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  1. Great video. I get it. … 完璧 = Perfect

    But, what’s with the BLURRED title and more? I can’t read it. How about clearing it up?

    1. It’s a meme. It’s supposed to signify that you can’t properly see perfection at first and then it switches to a picture of something that’s perfect. It’s a kind of joke.

  2. What strikes me about this is that the costume looks very sexy with the plunging neckline until you look closely and see that it’s skin-colored fabric. I wonder what prude is in the dressing room to ensure that the boys and girls are covered up?

    1. it prob has more to do with the temperature in the rink then anything else, most of the spectators are wearing their winter jackets, and it’s allways a bit cooler on the ice then in the stands

    2. If I might suggest a more practical reason – it serves to hold the “jacket effect” shape of his top together and without it, the top would be stretching every which way and look untidy.
      Think of it as a one-piece top with a differently colored center section?

      The video posted by Fulcher has him wearing a more substantial top which would hold its shape, covered with a much lighter material.

  3. This boy is cute and he has a great body, but the skating sumo wrestler in the Geico commercial is a tough act to follow.

  4. There’ s nothing at all wrong with Shoma Uno’s ass. Looks at least as good as anyone else’s — and better — very kissable and more.

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