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    JAPAN > OK
    AUSSIE JOCK > Soccer was created so impoverished third worlders would have a sport requiring no equipment besides a ball. Goals could be constructed of twigs, leaves or thatch. I still hate soccer. I wouldn’t watch a soccer game if it was played in my living room. The older I get, the more I appreciate baseball. Yogi was right – it’s “80% mental, the other half physical.” Batter up!
    CALI SEX ED > Just California being California..
    HIV DRUGS > Great!
    USA ENERGY > As long as we’re energy independent, and we can export any surplus, I’m happy. We have to recover every fucking cent we spent importing oil Thank God for Trump and fracking. Drill baby drill!
    GERMANY > Still a demographic train wreck.
    CHINA > Whatever.
    MEXICO > A narco-state taking the next obvious step.


    ALABAMA > Bans abortion! See ya in court…after court…after court…
    BARR > Appoints Durham to investigate the Deep State, FBI. Expect indictments. Lock her up!
    TRUMP > New high in popularity.
    KENTUCKY > Becomes the 16th state to enact Constitutional Carry. No permit needed to carry a concealed weapon. Arizona still #1 gun-friendly state.
    THE WALL > 200 miles under construction. It’s a beginning.
    FORD CLASS > The US Navy’s two newest carriers under construction will receive upgrades to dramatically ‘increase their lethality.’ Anchors away! Hello, sailor…new in town?

    1. Fracking was started well before Trump took office. I can’t recall if it was the end of Bush or beginning of Obama, but Trump def had nothing to do with it.

      1. You’re right, but The Donald has had a lot to do with other aspects of finally achieving energy independence.

        1. “The Donald has had a lot to do with other aspects of finally achieving energy independence.”

          You mean, like …………….. COAL? Yeah, right. Achieving super independence …….. NOT!

  2. It used to be that USA stored it’s reserves in order to be in a good position to counter any event where foreign entities stopped supply. A lesson learned in the 70’s Arab Embargo etc. Plus extraordinary market manipulation by the oil majors.

    Different scenario now. Success with growing exploration expertise has us drowning in oil worldwide. There has never ever been an oil shortage.

    1. Now now Nathan. That’s being ink Nd. You forgot to add Orange skin applied by avpai tbrush, a corset and a liking for his own offspring. Sorted it for you. Lol. 😁

  3. We’ve reached a tipping point: There’s now more good news than bad! ;)

    That’s several studies in a row that demonstrate HIV is not active or transmissible anymore with the retroantiviral pill. Still too many countries with geopolitical, personal awareness and public health policy issues to eradicate HIV worldwide as fast as could be, but we’re getting there.

    @horselips, soccer was invented in Europe, not for “impoverished third worlders.” It was a game for play too, while baseball seems to have been invented as a commercial business to sell you TV packages that sell you light beer in-between the 9 innings and during pitcher changes. At least, in soccer, there’s only one half-time for commercial breaks. Just kidding, pro soccer is a business too, and apparently a corrupted one, and I suppose there’s more commercials than just during half-time. The whole field arena is a ring of ads. How could coming out even be noticeable in all this noise?

    As for God and Trump and fracking, I can’t figure out exactly how it’s even possible, but there’s more lies than words in these 3 words. There’s absolutely no reason why the USA would have to recover every cent it spent importing an oil it didn’t have or could not extract at the time. Does it apply to Mexican red pepper imports too? Chinese neodymium? Plus, private American companies already recovered that money from invaded Iraqi oil profits.
    In any case, that’s totally irrelevant to the news, Trump did all he could to impede the development of renewables and progress in general, as well as science, education, health and so on.

    1. Thank you for your gracious civility. My soccer rant was pure sarcasm as I’m sure you’ve realized.
      Oil is power, Mexican red peppers aren’t. Sadly, we didn’t annex the Iraqi oil fields, or even rip them off for free oil. The Iraqis export around 4 million barrels of oil a day, and take in about a quarter of a billion dollars a day selling their oil – they get it, we don’t. Aside from making war, we don’t do imperialism well. Trump hasn’t impeded renewable energy – in fact as noted in the news, renewable energy will surpass coal. All Trump has done is stop subsidizing the likes of Solyndra, and the purchase of electric cars. Renewables must earn their way into the market by providing unlimited power at reasonable cost – meaning at no increase in cost whatsoever to the beleaguered consumer.

      Back to baseball. It’s the only game where the defense has control of the ball. If you really get into it, even when it looks like nothing is happening, there’s a whole lot going on. The tension between pitcher, batter, runner(s) on base – cerebral and sublime. It has been observed that the hardest thing to do in sports is hitting a major league slider.

      1. “Trump hasn’t impeded renewable energy”
        All of his budget proposals include not just cuts on renewable energy or green technology, but also extra tariffs on solar panels, or extra budget for non-renewables, such as “clean coal.” Even his choice of directors for the EPA and other agencies come from petrol or coal industries, an aberrant conflict of interest and of duty. Thankfully, Congress has more sense than this big baby and won’t let him totally ruin the country and take the world down with him, but it’s still pretty damaging stuff that the next President will have to reverse.

        As for subsidizing electric cars, or renewable energy for that matter, I see nothing wrong with it as it is a matter of public health, international environmental protection and climate change. ICE cars’ pollutants do kill hundreds of people every year and make sick thousands. The transportation industry does contribute greatly to climate change. Many studies have shown that it costs much more to fix climate change damaged than to prevent it. Subsidizing EVs is a great way toward such a public policy goal for the country, which is what political leaders are supposed to be elected for, short, medium and long term action.

        I don’t know if EVs will ever be cheaper than ICE vehicles, especially the ones with big battery packs, but we have already seen the result of subsidizing the wind and photovoltaic industry and research: Wind and solar now don’t need any subsidizing any more, they beat coal on price any time, and are expected to beat even the cheaper natural gas power plants this coming decade. Offshore wind is a bit more expensive for now, but it uses more powerful turbines than on land, with a better ROI. The USA has no offshore wind to speak of, a whole potential to develop. Scandinavia even recently started replacing some of its older offshore wind turbines for bigger and more efficient ones using the existing anchoring infrastructure, so with a limited cost to not just extend the life of these platforms, but also make them more powerful.

  4. Not only is that wedding same-sex, it’s also cross-species. Homosexual cross-species love! :)

    1. So, that’s what “gay” means? Rats marrying horses? I don’t see what’s the big deal, says 5 year old Cynthia to her parents.

  5. The entire new religion of CLIMATE CHANGE CATASTROPHE is as real as THE BOOK OF REVELATE end of the word and its horsemen which is as real as the universe being a giant snake eating its tail. Do love the nuclear sun and nuclear energy as a reproduce of such under control. LOVE reproducing. LOVE recreating. We have got to RE- create our world.

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