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  1. Vatican is telling us trans and intersex people don’t exist. And by excluding us in the headline, milk boys is saying intersex people don’t exist!

    There are more intersex people than trans in the population, but we are far more invisible. We faced forced mutilating surgeries through out our childhoods and told never to speak a word about it. To conform to a binary and hide scars and shame. I would hope milk boys would be a space not also set on erasing us.

  2. ECUADOR > Nothing can stop an idea who’s time has come.

    BOTSWANA > See Ecuador.


    GERMANY > See Ecuador.

    VATICAN > Wonder of wonders – the Catholic church issues a document reflecting traditional Catholicism. For now it’s just an opinion. Until the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith (formerly the Holy office, formerly the Holy Inquisition) kisses the paper, or His Holiness speaks ‘ex cathedra’ it’s just a for-now policy and not official dogma.
    Don’t like it? Fine, be a Mormon or a Baptist or a Protestant. Make yourself happy. As for me, I remain a pious devotee of Cafeteria Catholicism. Long Live Our Holy Father Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ, Supreme Pontiff, Bishop of Rome, Servant of the Servants of God. Deus Vult.

    WHITEY > The whole “white privilege,” “white nationalism” and “white this or that” is bullshit. Same crap as “toxic masculinity.” Just fear-mongering identity politics on steroids. These clowns can never get more than a few dozen people to show up for anything. All this hand-wringing alarmism is fake news. Antifa is far more dangerous and gets no ink at all (that’s fake news by omission). Anyway, have pity on the Left – exaggerated racism, and assorted phobias are all they’ve got.

    PORN > How much ya wanna bet every member of every anti-porn group is an avid user of porn? You know it.

    BRAZIL > Sour grapes. Lula’s a thug. Just like Hillary. Lock her up! And the Deep State with her.

    UK CHILD SPIES > Most seventeen year-olds aren’t “children.” Anyway, put ’em all On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, for out of the mouths of babes comes convictions. E II R

    WAR ON SEX > This is all coming out of Silicon Valley and social media – both known for their embedded, impacted, rammed-earth liberalism. The Left has met its enemy, and it is themselves.

          1. We’re probably tools for each other. I vote the way they want me to because they vote the way I want them to.

    1. “I vote the way they want me to because they vote the way I want them to.”

      And you not only COMMUNICATE the way they want you to, you also THINK the way they want you to.

      Otherwise, known as BRAINWASHED.

      1. The religious/right are known for their ‘word salads’ …..

        Let’s call yours …… horse salad.

        1. Since I’m gay, we should call mine, “horse fruit salad,” or why not just “road apples” for short!

  3. I would say Trump is the dumbest person alive, but horselips with his lies about ever having sex is the dumbest. We all hope you die soon.

    1. Hey don’t say that. People carry hateful, bitter world views usually because they are very broken, bitter people. Once he is done shouting at brown people and gender equality he probably is quite sad privately.

      Its like the in the closet bully beating up, out queer kids. Sometimes it makes it easier to externalize all the horrible things you feel inside. Sadly these people end up causing some of the worst pain in the world. But either way its important to stay out of their cloud, and the best way to that is understanding them, and not letting that negativity infect you as well.

    2. Birth is fatal. Death comes for us all, even for kings he comes. Not to worry. it’s just a transition from this life to the next. Eternal life is the free gift of God (John 3:16) – that is, if you want it.

  4. @Nathan

    Damn, and I thought I carried anger…. I’m honestly sad that you feel that way. So much anger makes him win. Just cool down and use proper logic to win against his way of believing.

    “”Our true place of birth is the one where, for the first time, we have cast an intelligent eye upon ourself.

    Le véritable lieu de naissance est celui où l’on a porté pour la première fois un coup d’oeil intelligent sur soi-même.

    Marguerite Yourcenar, Mémoires d’Hadrien””

    1. Nicely said. Please stop carrying anger. Unload it on me if it will help. Nathan’s and Penboy’s anger doesn’t make me win or lose – however it does reflect more on them than on me. The differences in opinion we share here are just that and nothing more. There are no victories or defeats. I harbor no hate, and when I respond to criticism it’s always with civility and even humor.

      No ideology has a monopoly on truth and beauty. I don’t agree with everything the Republican Party wants, and I don’t oppose every plank in he Democratic Party platform. It’s just that, for me, the Republican Party more closely aligns with the trends and directions I want my country to move in. That doesn’t make either of us right or wrong – just different. Celebrate diversity!

      1. “It’s just that, for me, the Republican Party more closely aligns with the trends and directions I want my country to move in. That doesn’t make either of us right or wrong …”

        No, that makes you WRONG. Proof? Witness what is going on in this country BECAUSE OF THE REPUBLICANS’ ‘PLATFORM’.

  5. 1] Trans do not exist. Neither do abnormals, oddities, freaks, weirdos, irregulars, and other names for others of off the charts The naming & giving the names prove you do exist. Even if only in imaginings. oh. At least guess that trans do exist. Do not like you. Am this self a statistical discontinuity. Am an anomaly. We all require the state to protect us. And the state fails. The statistical misfit gun lovers and animal predators ( with arrows, knives, traps, etc ) are not all of one sexual orient. Statistically.
    2) — Discovering being wrong is another thing hard to deal with and learn from and work on.
    3) What bothers is not the trans and pederasts and bdsm’s, &c etc. All and any such bothers as a new and some unfamiliar. It takes time to get to figure that the odd is also safe. Marco Polo meets the Chinese and we get three silk roads.
    4) All the above merely makes a hint to what is the real debate ought to be here.

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