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  1. TEEN SUICIDE > One supportive adult can do more than deter LGBT teen suicide – it was one supportive adult that taught me deepthroat cocksucking. Forever grateful.

    TEL AVIV > An attempted ‘honor killing.’ Muslims behaving badly…again…still.

    CALIFORNIA PARADE > California has always been the land of fruits and nuts. This time it’s nuts. Grundmann doesn’t understand human Biology, he’s clueless about the history and motivation for Pride, and he doesn’t understand Christianity either. Almost nobody’s going to show up for his mickey-mouse parade.

    MOMMY DEAREST > LGB is settled science and settled social justice, but the T still has a long way to go – in the labs, in the courts, and in the hearts and minds of many.

    PASTOR > As any Cafeteria Catholic will tell you, the Southern Baptist Convention has strayed from Rome and is a heretical sect. This particular ‘Pastor’ is so homophobic, he must be a closet gay – I expect any day now he’ll be caught in bed with Grundmann.

    ANTIFA TERRORISTS > When your modus operandi includes gratuitous property damage, premeditated physical violence and intimidating harassment, you’re a terrorist. How ironic, that Antifa behaves exactly like the Nazi S.A. Brownshirts. Like the old saying goes, it takes one to know one. BTW, Antifa has been lucky so far. One of these days they’re going to unknowingly pick on an armed citizen, and somebody wearing a black mask is gonna get blown away.

    ANIMALS & CLIMATE > Everything in nature is cyclical. Weather, oxygen levels, temperatures, are always changing. Species come, species go. Always have, always will. BTW, forget Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs had relatively small nostrils and lungs because O2 levels were much higher in their time. A test-tube dinosaur would suffocate with our modern O2 levels.

    GRATITUDE > Gratitude is a virtue, ingratitude is a negative character trait. ‘Nuff said.

    SKIRTS > The Roman Army conquered the world wearing skirts. Skirt-wearing Scottish regiments are among the fiercest warriors on earth. Girls have been wearing pants and jeans for decades. Turnabout is fair play. Boys will wear whatever it takes to get laid.

    HEALTHIER CITIES > As a geriatric myself,I know and have known too many old people. I see how they are – some live, some exist. If I make it to my mid-70s, I’m fine with that. I would like to die in relatively good health, free of chronic pain, and free of various handicaps and debilitating conditions. Dependence terrifies me. When I get to the point where everything hurts, I’m on oxygen, I can’t drive, can’t see or hear, can’t walk, can’t cook, can’t dress myself, can’t wash myself, can’t wipe my ass or hold my wastes, I’m outta here. The Scriptures are silent about suicide. Although I would prefer a convenient natural cause like a fatal heart-attack, aneurism, or stroke, if it ever comes to doing it myself, there’s a nitrogen tank in my closet. Fast, painless, and effective.

    1. “and [whoever] doesn’t understand Christianity either.”

      There’s only 2 things to understand about any/all “religion[s]”*: They’re all full of bullshit and designed from the top ———> DOWN [i.e., the worst and largest Ponzi scheme ever known to humans] and …. the original fake news.

      * They’re not “religions” — they are Socio-Political Ideologies [SPIs]

      1. You’re closer than you think. Actually, the defining characteristic of a false religion is that it goes from the bottom up – from man seeking to access or appease deity. True religion, and there’s only one, is the opposite – it is from the top down – from deity seeking a relationship with man.
        Christianity is theology, everything else is just religion.

      1. It is 1965. We owned a large Victorian house – 3 floors up, 1 down, built in 1888. Typical immigrant family – everybody living together. Kitchens on 1st and 2nd floor. My family lived on the ground floor, my aunt and a roomer rented separate bedrooms on the 2nd floor, and Frank, my older cousin (twice my age – I was 14) rented the attic bedroom.

