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  1. PANIC DEFENSE > Anybody so unstable that attention from an L, G, B, T, or Q person sends them into a homicidal rage needs to be involuntarily committed to a mental institution long before they hurt or murder someone. Of course, panicking liberals can always get away with attacking conservatives, after all, “Trump derangement syndrome” is a recognized pathology. Victims of this condition can be seen wearing vagina hats, carrying black flags and swinging bicycle locks, screaming at the sky, throwing pies and milkshakes at speakers, attacking MAGA hat wearers, and generally rioting.

    TURKEY > Anybody who thinks queers are little fairies needs to see these incredibly brave kids facing down a ruthless, tyrannical, authoritarian regime.

    TRANS KILLINGS> Not too long ago, gay bashing was common, killing and injuring many innocent, peaceful people doing nothing but going about their business. It changed when society accepted homosexuality as nature not nurture, fate, not a choice. Yeah, it still happens, but nothing like before. Trans people are going through the ‘bashing’ stage right now. Unless science gets busy and is able to explain and justify transitioning as a legitimate medical circumstance, and not a mental confusion, convincing society will not happen, and this shit will go on. Note that all but one of the victims were over 21. That’s old enough to get a CCW permit (if required) and carry a concealed weapon. Not yet an adult? Then learn a martial art. The world is what it is, so, act accordingly. Be careful out there.

    UK HATE CRIMES > British law allows trans men and women no right to self-defense, no option of being armed. They’re even working on ‘knife control’ (LOL). The government can try all it wants to suppress the violence, but as all know, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

    GAY DATING APP> Social media is its own reward.

    UK PORN BLOCK> Hey Parliament – nothing better to do? Forget porn, get busy on Brexit.

    FRANCE > Sorry XR, but buying into the hoax of man-made climate change doesn’t allow you to blockade bridges and streets. It’s not civil disobedience when you ignore the fact that your rights end where others’ rights begin, that’s called rioting.

    EUROPEAN HEAT WAVE > it’s 108 here in Tucson today. No biggie, we desert rats love it. Besides, every building enjoys central air conditioning or evaporative cooling (my home has both – I can switch between them). If Europeans really believe in global warming, they should be buying more air conditioners. Especially ones made in America! MAGA!

    TRUMP DISMISSES CLIMATE CRISIS > Stats say the USA has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions better than all the signers of the bogus Paris Accords, and the good news is we kept our freedom from carbon taxes and regulations, and kept our tax money here at home. Capitalism is doing the job better than government ever could.

    CANADA > I fucking hate Nazis and neo-Nazis as much as I hate communists, because they’re all exactly alike – all totalitarians at heart. Allowed to reach their inevitable end, there is no difference between national socialists, international socialists, or democratic socialists. A socialist is a socialist is a socialist. They’re all ultimately evil no matter how reasonable they sound starting out.

    1. Murder rate per 100,000
      USA = 5.3
      U.K. = 1

      Keep your guns mister … soon enough you’ll have no one to kill.

      1. Switzerland is overrun with guns and their murder rate is .6 – just over half that of the UK. Obviously there’s more afoot here than the availability of firearms.

        1. Agreed, but only to a point. Apart from more decentralisation and more democratisation than the US you’re forgetting two things. 1. They have less overall poverty than the US and although patriotic, they are not constantly seeking enemies. They.are not religious zealots or politically paranoid, even although they didn’t join the UN until 1995. 2. They are also less likely to pull out a gun and shoot police if they are pulled over by a cop because of a busted rear light. I don’t know what the situation is in Russia but I guess if they had lax gun laws, they would be shooting up their neighbours as well. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a national mindset. As ever, the vocal minority is always heard the loudest. Funnily and ironically the vocal minority that can’t keep its opinion to itself always calls itself, “the silent majority”.

        2. Bleeehhh

          2018 police killings per 100,000,000 pop.

          USA 30.4
          UK 0.2

          Differential 150:1

          That is all about guns and an easy willingness to use them


          It’s always the same old denial of truth. Including on this board for years and years the same thing crops up. Nothing changes.

          So, why not?

          Religion is shit. Politics is shit. Society is shit.
          Forever it’s only been about looking in the mirror and recognising — Holy Mackerel, the problem is me, myself and I —

          National mindset ?? absolutely….

      2. Unless whoever you got those numbers from took the time to ensure both numbers were gathered in the same manner (unlikely), they don’t mean much of anything. Few countries track their crime stats the same way and the US and UK are pretty notorious for their differences.

        In fact, It only took me a few minutes to find around a dozen articles from both the left and the right pointing out quite a few differences between how crime stats are generated by the US and the UK specifically.

        One, which is pretty significant if true, was that the Home Office in the UK only counts violent crimes with convictions while the FBI counts all violent crimes whether there’s a conviction or not.

  2. Few here, on this site, do like this writer. Am a queep. Killing is not some new to this. Never kill a trans. Nor do care of their being a kill. Homosexuals get the learn with the gun and the same with the killer knife. Some of us learn to kill. Way better than off the street. Llearn off the street a better way to use such by way of the military. Or, try. Or, die. Or, die trying for your real. If a trans wants to live, the trans has got to stop being some secret. oh. Keep secret until. ha ha ha . This queep always hides, until. QUEEP survives all encounters. So far.
    — Other wise understand nothing of trans versus, or, trans, the rest of the world.

    1. Are you putting this through a translater? Is your native language non Latin script? e.g. Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Georgian etc?

  3. YES. Am a personal represent of the HIPPIE RAINBOW FLAG of base on the sun light crystal showing we are one of many all under the one &c etc. If you think the warlocks coming up from the south to eat off of us and are of their lust for love, then, we moight speak a different.

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