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  1. 😜”Trump is gambling racism will win the election for him-” 😠Sadly he may be right…

    ~Personally I can’t stand that all his supporters still want him as president even if everything he ever said is a lie or straight up bull💩, yet they’d dump him in a hot flash if he was a friend.

  2. ECUADOR > Let freedom ring!

    JAPAN MARRIAGE > baby steps … baby steps.

    JAPAN ELECTION > one small step for man, one giant leap for Japan.

    RUSSIAN MURDER > With an ex-KGB officer running things, what did you expect?

    TOM DALEY > See their pic under “physique” in the dictionary.

    EUROPEAN HEATWAVE > May I suggest air conditioning? America has lots of manufacturers, making models from room-size to commercial. Choose from Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Heil, Goettl, and many others. Operators are standing by – Call today!

    TRUMP & RACISM > Clinton put record numbers of Blacks in prison, Obama put record numbers of Blacks on welfare, Trump put record numbers of Blacks back to work. Record numbers of Hispanics, Asians, Women, and even White men too. Unemployment is at record lows for every demographic. Wages are at record highs. Six MILLION of every race and gender are off of welfare. Trump is the best friend Israel ever had. If all that’s racist, let’s have more of it. Trump’s tweet against the “squad” were not racist at all – he never even mentioned race. They’re just commies and that’s it. If Trump was racist, he would also tweet against all Blacks, including Justice Clarence Thomas, HUD secretary Ben Carson, and NRA spokesman Colion Noir. Trump’s tweet was political and nothing else, liberal exaggerated sensitivity notwithstanding. BTW, Democrats should clean up their virulent anti-Semitism. Bottom Line: COVFEFE! K.A.G.

    REPUBLICAN CULTISTS > LOL. Democrats haven’t been this angry since we took away their slaves.

    FACEAPP/FACEBOOK > Want to see what you’ll look like in 20 or 30 years? Look at your parents!

    ARMED ROBBERY > This moron thought the cash on hand at a convenience market would fund a kidney transplant operation? When the docs get done with his daughter, they should work on his brain transplant.

    1. Moron?

      The real story is the statement from the police…
      ‘we should do something to help people like that and not push him to the edge where they have to use a gun’


      As a good Catholic perhaps you could try some Christian ethics.

        1. Old Dan, define sarcastic. I think Uoi is saying that a lot of Christians, nor just Cathucs are.
          D.A.I.S.Y S. N. A. I. D. Do As I Say You Say. Not As I Do.

    2. “Unemployment is at record lows for every demographic. Wages are at record highs.”

      You fucking IDIOT …. That’s because of OBAMA — NOT Trump. You CONSTANTLY show your right-wing STUPIDITY. Just like this economy — it’s on the tails of OBAMA —- Trump had very little to do with it.

      You are so fucking BRAINWASHED with religion and right-wing STUPIDITY.

      Proof: Take the tax cut ALONE —- it was PURPORTED to be so that the Corps could HIRE MORE AND RAISE WAGES ….. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN — IT WAS THE TOTAL OPPOSITE — Corps just bought back more of their own shares and put that money OFF-SHORE.


        1. “Does that mean you’re not voting for Trump next year?”

          I predict that he won’t even make it through the primaries and be the actual candidate (RNC) next June-July. This asshole had better start planning for the rest of his life [after Jan 20, 2021] IN PRISON. I hope he literally gets wiped out of ALL his ‘assets’ and ends up penniless and then watch his kids squirm over all that money lost.

          1. OK, so you ARE going to vote for The Donald. I just wanted to be sure.

          2. 😠As I mentioned above; most probably Trump will win even if he’s one of the most lying, bull💩’ing presidents ever; was very surprised to learn he’s not the worst, through the first!
            😊For fun you should check it out…

  3. Racism is not from a dislike of a people. Any one who hates blacks or whites for what ever reason and refuses their associating, is not a racist. They simply do not like. Do not like Chinese. With excepts. The Chinese are not a race but of a race. Do not like them. With excepts.
    — Racism is a belief in the inferiority of a race and bases acts against them from that thinking.
    — There is the question about what is a race in the first place. Out side any belief. and do mean outside any belief. Anthropology and Archaeology and their forensics make the race distinct with no judgement. The newer discoveries show the race distinct as not useful. Race is obvious, But race is not anything like exact, nor, anything like useful. Such stuff as molars, craniums, jaws, and DNA are much better things to track we humans around.
    — Much as do not like Trump, he is no racist, Rambunctious ? ha ha ha .

    1. Learning hoe to read is one thing WORKING at reading is another. WORKING to get some understanding is more. Never any guarantee.

    1. Think do figure your comment out. Do figure that they do not figure it out. — Can not figure out what a good catholic is any more than can figure out what a good boy is. ha ha ha ha ha

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