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  1. YouTube has drastically changed some of their algorithms recently. Independent news channels are also frequently demonetized, or their videos do not appear anymore in the Recommended section, even for their own subscribers, and some subscribers are also automatically unsubscribed without notification. David Pakman has several videos on this issue, including clips showing how the Recommended section switched from independent news (regardless of political preference) to the main stream media behemoths such as CNN, CBS, Fox News.
    This is really weird and quite upsetting, even if YT is a business and can do whatever legal they want.

  2. 1] Trump to allow discrimination against queer workers – the trump thing hates non-str8s he can not control.

    2] Thousands of Americans opt for X gender marker on ID – The original marker is to find a body as male or female. penis or cunt. Similarly for race-color and eye color of a body. easy ID’s. The ID needs ask penis or cunt or, if some thing else, ask that. If say neither then say what else. As ID’s want to know about tattoos, scars, glasses, eye abilities, &c. GEE ! What is the problem here ! ? ! Forensics needs to ID the body, damn it !

    3] YouTube sued for discriminating against queer creators – There is that thing about under 18 sex stuff, as if youtube cares. OH ! THAT is the issue, is it not ! The sex freaks want to get you all for being of interest in youngstrs. The sex freaks, male and female, want to stop all sex. They got you at 18 years old. As if under 18 means no sex. ha ha ha ha ha. But, the anti sex freaks want to get you. They are more of rape than rapists … They hunt you all down better than any rapist possibly can.

    4] 26 gay men were arrested for having sex in parks – NO ! They are NOT under arrest for having sex. They are under police arrest for sucumbing to police luring them into showing a sexual want. Do see 40 years ago the police paying boys to have dildoes in their pants to lure men. Do see boys in pay to stand outside stores to lure men with sexy promises. Not a new thing. The dido thing do see still goes on.

    5] Permit for straight pride rally denied in California – WHAT ? Aand other lures. A STR8 rally for STR8’s ? What a lure for the not quite str8 people ! MMMmmm.

    Other News
    6] Alaska’s sea ice has completely melted away – The articles give NO mention of temperatres of sea nor air. They are demonstrating their selves as liars. The North Pole tilts toward the sun as the South Pole does not. For example. Sea Ice around Alaska varies from the old Sea Bridge people do cross to get to Noth Ameica, to, just plain water, no ice bridge. Nothing new. The giant Alaskan Glacier is still there.

    7] White supremacist arrested after plotting to bomb gay bars & synagogues, wanted to recruit kids – Exactly as the police want to recruit kids to play gay to get oldster gay drunks in jail. it is easier to play than actually solve a crime. Does this one here mean that the FEDS are creating white supemitist crime ??? YES !!! Thos one does here say and mean it.

    8] US Dep. of Justice blocked white supremacy report – See above. There is only a SOCIAL use of RACE. Anthropology no longer cares except that race is social. RACE no longer is a real. Never is, except, as politically / monetarily useful.

    9] Wildfires are now so bad that scientists can use
    them to study the aftermath of a nuclear war – MANY a volcano study will demonstrate similarly.

    10] Science stopped believing in porn addiction – The scientists have not yet come to conclusion as to why chemical addicting is not for everyone. That is, not every one on a daily diet of alcohol becomes an addict nor is an addict, for example. WHY ? They do not know.

    — Do figure the FEM DOMS and MALE DOMS want sexual and social and environmental and political PURE.

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