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  1. I knew the previous good news would not last a week, Trump administration is really showing their true non-rainbow colors with the way they try to revert all Obama-era legislation, re-interpreting it in a hateful way that goes exactly the opposite of the spirit of the law. Poor born-abroad LGBT kids who really don’t need to start their life with such problems…

    Triple the rate! So, trisexuals? ;)
    Man, 3.3% of bisexuals! As a pure-bred gay, I now belong to a minority of a minority, a micrority.

    Air pollution, the water we drink, the junk and pollutants we eat, the cosmetics and fabrics we wear, we are bombarded by individual “trace elements” that eventually accumulates as ingots of heavy metals and toxic compounds. There are alternative clean ways to feed the people with food and technology, but we choose the cheapest and most polluting ones.

  2. TAIWAN > Done in compliance with a court order, but who cares, it’s a win.

    EQUALITY ACT > It’s easy to fall for legislation so attractively named. However,the bill as written is poorly thought out – an oversimplification. The objections are legitimate and should be addressed in amendments. Once the issues are solved, it should be enacted.

    IMMIGRATION SNAFU > Geez, you can’t make this stuff up. (Flips lips with index finger.)

    TRANS-PEOPLE ABUSE > I still blame the docs, the shrinks, and the nerds for not conducting final, definitive scientific studies regarding gender dysphoria that will, once and for all, put the issue to rest. Until that happens, it looks too close to body-integrity dysphoria, or schizophrenia, or some other mental illness. But then, it also looks like a legitimate, randomly occurring variation in the human condition.

    IDENTIFYING AS BISEXUAL > The problem with these polls is in the definitions. Just because a boy had a J/O buddy in junior high doesn’t mean he’s ‘bisexual.’ Any gay man my age has ‘done’ busloads of straights over the years – all those guys aren’t ‘bisexual’ either. Truth be told, most men are just sexual, and ‘any port in a storm’ is the rule of thumb. Relationship preference is not the same thing as sexual orientation. We’re all oriented to orgasms, but who we form romantic relationships with, who we really love, determines all.

    UNITED NATIONS > Fake news dies hard. Now that NASA is back to science and relieved of being a department of “Muslim outreach,” the truth is in:

    AIR POLLUTION: I am reminded of the old Grin & Bear It comic wherein 1 caveman says to the other, “We live in a pristine environment, drink clean water, eat fresh food with no preservatives, and we live to be 30.”
    Regardless of the effects of pollution, we’re living longer and better than ever before. Some of us won’t last much longer, some will outlive everybody they know. In any case, birth is fatal.

    FUNDING CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL > All energy companies should do this. Resist the hoax.

    AFFORDABLE INSULIN > Here is Arizona, the sick make prescription runs to Mexico. Yeah, prices are better ‘overseas,’ but treatment is still the best right here. I can remember reading about Canadians going to American border hospitals for high-tech imaging because their own hospitals couldn’t afford the equipment. I’m all in favor of reduced drug prices, but I don’t want to dis-incentivize Big Pharma from developing new medicines. We do more of that than anywhere else. There has to be some way the pharmaceutical companies can make a decent buck for research and their stockholders, without bankrupting their customers.

    SESTA-FOSTA > Gotta get this damn thing into the courts – now.

  3. The United Nation warning of global suicide is as real as green invaders mixing with the human genome. The Mayans do commit their self genocide with no intent to do so. They are not at all unique. The dearth of many a species is as old as rocks. Many a specie eat out their substance & then die out. The tyrannosaurus eats its prey to death and there is nothing left for it to eat .. it can not catch rats. The entire global warming catastrophe & the entire environmental horrors of our, a human, existence, our suicide, is as real as moon worm infesting. gay /straight / in between / some thing else / whatever you say you are, you are a human. You are a definitor. a maker or not of us all. Or you and also a part of us all, we all being self definitors, eventually, personally, or, socially, or some hows else. GET REAL — The environmentalists do nothing to stop the AIDS killing of thousands of Africans & blame it on a gay man bringing it out. That the world blood supply has AIDS in it from who knows where from & the environmentalists say nothing. THEY blame it on a gay guy for its appearance & the environmentalists forget to sterilize needles in Africa.. The Chinese are no different. Kill the homosexuals and bi’s and others & solve all problems. . F U 2.

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