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  1. re: Ireland first country to legalise marriage equality by vote

    Not only is THIS great for us and societies, but a wonderful “fallout” of this will be the increasing amount (numbers) of gay men and women showing public affection IN PUBLIC and ON TV and MOVIES.

    To those who continue to say, “you’re shoving that down our throats” ….. I offer you this:


  2. IRELAND, SCANDINAVIA & INDIA > All steps forward.

    PASTOR ON GRINDR > So, what else is new. Everybody knows that homophobes are either closet cases or consumed with unfulfilled curiosity. LOL, To condemn it is to confess it.

    19 KIDS AND COUNTING > Cro Magnons are first and foremost sexual beings, and we are the only critters that, from just before puberty, all the way through to senility, are always in heat. Although it may be legally wrong, and shrinks may call it abnormal, for better or worse, it is neither unusual or uncommon for the focus of our chronic and relentless lust to embrace the young, especially when we are young and impulsive. If we’re all going to be haunted and condemned for the errors of our immaturity, we’re all doomed. Move on.

    94% OF TERROR PLOTS > Gimme a fucking break. This is from Aljazeera. There are 2 kinds of Muslims, Bad ones and Good ones. The Bad Muslims want to kill us all. The Good Muslims want the Bad Muslims to kill us all.

    SOUTH AFRICA > Immigrants and refugees are a pain in the ass everywhere you look. The USA is overrun with Latin Americans and the EU is inundated with Middle Easterners and North Africans. Australia has had to good sense to defend its sovereignty and just say ‘no.’ I don’t blame South Africans for resisting immigration. The people interviewed in this Aljazeera hit piece all had Islamic sounding names (ya think!). The African Muslims (from Somalia) the US has sheltered have been a big problem. They are a burden on the treasury, they don’t assimilate, and now the FBI has discovered many of them are radicalized. Xenophon was right – they really are barbarians.

    ARCHAIC 1933 LAW > OK, so the victim industry takes a hit. Good. Ninety percent of the protest against police violence is bogus. When the truth comes out, far more often than not, the cops were justified. Trayvon Martin was killed committing a felonious assault. “Hands Up-Don’t Shoot” was a lie from the beginning. And now it has been revealed that many of the protesters in Ferguson were paid thugs, hired and funded by M.O.R.E. – the gang formerly known as ACORN. People who drink the race-baiter KoolAid are stupid. I support my Police and Sheriff. Book ’em, Danno.

    CALIFORNIA SEX-ED > We didn’t have sex-ed when I was in high school, and I never got pregnant. None of the other boys did either. Anyway, if sex-ed is a must, it should be comprehensive and complete, including abstinence. They teach, we decide.

    CANADIAN AND FRENCH DICTATORSHIPS > An armed man is a citizen, a disarmed man is a subject. The Canadians and the French are disarmed. The Declaration of Independence, the authorizing and enabling document for the Constitution, establishes that the essential rights and liberties of Americans are endowed by our Creator, and inalienable, thus outside the jurisdiction of the state to abridge or infringe. The government is put in a secondary place, subordinate to God. The rights of Canadians and the French are not so enshrined, and are given or taken at the discretion of the government. Their people, completely unarmed, are at the mercy of the state; a situation unacceptable to a free people. And so, the American people privately hold some 300,000,000 firearms, and over 7 billion rounds of ammunition are stockpiled in our safes and closets. At least, it’s a beginning. Some 10 billion rounds of ammo are now manufactured here annually, and the companies are all running 3 shifts 7 days a week. In practice, recreation, sport and competition, we shoot up between 3 and 4 million rounds each day, every day. It is indeed a sad failure of American education, that fully 2/3 of 8th graders don’t realize that France and Canada are dictatorships. Their masters may be elected, but they are, of a kind, dictatorships nonetheless.

