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  1. IRELAND > Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

    UK BULLYING > When any movement suggests a big change in the societal paradigm, expect casualties. This won’t end until the researchers manage to convince everybody it’s OK to be gay.

    CORPORATIONS > Businesses are not founded to be social justice warriors, they’re made to generate wealth for their investors by satisfying a market need or niche. Whatever they have to say to defray unwanted attention or criticism they’ll say. It’s not hypocrisy as mush as expediency. They wouldn’t act sympathetic to a cause if they weren’t pressured by that cause to begin with – sorry if they don’t always follow through. The loudest mouths, as always, have no standing – unless they are major stock holders, or they hold seats on the board of directors. If not, STFU or take your business elsewhere. Maybe if these clowns would put their money where their mouths are – start a PAC and then lobby and bribe politicians that matter, they’d get better results.

    TENNESSEE > Marriage isn’t just about love, unless you’re a silly romantic fool, it’s also a political and economic act – the union of two families, under the auspices of church and/or state, all of which have a vested interest in the process. And especially, for better or worse, in the outcome if it fails. Property, inheritance, children and custody, professional licenses, the distribution of future wealth, even who gets the pets, you name it, are involved in the life cycle of a marriage, and so the whole thing is planted thick with laws. The church and state will naturally consider their own priorities first.


    AUSTRALIA > The Hoax marches on. I have more good news – I’ve had it ‘up to here’ with LED lightbulbs. They don’t create the kind of light incandescent or fluorescent bulbs do, so, in my house, they’re outta here. I’m going back to the lovely “Soft-White” glow of real illumination. BTW – remember the “coming ice age” that made the scientific rounds back in the 1970s? They might have been right:

    MOZILLA > In either this election or the next, the issues of online privacy, security, harassment, neutrality, and marketing will take center stage, and it won’t be a battle for the faint of heart.

    PHILIPPINES > Fake news. The good general didn’t defend killing toddlers, he just acknowledged that it happens. “War is hell” – Gen. Billy T. Sherman. When civilians take up organized crime, and involve their families either by intent or default, collateral damage is certain. No sympathy from me – when it comes to drugs, take Nancy Reagan’s advice – “Just say NO.”

    BAD TEACHER > Umm, Ms. Griffin is pretty hot for a 49 year old, and I can’t fault her for having sex with a student – I had lots of sex with students. We had a similar case here a couple of years ago – 2 young, very hot (F) teachers hit on a studly 16 year old (M) student and enjoyed a series of 3-somes with the lucky lad. Secrets that delicious don’t stay kept for long and the teachers were busted. Local bluenoses went postal about the ‘minor child’ being a victim, but the KNST radio morning host, Garrett Lewis, said “Victim? Hell no! He’s a legend!”

  2. — Winston Churchill writes that he is, as a child, in the school of boys, his must a making of his bath with stool floating about, as a regular. He goes no to love his country. He does not write of the regular faggotry, or, not, as recall. Others do write of such as a regular thing they do witness. Now a days some call faggotry as some sort gay abuse. . As if it is all a new thing.
    — The teacher teaching sex is not new. INTERESTING as that is, it is not new. What is more interesting is that the victim is interesting. OH ! There is more than one. ha ha ha And the “THEY” refuse sex educating students and refuse all sexuality of students. As if it is not a regular and active reality. As William F. Buckley sort of says in his public statements, say nothing but do as you will, but keep it between you and them alone. Right ? Wrong ? ha ha ha ha ha .
    —- BIG corporates as well as LITTLE companies failing to realize the minds of their employees of whatever sex are being silly. If ATT&T fail, after so many years, fails, they deserve bankruptcy. After they survive after the fall of the BELL TELEPHONE, they oughta realize the absurdity of the fundamental doctrine that bell Tell uses to defend them from their claim to absolute control of information distribution. the UNIVERSE ha no rules to govern it. The UNIVERSE encompasses all rules and is of all of all. The UNIVERSE has nothing but what we make of it for us. The original law suit tries to use chaos theory. The 13 year trials end up with dissolute. Now does AT&T blame faggots for its own failures.
    — Never understand why trans do their thing as in a gay bar and fail. The story makes no sense. Do understand one trans thing — do not pretend.

  3. “Christian school teacher who scolded girls to be
    modest got a student drunk to have sex with him”
    problem is is so full of advertising
    and popups the ad-blocked webpage is blank!

    1. IF the teacher sends a pose of her self naked to some other who is under 18, then, by law, that is sexual abuse of a child. No act other than that is of a require. No other act is of require. The act of such as the sending of a pose in the nude to anyone under 18 is sufficient to get into jail. That is all the article is about.

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