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  1. Some good, Lots of bad. #45 (I no longer use his name and give him the attention he pathologically craves) is not salvageable, it is better to deflect him.

    1. “45 (I no longer use his name and give him the attention he pathologically craves)”

      Yes, I like that!

  2. The last one will really confuse horselips. His favorite orange moron admits climate change is real but doesn’t want to take any responsibility for it. So will he now switch his opinion and now just say it is everyone else’s fault? Since he just mindlessly follows what the orange turd says. Or maybe he’ll just claim ‘fake news’

    1. #45 (or as Obama’s photographer calls him, Minus One) ALWAYS blames EVERYTHING on someone else. Think of Bart Simpson’s “I didn’t do it”!

  3. NYPD > All is forgiven. Move on.

    COLORADO > 18 down 32 to go.

    FBI > Efrem Zimbalist Jr., call your office!

    ISRAEL > “Love; A temporary insanity curable by marriage.” – Ambrose Bierce “Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.” – Jules Renard

    NEW ZEALAND > Half a million a year for four years. Maybe that’ll cut the 50 year wait to 40 years. Why don’t they just use that money for plane tickets – put these patients on an international list and when their name come up, fly them to wherever they can get their surgery right now? Why do I have to think of everything?

    MEXICO CITY > Blah, blah, blah. Let’s just hope Mexico fulfills its commitment to get their border with Guatemala under control, so we can get our border with Mexico under control. Build the Wall!

    UNITED NATIONS > The only torture going on here is what unborn babies suffer when they’re sliced and diced being aborted. The last person I care about is a woman who wants to murder her child (health of the mother excepted). Fuck the UN. We need out, and we need to throw them out.

    UK PORN BLOCK > Good news. It won’t work. BTW, Britain, you have some other pressing problems to deal with that are far more important than this. A perfect time for the Queen to exercise the royal prerogative – dissolve Parliament and appoint a Prime Minister. Here’s how it’s done: (perhaps the best 3 minutes ever filmed.)

    CELEBRITIES > Muslim celebs aren’t the problem. All the other Muslims are. Crusade! And this time, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMISM > HRH is no different from any other left-wing loon. Since 1880 it’s gotten a whole degree or so warmer. If we do everything called for in the Paris accord, we’ll save a whole fraction of another degree over the next century. Maybe. At a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, higher taxes and energy costs, and keeping the third world perpetually undeveloped. That climate changes is a given, but anthropogenic climate change is bullshit. Calm your nerves:

    1. Horselips again proves he know nothing about climate change, he’s gonna die in a few days so why should he care anyway.

    2. Mr, horselips, I’m curious if you have any peer reviewed research to back up any of the bullshit you say? Because if you do I’d like to read it, otherwise you are just another old fart spouting your bullshit on the internet.

      And if you are curious I do have peer review papers under my belt, so bring it on.

      1. Do your own homework. Google ‘debunking climate change’ and spend the next month reading. Want even more fun? Google ‘oil is abiotic’ then ‘debunking big bang theory.’ Enjoy.

        1. “Google ‘debunking climate change’ ”

          That’s with the assumption that climate change has actually been “debunked.” …. It hasn’t and will never be in correct scientific circles. [There’s photos and actual REAL videos …. you know, showing the actual effects of climate change.]

          1. No one denies that climate changes – it always has and always will. What’s been thoroughly debunked (as far as we deniers are concerned) is mankind’s influence in the causality of it al, and our ability to reverse it.
            However, if you’re a true believer, live out your creed – live in a cave, wear grape leaves for clothes, become a vegan, and eat your raw veggies in the cold and the dark. Enjoy.

  4. “That climate changes is a given, but anthropogenic climate change is bullshit.”

    And your house smoking doesn’t mean fire – or does it?
    Let’s not call the fire service – or would you?

    Perhaps you’re right – perhaps you’re wrong?

    Here’s hoping you’re not in a tornado alley, flood zone, hurricane coast or arid plain with a drying aquifier and fire prone countryside.

    What is wrong is to select your ‘facts’ based on what is least likely to impact your lifestyle.

    1. Quote:Here’s hoping you’re not in a tornado alley, flood zone, hurricane coast or arid plain with a drying aquifier and fire prone countryside.

      WOW. Your comment really struck home. Did you know my father? He was an executive with Allstate Insurance Company. After surveying hurricane damage in New Jersey in the 1960’s he quipped “If you live near water, expect to get wet.”

      It follows that if you live in the mountains, expect blizzards. If you live in the woods, expect forest fires. If you live on a fault line, expect earthquakes. If you live on the plains, expect tornadoes. On the coast, expect hurricanes and tsunamis. Almost anywhere in Pennsylvania, expect sinkholes. You get the idea. When you choose a place to live, choose wisely.

      I live in Tucson, Arizona, USA, the heart of the Sonoran desert. Yeah, it’s dry and hot, but I love it. We have just 2 seasons – summer and Christmas Day. What we don’t have here are hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, Godzilla, tidal waves, you get the idea.

      1. “… my father? He was an executive with Allstate Insurance Company”

        My favorite laughable line from every single insurance company to “explain why” they won’t pay out money for actual losses …… “I’m sorry sir/madam, but we classify your loss as an act of ‘god’.

        1. Acts of war are also not covered. Not sure if claims resulting from the War on Terror are included in that exclusion or not.

          (Hey, I just realized how cool ‘included in that exclusion’ sounds.)

          1. “Acts of war are also not covered.”

            And when was the last time some-one/entity filed damages with an insurance co. and they claimed the damage was an act of war on American soil so as not to pay?

            9/11? I don’t think so …. I’m pretty damn sure every insurance company within a mile of the twin towers paid out for the damages the mentally ill muslims did to New York.

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