    1. > Their masters may be elected, but they are, of a kind, dictatorships nonetheless

      And the US has faux elections bought and sold by half a dozen ridiculously wealthy people and everything else is just smoke and mirrors for the sheeple.

      Ridiculous over-simplification goes both ways Mr. Snark.

      1. @TigerPaw

        Couldn’t have said it better. Guess it must have been one of his horse slips again.

      2. It appears some Canadians know as little about America as some Americans know about Canada.

    2. @Horselips

      “94% of “terror plots” in US made up by Department of Justice”

      94% OF TERROR PLOTS > Gimme a fucking break. This is from Aljazeera. There are 2 kinds of Muslims, Bad ones and Good ones. The Bad Muslims want to kill us all. The Good Muslims want the Bad Muslims to kill us all. You were saying?

    3. You know you’re a lucky dictator when you’ve made you subjects believe they’re free just because they are allowed to own firearms.

    4. Horselips you really don’t have a clue, do you? Gun ownership is absolutely legal in Canada, and believe me, there are plenty of guns in private ownership here. I suggest you do some research before making such ludicrous statements.

    5. Canada very much has enshrined rights in a constitution, in fact a ‘Charter of Rights & Freedoms’ which cannot be removed at the whim of any government. I’ll give an example of how it has worked (i.e. protecting rights against the will of present or past governments). We have had legal same-sex marriage for over a decade already because governments here were constitutionally challenged by citizens based on their Charter rights and those governments lost, being forced by the courts to recognize equal marriage even if they voted against it.

      On a side note, we also have millions of gun owners because gun ownership is legal. We aren’t “disarmed” we just don’t have your levels of gun crime.

  3. re: 19 And Counting

    I find it hilarious how the holier-than-thou Christians are squirming over the crimes Josh Duggar committed when he was 14. Sure, he molested his own sisters, but Jesus has forgiven him.

    Uh, yea, maybe, but just quit your preaching about the evils of young gay boys and men.

    This whole fucking family is a hot stinking pile of sanctimonious shit!

    1. Here’s a warm glass of milk and freshly baked cookies, and a hug. LOL Actually I fully agree with you.

      1. Yea, his screwed up parents referred to him as “precious Josh” after knowing that he had been screwing his own sister, their daughter!

        What a sick and twisted lot they are.

        I have never watched a single episode of their bible-thumping reality show, and it’s been cancelled by the network that carried it, so mercifully I never will.

  4. Re Ireland first country to legalise Gay Marriage – If you do a Wiki search on “Same-sex marriage” you find the Netherlands was the first in 2001 and MANY other countries and States from then till now.

    1. Post

      Ireland first country to legalise marriage equality by vote.

      The bold part is the important one ;) All other countries before legalised it through laws, not votes.

  5. Slavery stops in the USA. Such is NOT by ANY consensus nor by ANY vote. ABRAHAM LINCOLN declares MARSHAL LAW and commands freedom, area by area. Do read LINCOLN’s personal signature MARSHAL LAW COMMANDS to captains of areas the USA military takes over. He makes it a COMMAND IN GENERAL about slavery in military surrender subdue south. No SENATE nor HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES is of any require. WAR gives the COMMANDER IN CHIEF a USA CONSTITUTION ability. LINCOLN does ask for support and then … Marriage for homos in IRELAND becomes real by a commanding by a general popular vote. If USA slavery were to end similarly, USA race history might be a little bit different. Accolades to the IRISH.
    [ littler eye-rish in the USA hate mefeor reasons never knoe. Sone eyetalion cat-licks do, so … ]
    — Younger blacks call this here guy a white nigger and a piece of white trash. And try to rape this explicitly because this is a white blond (no blue eyes). Also happens as an adult by blacks. NEVER EVER BY A WHITE. Do love blacks since kissing my boy in school yard at age 6 or 7 while we squeeze ants and other bugs to death. The whites and blacks do teach what black boys mean versus whites. Never see my big eye boy again . . .

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