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  1. Err, the plant-based diet was only one small paragraph B6.2 of 9 lines in the whole 48 pages of the IPCC Climate Change and Land’s Summary for Policy Makers. A couple of lines in C2.4 too, and that’s it. Not sure why the BBC would make it all about going vegan when it’s just an infinitesimal part of the report. Farming itself is only one GHG emitting sector, switching to electrical vehicles for people and good transportation, or to renewables for electricity production would help a lot more, while touching the food production and changing diet habits and mentalities is much trickier. It has to be done, but I guess it will be incremental and take several generations.

    I totally support eating less meat, but you can also raise chicken instead of beef to achieve the same goal. Still hard to live without cheese in France though. And that’s beef and methane and carbon emissions too, not many pasture and hay fed cows anymore.
    Won’t be long before Macron imposes a carbon tax on beef… ;)

    I guess South Asia will be the first to promote earthships as the standard form of housing, and maybe even inaugurate large scale underground farming. Or they will institute paid vacations for all and we’ll see many South Asian tourists in the remaining cool regions of Earth during summer. After all, it’s winter down there when it’s summer up there.

  2. After being in the hospital off and on over the past four years, do want to say to the nurses and doctors each time HEIL HITLER for they way they treat. Do fail to say anything like that is because this one is a coward.

    1. Where the fuck did you go to “school”? What is your “thinking” process? Nothing about that makes even a tiny bit of sense.

  3. Do refuse to read this post last time around.
    There at gay apps betraying the gays they attract ? Gays can be as violent, physically at the bar, as any SRT8. That Gay sites betray Gays and do suppose others shows how violent gays can be. The 100 million dollar AIDS Gay fraud in the 1990’s for Gays with AIDS shows there is no end to GAY fraud.

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