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  1. the WHO change might be a bit of a mixed blessing. I’ve been told by trans friends in my country that they receive state welfare support due to their “mental disorder”. you can just bet some petty bureaucrat (or right wing politician) will seize on this change as an excuse to deny them even this minor aid.

  2. I love that the new commenting system doesn’t require manual log in anymore, but I hate that it does not restore automatically the comment I was typing when the computer or browser or tab shuts down or closes inadvertently, unlike any regular HTML POST field. And I can’t retype it, too bad. I’ll just say it’s rather good news on the LGBT side.

  3. BRAZIL > The judges have it right. Bolsonaro is a homophobe, which means he’s probably a closet case.

    WHO > Who cares about WHO? Nothing said or done by the UN could possibly be of interest to me, since everything they say and do is designed to reduce individual national sovereignty in favor of the collective globalists. I wish Trump would cut the UN off completely and throw them the hell outta New York.

    RUSSIA > Funny thing about persecution. It almost always backfires into support for the victims of the persecution. The Romans persecuted Christians for 300+ years and the result was it became the state religion. Same with Russia – the persecution will only last so long, and the result will be an explosion of acceptance. All praise to the brave Russian LGBT activists who have stood up to the hate and violence.

    MAINE > According to the old saying, as Maine goes, so goes the nation. Cross your fingers.

    PRIDE > A tough call for some. Remember the mission of Pride – to show the straight community we’re here, we’re queer, we’re not going away, and, BTW, we’re as normal as you are. Take it from there.

    PLASTIC > By analyzing the waste found in the rivers and surrounding landscape, researchers were able to estimate that just 10 river systems carry 90% of the plastic that ends up in the ocean.
    Eight of them are in Asia: the Yangtze; Indus; Yellow; Hai He; Ganges; Pearl; Amur; Mekong; and two in Africa – the Nile and the Niger. Europe and the Americas – not guilty.

    UK TAX DODGING > Taxation is not just a revenue issue, it’s a freedom issue. Any taxation beyond the amount needed to operate essential services, especially taxes imposed for the redistribution of wealth, is theft. Resist!

    FACIAL RECOGNITION > The connection is porn to social media. Still on social media? With a profile pic? Are you f*cking stupid or something?

    NUKES & CLIMATE CHANGE > Fukushima disaster happened because the power plants were on the coast. Guess what, that’s where tsunamis happen. DUHH. Read the article to the end. That’s where he reveals it’s just an infomercial promoting his offshore wind turbine company.
    FYI – Aside from the Fukushima fiasco, there is only one other recorded incident of atomic waste resulting in serious consequences. In 1954 radioactivity in the ocean caused the mutation of a sea creature into a gigantic radioactive, fire-breathing dinosaur that rose out of Tokyo Bay and stomped half the city flat. A Japanese scientist, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa rushed development of an ‘oxygen destroyer’ which was deployed in the Bay and killed the monster. Dr. Serizawa died in the mission, and the unit has never been recovered. They made a documentary style movie about it.

    GRETA THUNBERG > This babe needs to live out her creed and move into a cave, dress in grape leaves, and eat raw food in the cold and dark. Sorry – I’m a denier – living large and loving it.

    FINLAND > Fake news is a problem everywhere it seems. Here is America we’ve been taught to ignore it, and the outlets that broadcast it. CNN’s audience has been reduced to the people who work there and their moms. Fox News owns cable news, and Limbaugh owns radio.

      1. President George Washington warned us to beware of foreign entanglements, and he was right on. Global treaties almost always benefit the collective, comprising the world’s failed or poorest cultures, at the expense of the most successful and richest cultures.Temporary alliances in wartime, cold war or hot, are fine, but in peacetime they should only be entered into with the most scrutinizing eye, to be sure there is no redistribution of wealth or ideological imperative or compulsion involved. Especially regarding the U.N.
        Signing on to a UN treaty obligates a nation to compliance, and to accept international evaluation. The World Court places a nation under the jurisdiction of foreign judges. These are all insults to sovereignty. The collective will of the multinational supplants the individual will of the nation.

        The American concept of EXTREMELY limited government, enshrined in a Constitution that emphasizes the prerogatives of the individual, and of the people, is precisely incompatible with any concept involving a global collective.

        1. “The American concept of EXTREMELY limited government, enshrined in a Constitution that emphasizes the prerogatives of the individual, and of the people,”

          You mean, like, denying gays for serving in the military for DECADES …. and now attempting to DENY Trans* people the same thing?

          You mean, like arresting, trying, prisoning and even murdering hundreds of thousands of [supposedly “free and equal”] citizens of a failed “drug war”?

          “emphasizes the prerogatives of the individual, and of the people,”

          Are you fucking kidding? My two examples alone show how much bullshit you spout out.

    1. “President George Washington warned us to beware of foreign entanglements, and he was right on.”

      You mean, like ………….. Russia interfering with our NATIONAL elections just to help out a fucking DUFUS because they didn’t like or want a WOMAN in our highest office?

      1. How quickly you liberals forget that it was President Obama who interfered with the Israeli elections, and actually donated taxpayer money to assist the opposition to Netanyahu. Fortunately, he won anyway.

        Every news story about Russian interference that fails to mention Obama’s interference in Israel is “Fake News By Omission.”

        We sowed the wind, we reaped the whirlwind.

    1. If you’re implication is that I am “bigoted” against the United Nations, you’re right. I suffer no bigotry against any race, sex, gender or class, or against any religion except Islam, but I stand against the New World Order of economic globalism, and against any ‘world’ organization that purports to tell me what to think about anything. Especially the WHO, which is sensitive to the influence of political correctness and the ‘cultural Marxism’ of activist ‘social justice warriors.’

      As for the WHO’s reclassification of transgenderism as no longer a ‘disorder,’ even if they’re right, I couldn’t care less, because it follows that they’re right for all the wrong reasons. It is implicit in the mission of the WHO to influence (bully) other medical practitioners worldwide to come into compliance with their dictat.

      I am biologically and ideologically hard-wired to resist anything and everything, right or wrong regardless, emanating from any authority I do not have a direct, or acceptably indirect, electoral involvement with.

  4. I have allways thought that homophobia and transphobia are rather medical conditions than criminal offences. There are many other phobias that aren’t considered as crimes. I am confused.

  5. @Distant admirer

    Phobias are mental conditions. Nothing else. It is what one does with that phobia that can be a crime. If you use your phobia to cause damage to other people then it becomes a crime. For example, depriving other people of equal rights because of their colour, gender or religion. An other example is my Horsyphobia toward Horselips. Since I don’t try to restrain his freedom to be openly a bigot and total idiot I am committing no crime.

      1. I like it! Horsyphobia, Horsyphobic, Horsyphobism: also: Horselips Derangement Syndrome: A dystopic state of mind characterized by wishful thinking and preconceived notions, and a rejection of reality and common sense.

        Old Dan – you’re a genius!
        (I’ll bet you’re good looking too!)

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