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  1. Nicaragua makes same-sex marriage, adoption illegal:

    “The family code establishes that marriage is defined by between a man and a woman…”

    Hmm, who have we heard this from before? Not difficult to figure out religious retards have once again dug their heals in, to halt the progress of equality and human rights.

    US president calls for end to LGBT ‘conversion therapy’:

    I thought this issue was put to bed a while back, but sadly yet another death attributed to such barbaric and inhumane practices has taken place. Good to see Obama taking an official stance on this. Amazing to realize there are people in this day and age that still cling to antiquated notions of LGBT people being somehow broken, and needing repair. What rock have they been living under?

    Chilean president signs civil unions bill into law:

    Good to see they’ve made progress, however I’d much rather have seen them legalize same sex marriage. No details on what legal rights will be gained in a civil union there, so it’s a bit hazy to see what exactly was accomplished. If it is in fact exactly equal to legal marriage there, then they need to get their heads out of the sand and ‘call a spade a spade’.

    Bullied transgender teen dies in apparent suicide:

    Once again another tragic death. Although details of what leads a person to suicide are usually complicated, it does appear her school could have been more proactive in providing protection and help. Also, it appears that Taylor’s friends abandoned her at some point, which I find highly distressing. True friends would have given her support. Very sad.

    Vietnam may soon recognize transgender people:

    Hopefully they’ll move forward quickly and approve such legislation soon. Having to go abroad for SRS at huge costs in unlicensed clinics, then returning home and having their ID not matching their new gender is a huge burden for them.

  2. NICARAGUA > One step back. This too shall pass.

    CONVERSION > I’m not fooled or impressed when a president advocates for something – if he meant it, really meant it, he would demand his party initiate such legislation, which he hasn’t and it hasn’t. Money talks, bullshit walks.

    CHILE > One step forward. Gettin’ there.

    TRANSGENDER SUICIDE > Everybody knows how I feel about this subject, and that goes double for minors. We don’t let minors do a bunch of things, and it’s all for one very good reason – they’re not ready yet. Teenagers are among the cruelest of people, making adolescence hard enough as it is, and expecting kids to handle a sex change and his/her peers is just nuts. You’re not ready, they’re not ready, schools aren’t ready.

    FRANCE > You got Muslims, you get surveillance. Like peanut butter and jelly, they go together.

    FBI HAIR BALLS > I love the Innocence Project. Keep on keeping on…

    GERMANY & DRONES > So what? Gotta base these projects somewhere, Ramstein is as good as anywhere else and probably better. Yeah, the Nellie European Left gets its panties in a wad, but who cares – I certainly don’t.

    UK ELECTION FUNDING > Notice most of the big donors were Lord this or Sir that? When the uppity peasants emasculated the House of Lords and gave all power to the serfs in the Commons, what did you think would happen? Well, DUHHH. It is an inescapable observation that the decline of the British Empire has proceeded in lockstep with the neutering of its Nobles. Solution – restore the House of Lords and return to a true bicameral legislature, or how about the people opening their wallets and ponying up a few shillings themselves. Its their elections, and their government after all, isn’t it.

    US COPS > There are 1,400,000 gangstas in 33,000 violent street gangs in the USA. We have a lot more bad guys to kill. Lock & Load mofos. Caution: If you’re not in a gang and have an encounter with the police, behave yourself. Obey the officer, cooperate, don’t resist in any way. Nobody has time for your silly little anger.

    MILKBOYS PULLS BOYS’ PHOTO > WTF! Pics of teenage boys is expected here. After all, this is MilkBOYS not MilkMEN. Photos of older teens may be pornographic or not, younger teens, not, so it’s all good.

    1. US COPS >

      “Obey the officer, cooperate, don’t resist in any way. Nobody has time for your silly little anger.”

      So true Horselips.

      In his YouTube offering, How not to get your ass kicked by the police!, Chris Rock states that “if the police have to chase you down, they’re bringin’ an ass-whippin’ with them”.

      While unfortunate, none of the black men recently shot would be dead today, none, if they had NOT tried to either run or fight.

      1. In what kind of fucked up world do you live that running away justifies getting murdered? Are you serious?

        Cops in the UK seem to be doing perfectly fine without murdering people left and right.

        1. @ Leika

          I don’t need a semi-literate and vulgar comment about proper policing activities/actions here in the U.S.

          You should be more concerned about the rampant anti-Semitism that is sweeping Europe, particularly in YOUR country.

          As far as the cops in the UK, let’s see how “fine” they do policing the ever-increasing clusters of non-assimilating radical Islamists.

          God Save the Queen.

          1. OK, I get it, Al Bendova, you’re a troll. I was wondering at first but now it’s painfully obvious that you just write random crap to get a reaction. No one could possibly be that
            much of a cliché redneck racist. Well done.

