste, I just want to make sure that it is always pointed out that you are a vile disgusting person (see your comment about indigenous people). Your knowledge only goes as deep as reading headlines on far right factless websites.

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