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  1. “”US cop gives church sermon calling for gay executions””

    But god loves you…………………..

  2. Damn, back to these horrible news about despicable people again.
    I really don’t understand why Border Patrol, ICE, white supremacists and biggots are not prosecuted for all these crimes, but most importantly, how we can reach such a situation in 2019. And it’s not just the U.S., I have several conspiracy theorists in my own family, wackos who believe in things like Ummo ETs, chemtrails, climate change denial, Masonic lodges and pedosatanists leading the world in secret, bad GMOs but good homeopathy, WiFi and phone radiowaves turning people sick or maybe even gay, an unnatural state, but are surprisingly educated and making perfectly sound life decisions otherwise.

    There is just no argumentation possible with these people, not even with actual facts, we can only hope that good public education will prevail over several generations and that these people preventing humanity from progressing will become less visible and powerful. In the mean time, we are stuck with them in our society and laws.

  3. Yep, this is what happens when everyone runs to the left and right, takes on an all or nothing approach, and demonizes anyone trying to find solutions that give everyone a little of what they want (or at least allows the losing side to save face).

    No matter how right you are or how far on the “right side of history” you might be, you just end up shooting yourself in the foot if you demonize and marginalize everyone who’s opinion you disagree with. This mess isn’t just happening in the US, it’s going on all over the western world… you just hear more about it happening in the US cause the US media has penetrated into far more regions then those of other countries.

  4. QUEER COMFORT > Permit me to step over the line of political correctness on this. Most people, especially the Millennials and Gen-Xers, are just fine with LGB , but T and the other letters after that are just a little too weird for many. I suspect that a poll taken on each letter individually might shed some enlightenment.

    UK HATE CRIME > Again, it’s the T leading the increase – tripling, while the LGB stats are just over doubling. Again, it’s up to the nerds, shrinks and docs to finally make the case on T – one way or the other. And they need to hurry – people are getting hurt.

    SHRINKS APOLOGIZE > Apology accepted. LGBs thank you very much. Now, get to work on the Ts and the other letters.

    GAY EXECUTIONS > Couldn’t get passed the subscription demand to read the story. Extreme homophobes are all too often latent or closet cases themselves. What a conflicted, guilt-ridden soul this policeman must be. Extremists of every kind are cranky and unhappy. Sad.

    ICELAND > Okee-Dokee.

    KIDS IN DETENTION > The problem is their parents managed to sneak them into the country, and into the overloaded and underfunded system. Solution: BUILD THE FUCKING WALL so they can’t get in here to begin with. Mexico, to its credit is finally stepping up and interdicting the caravans, and we’re already seeing a drop of about a third in illegal entrants.

    US CONCENTRATION CAMPS > Maybe if we can make conditions harsh enough, illegal aliens will stop coming and go somewhere else. Just a thought – put retired Sheriff Joe Arpaio in charge – he’d run it like he did the Maricopa County Jail – make them all wear pink underwear, eat thin baloney sandwiches, and live outdoors in tents.

    KIDS IN VAN > Again, the solution is to build the goddam Wall, and keep them in Mexico, so they can’t get into the country, and the system, to begin with. Hopefully these horror stories will filter down to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, terrify the country-shoppers, so they decide to head south instead of north. Panama and Costa Rica are lovely this time of year.

    OREGON > Fake News. The Senators didn’t join the militias, the militias tried to join them, and were told “not interested.” The agenda of the anthropogenic climate change hoaxers must be resisted by any means necessary. Rock on, noble Senators. The Green New Deal is a scam, and a nightmare.

    PASTOR MOLESTOR > Quote: “Bratton 43, has been accused of inappropriately touching a teenaged relative,…” Was this sexual conduct forcibly done or with mutual agreement? Uhh, when I was a teenager, ‘consent’ got the 5 seconds of consideration it deserved, followed by eager participation. I admit I have problems with age of consent laws for adolescents, nevertheless, for now, the law is the law. ‘Book him, Danno.’ $50K is too low a bond.

    1. “Solution: BUILD THE FUCKING WALL so they can’t get in here to begin with.”
      Like a wall would prevent people from entering the USA legally through any of the 330 regular ports of entry, or through any existing or future tunnels.

      These are really two separate problems, the high number of immigrants should never be a cause for mismanaging them. Mismanagement is caused by political leaders who are awful at their job and/or reluctant for personal political reasons to do the job they were elected or nominated or paid to do.

      American management style is renowned worldwide for its efficiency, so we know how to plan and execute for this, and the USA is also one of the richest and most developed country, so we have the financial and technical and human means to address the issue. The government just chooses not to.

      We could even save some money respecting the Geneva Convention, when it costs 3 times more ($700 a day) to keep children separated from their parents rather than reunited. You’re paying the cost of an Hilton suite:

      Now let’s hear some music to keep cool:

    2. “eat thin baloney sandwiches”

      While I’ll agree that it IS baloney, but the sandwiches you’re referring to are balogna [which I’ve grown to hate in every way it’s “fixed”].

  5. THE WALL &c — The USA can not afford any more immigrants. The countries the immigrants come from need to get modern and make their people want to stay where they are from. very strange it is that the counties the immigrants come from do not complain of any loss of their people. Such countress are more than the killers of their own. The USA must stop those countries making us more than they are … we must make the other counties bastions of their own. The immigrants will not be better off here in the USA. The USA can not make itself more than its own people. There is a limit to any immigrate acceptance and immigrant incorporating. We must stop this violent immigrate thing. We must make those countries from where they come want them back. MEANING the WHILE, it is the WALL.

  6. OH. Some psyco head shrinks merely “apologize”. They are as sorry as they are about the now modern brain non surgical brain lobotomy using ultra sound. They apologize. They are not at all sorry. They are like the killers who apologize and are not at all sorry. Their saying “sorry” would not make this person believe them. Even Freud says gay, and other sex thoughts, are as is such of born. He wants homosexuality, a real, to be, and such as we must make a discovery of cause. The modern head shrinks kill with ultra sound. Such do modern head shrinks fuck off any cause.

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