          2. Since you seem stuck with your stereotypes about other countries let me just say that this Swedish guy agrees with Leika wholeheartedly.

  3. Why is everybody from the US so agressive? Even folks on here.
    I will never ever visit that country.

    1. It’s best not to use the Milkboys comment thread as a metric of whether everyone from a country is this or that! :)

      1. Indeed. I apologize for my European compatriot jumping to conclusions. America is a fine country with very nice and welcoming people, and I can definitely recommend a visit.

        The problem is, though, there are currently exactly two cultures on this planet where the idea that the premeditated murder of people on the other end of the globe is somehow necessary and that only “the Nellie European Left gets its panties in a wad, but who cares – I certainly don’t” is considered an acceptable political opinion for otherwise decent people to hold.

        These two cultures are America and Radical Islam.

        By “Radical Muslim” I mean a Muslim who believes that there should be an Islamic government with Sharia law, but who politely disagrees with Militant Radical Muslim Terrorists, because he doesn’t think that killing innocent Americans & Europeans is necessary.

        Now, the average, nice, sane American believes in nice things like Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness, and he *politely* disagrees with Crazy Warmongering Americans because he doesn’t think that killing innocent people in the Middle East is necessary.

        In both cultures. the dangerous crazies thrive, because, although they are not be in the majority, they somehow get the feeling that their opinions are “acceptable” and even “worth discussing”.

        It’s not just the real crazies that deserve criticism. The culture that aids and abets the crazies deserves some of the blame, too.

  4. It’s amusing to hear Germans complain about “aggression” when their history is replete with examples of them setting-off, lemming-like, on military adventures where great masses of them are killed by their betters, the result of which is the general improvement of mankind.

    I never have liked sauerkraut, and quit persecuting the Jews. Once was enough.

    1. @Al Bendova

      I’ve seen mean replies from time to time but yours is one hell of a winner. Any meaner and I’d expect my monitor to burst in fire.

      Let’s see. You talk about the Germans going to wars. Ok, maybe so, but did you know that this wonderful invention called eugenics was an American invention? Did you know a certain Henry Ford was financing the Nazi Party? Did you know that The U.S. turned its back on a certain ship full of Jewish immigrants fleeing the horrors of Europe? You do realize that the U.S. walked on the Moon because of a top Nazi scientist? Oh, by the way, I wish you could go ask the black men that were used in the Tuskegee experiment what they thought of you.

    2. Well there was this one genocide in German (and Austrian) history. I’m not aware of any other.
      Some minor colonialism, some old-fashioned European wars. German history outside of the period of 1934-1945 isn’t any worse than other countries’.

      OK, what happened next? Well, Germany & Austria lost that big war. Among the victors, there was this one country, let’s call it A. for now, that actually was relatively civilized at the time. They decided, hey, let’s not just oppress the losers, but let’s help them recover and teach them why their aggression was wrong. Quite a good idea, I must say

      So, a couple of generations pass. The youngest veterans from that war are now about 85. Austria hasn’t been in a war since. History is not forgotten; rather, the schools have a mission to teach young people an awareness of what happened, to make sure that it never happens again.
      “Never again!” is a widely-agreed-upon slogan, and “Resist the beginnings!” is often used to remind people to watch for the early warning signs of fascism, militarism and warmongering.

      So, is it amusing when the (great-)grandchildren of the aggressors complain about aggression by the (great-)grandchildren of their former enemies?

      Yes. I believe it’s ironic.

      It’s ironic that the American people still haven’t fully learnt the lessons they taught to Austrians and Germans seventy years ago.

  5. Bullied transgender teen dies in apparent suicide In the article, the following is said.

    “”“We are attempting to honor the family’s request for privacy while also helping our students and staff who have been impacted by this sad event. The district has had counselors on site to support our school community.””

    Students and staff impacted? Where the hell were they when she was going through hell because of the bullying?

    France about to become next surveillance state About??? Just now???

    The FBI lied, sent innocent people to their death Here’s a simple solution. Any person responsible for the wrongful execution of a person shall be immediately put to death without any possibility of appeal.

    Leak reveals Germany as heart of US drone war Old friends, sitting on a park bench like bookends.

    76 people made 41% of donations to UK parties Democracy at its best.

    US cops kill more people in month of March 2015
    than police in the UK did over the last 100 years
    There is a storm coming like you wouldn’t believe.

  6. The Daily Ks story”US cops kill more people in month of March 2015
    than police in the UK did over the last 100 years” is pure BS….he got his “facts” from Wikipedia and they are far from complete.

    1. I remember the brit retard that was replacing Larry King on CNN. He was saying the same thing. I also remember a guest telling him to his face that he was lying and proved it by showing how may people got killed by brit cops The numbers weren’t exactly pretty.

      While the numbers are relatively low they are higher than what the brit retard host on CNN was saying. But there is an even darker side to the story. Brit cops don’t get publicly named.–marksmen-named.html

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