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  1. NEW YORK MURDER> Check out the comments following the article – there’s more to this story than we’re being told. Even so, 2nd Degree murder is an A1 offense. Fox News covered the story.

    UK GAY ATTACKED> How much ya wanna bet Ryan wished he had a concealed firearm when this gay-basher confronted him? If you’re LGBT+ in America, of lawful age and have no disqualifying record, in most jurisdictions, you can carry a concealed weapon. Anything can happen, anywhere, anytime. Don’t be defenseless, don’t be a victim. Get well soon Ryan!

    INDIAN COURT> I guess two hundred years of colonial rule wasn’t enough. General Dyer was right.

    AUSTRALIA> This latest fad of millions of people packing up and going country-shopping for the best deal in benefits and opportunity has got to stop. In the long run it’s unsustainable. It’s mucking up the demographics, economics, and politics in country after country. Eastern European countries erected nearly a thousand miles of walls, and their societies are intact. Walls work. Hey President Trump, BUILD THE F*CKING WALL! Note to migrants: If your country is a shithole of poverty and crime, your duty is clear – revolution! (Not emigration.)

    SCHOOL BANS BOOKS> The article states books were banned because of “extreme homosexuality” in one of them. What does that even mean? Is there such a thing as “extreme heterosexuality?” Some fetishes, carried too far, might be dangerous, but sexuality is just sexuality.

    IRAN DEAL SCRAPPED> Everything possible to ‘spite’ Obama’s legacy should be done, as soon as possible, and with joyous enthusiasm. “Damnatio memoriae.” And to steal an inspiration from Cato the Censor, “Iran delenda est.”

    CHEAP FOOD> Agriculture going off the climate change cliff. LOL. I’m luvin’ it.

    PLANTING TREES> Nothing we do or don’t do will stop climate change. Nature runs in cycles, people notwithstanding. Get over it, move on. But I’m all for planting trees. we need more pianos, guitars and violins, and more rifle stocks.

    DAVID ATTENBOROUGH> Sorry Davey, we’re all not as crazy as you are.

    GOOGLE> I use Google because of just one feature, the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. I can type in “” or any other favorite site and go straight (?) to it, bypassing endless, useless pages of search results. Bing doesn’t have it – nobody else I know of does. When other major search engines install an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, I’ll drop Google in a heartbeat.

  2. 1] Any one trying out to be other than the usual and expecting a usual response is a selfie expectorant and a dischord. These eyes and mouth do show off its meanings as gay and gets the anti-gay responses and do have to make another way to act. Have no sympathy for those who play with out a cure. Sorry … but can not, from this one;s experience, can be of sympathy. .

    — 2] Environmentalists accuse us of the 8 billion people who they also blame also create ten trillion more pests than before us. Fuck the trees. [ Fanatic environmentalists want to kill off 90% or more of us. ] The cure for climate change is full of too much assuming of its causes. WE affect climate. So do volcanos, solar erupts, changing of the earth’s tilt, oceanic volcanic erupts, movements of the crusts, changes in under ground water action, and more, and all, are of many of some result. We know not the result of any of them. WE KNOW NOT. We, the humans, must have some affect on the climate. The melting of ice around the world will release more O2 than there is any CO2. For example. Climate Change is a new as any Ice Age. The North Africa climate change from the wheat source for the Roman Empire to a desert is NOT a human result. For example. Nor are the new flowers around the Sahara any result of any knowable human activity.

    — 3] Do remember a school, as per a male, officially banning TOM SAWYER and those other books Clement writes of that guy, and others,and his other books, as because they are all homosexual. Do have the three preachers trying to get this body. Protestants. Do refuse [ and fall for others to play wit ].

    — “CHEAP FOOD” ? Do try to read that thing but … The basic environmentalist and climate change people want 90%+ reduce of us human beings. They do say so. Do encounter them and do hear them and they do say so, back in the 1960’s and since. The African non-sterilize needles spreading disease on purpose and the removal of DDT as if bald eagles are dying of, they invent death. They want to kill the old. They are worse than the Nazis. China aint innocent with their one at a time law and kill the rest.

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