        He was always talking to me about girls and sex, and one day I was in his room with him while he was getting dressed to go out on a date. He told me how hot she was, and then pulled out THE SEVEN PHOTOS. (That’s how my friends and I would refer to them for the next couple of years.) Seven black and white Polaroids of her beautiful naked body, including closeups of her pussy, her ass, and her tits. Back then, boys wore either blue jeans and T shirts, or skimpy running shorts, T shirts and sneakers (usually Converse or Keds). I was in the latter, and there was no way to conceal my erection over the pics. He was still in his underwear, and his boner was as obvious as my own,

        Now, my friends and I had been J/O and 69ing and stuff for quite awhile, but none of us guys knew how to do it right. Frank and I started stroking each other, and he gently pushed my head down. I took him in my mouth, barely, and that’s when he pulled me back up, sat down on his bed, and proceeded to give me the most awesome blowjob I had ever experienced. I was completely engulfed and devoured, it only took about a minute and a half before I ejaculated and he swallowed every drop. I offered to try again, and he taught me how to get past my gag reflex. After a few minutes of trying, he was all in. He refused to cum – that was being saved for her.

        Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try out my new skills on my friends. I shared what I had learned with them, and that’s how I became a deepthroating cocksucker for life.

        1. OH-Frank gave me THE SEVEN PHOTOS. I showed them to every new friend I made, with wonderful results.

          1. Frank and I only shared another half-dozen encounters before he relocated to Ohio.

  2. Mr. horselips wrote:

    >>> Grundmann doesn’t understand human Biology, he’s clueless about the history and motivation for Pride, and he doesn’t understand Christianity either. Almost nobody’s going to show up for his mickey-mouse parade.

    True facts and a reasonable and probable deduction.

    Let’s consider a similarly valid proposition:

    >>> Trump doesn’t understand human Biology (or any science whatever), he’s clueless about the history and motivation for Pride (or any other emotion, Greed excepted), and he doesn’t understand Christianity (or any other religion) either. Almost nobody’s going to show up for his mickey-mouse parade.

    These facts are just as true and broader too – so arguably more compelling – yet, oddly, a highly significant minority did in fact show up for Mr. Trump’s mickey-mouse parade. Even more oddly, many still march along behind him three years on, despite innumerable additional counterindicative facts.

    Logic ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      1. Great?
        As in size? Well that can’t easily change.

        As in power? So far so good.. :)

        As in wholesome leadership and morality? For a short time only and long since actively discarded.

        Pax Britannica did exist… Pax America has not even been a thought and looks like will never exist.
        When the false Christian missionaries forcefully misappropriated Hawaii that really flagged up the stage American foreign policy would play upon since forever.

        Greatness is never about the biggest gun, the richest bank account or the loudest voice. If you disagree then you really don’t have a clue.

        1. There are two ways to consider foreign policy, there is a philosophical approach, and there is ‘realpolitik.’

          Reality Check:

          Foreign Policy 101: Foreign policy is about the acquisition, consolidation, projection, extension and retention of power.

          Foreign Policy 201: It is among the perquisites of Great Powers to play with lesser nations as a child plays with toys. Some he will favor, others ignore, still others destroy. Imagine then the prerogatives of a Super Power … and despair.

          Foreign Policy 301: The UN is a mutual admiration society for old world socialists and third world dictators. The Anglo-American alliance, along with NATO, is what matters today.

          Foreign Policy 401: Be nice to America or we’ll bring democracy to your country. Expect some collateral damage.

          Foreign Policy Graduate School: It is an undeniable, irrefutable, inarguable, self-evident and metaphysically certain fact of life, nature and history that God, is an Englishman, and according to Prince Otto von Bismarck, “God holds a Special Providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

          May God Save Her Majesty, and May God Bless The USA.

          1. OH-Frank gave me THE SEVEN PHOTOS. I showed them to every new friend I made, with wonderful results.

  3. About: Animals can’t adapt fast enough to climate crisis — WE, as animals, do not adapt to a crisis fast enough ? Nothing new there. The climate crisis is as real, as a crisis. as war. What war ? Environmentalists want you all 90% or so reducing for them to take you all over. We, the people, are also part of any environment we live in. We create too much CO2, and other gasses. Such a create is a one degree of heat of late. Cause and effect is not of any knowledge. Few can even feel a one, or, even, a two degree heat change. The fundamentalist environmentalists want you to die 90% or so out. They say so since do discover them back in the 1960’s.

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