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27-year-old YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf is best known for his 2015 viral video in which he shared his Grindr messages with his mother, but the process of coming out to his dad was very difficult.

Speaking to Brendan O’Connor on Cutting Edge on RTE One on Wednesday night, Riyadh said he came out to his Irish mother first but they kept the news from his Iraqi father for a further nine months.

“He was brought up Muslim and in Islamic culture and in that world, as many of us know, it’s not okay to be gay most of the time. It’s full of shame, it’s full of fear. It’s seen as a sickness. It’s just not good.”

He said his father took it “incredibly difficultly” and revealed that his mother’s “main fear” was how to break the news to her husband. And their worst fears came true when Riyadh’s father attempted suicide. But things changed dramatically since. Watch the short video below :)

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  1. “Why, why you? Why this way? Why does it have to be gay?”
    He attempted suicide because of the way I was.

    The level of pure religious stupidity throughout the world is astonishing, and even more so in the forced islam societies. And what makes this even more heartbreaking is the simple fact that most gay boys can’t just leave their home when they come out, either by themselves or quite likely, being outed by others — particularly in a school situation. I feel for all those gay teens that can’t and won’t come out [voluntarily/easily] to their parents and others because of the absolutely caustic atmosphere in so many locations throughout the world.

    I’m glad for this teen that his father came around to actually LOVE his child — the one that he helped ‘create.’ And that’s the thing — these “religious” whackos need to be reminded openly and repeatedly that it is THEY who ‘create’ homosexuals — every single one of them. They frequently bemoan, “Why did this happen [TO ME]? HOW did this happen?” They need to be looked directly into their eyes and firmly stated: “Because of YOUR SPERM” to the fathers who place “religion/their church” over the love of their child. The more they FINALLY realize that it is THEY who are “to blame,” then attitudes might start changing.

  2. OK, whoopee – a Muslim father comes to his senses. Yeah, and Mussolini made the trains run on time. I’m still as unapologetically opposed to Islam as I am to fascist dictators. And no, that doesn’t make me a xenophobe. Xenophobia is irrational – a fear and loathing of Islam and Sharia is not only rational but healthy, and maybe even life-saving. It’s not xenophobia when they really are barbarians.

    Lock & Load, Muzzies. One day you’ll push us too far, and with the next round of Crusades, it’ll be “no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

    There, I feel better now. Sometimes a guy just has to rant and get it all out. Have a nice day everyone.

    1. “I’m still as unapologetically opposed to Islam as I am to fascist dictators.”

      You mean, just like the christian inquisition?

      You can be so transparently hypocritical — and you’re so fucking brainwashed with christianity, I seriously think you lost the ability to distinguish the difference between facts and lies.

      1. The Roman Catholic Church’s Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith, formerly the Holy Office, formerly the Holy Inquisition, is no longer a malignant persecutor of heretics and witches, but is now nothing more than a college engaged in the scholarly pursuit of accuracy in dogma. Don’t even attempt to compare Christianity today with Islam today. Problems here and there with Christianity are ‘micro,’ with Islam they are ‘macro,’ and sometimes, ‘mega.’

        Sharia is in the now, today, and it’s here, in this world, not on the past or the future. The danger is existential and imminent. Focus on the reality of our circumstances.

        Wherever Muslims go, they don’t assimilate. They demand and get accommodations, they alter and change the cultures they infect. And when they arrive in great numbers, as they have in Europe, the host culture is in grave danger. Already, in Germany and elsewhere, sharia courts operate alongside the secular legal system. School holiday schedules change. There are ‘no-go’ areas in practically every major capital in Western Europe – places where even the police are wary to enter – and where the Muslims have created self-governing mini-states within the state.

        Western Europe is, or soon will be, circling the drain. The only effective resistance to Islamic expansion and influence on the Continent is found in Central/Eastern Europe – in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia,, and even Austria, where refusal to settle vast hordes of make-believe refugees have bought them time. The common denominator among these few nations is an active and strong devotion to Catholicism.

        Europe will be saved. But not by the pathetic multi-cultural, politically correct, atheistic, totalitarian-progressive democratic socialists that have presided over the virtual ruin of its civilization and catastrophic demographics, but by a fervent revival of a new and modern, liberalized Catholic and Protestant Christianity which will restore law and culture, as well as a positive birth rate, and not endanger our community in any way.

        A restoration of the Romanov, Hohenzollern, Hapsburg, Savoy, and Bourbon (or Bonaparte) dynasties would be icing on the cake. But that’s just a dream.

          1. A roasted and salted in the shell peanut to be exact. Or, would that make me a bean? Now what do I do?

        1. The Vatican in the last few years has raised the age of consent from 12 to 14. If this doesn’t show the hypocrites in a State supposedly made up of of celibate Priests and Nuns, I don’t know what will. It’s like hearing about a new vegan place starting up, and finding they have a Steak Night. Or a Mormon Church that has a Wine Tasting Night or a Muslim place of worship having a hog roast and whisky night. Why should a Sate founded in 1929, (OK and before 1871), populated by Nuns and Eunuchs have an age of consent?

    2. Thoughts like that scare me just as much as any fundamentalist preacher. Same thought process, same outcome.

  3. Islam does not prevent any adherent from boy fucking [rape or otherwise]. No religion is immune. Being a religious is not an issue. A horny man might pray before and after, what ever the religion, and, may be, mean it. RUB A DUB DUB THREE MEN IN A TUB might want the singers to share a big whiskey as well as a queer. Rubbing a boy, age irrelevant, needs no religious officiating. Fucking is a thrust, one way or another, even with a fucking knife. [Gee, he gets in the way.] Eunuchs get as horny as nuns. Boys do not yield babies. Neither do babies yield babies. Nor does adherence yield babies. Adherence to the religious doctrine is irrelevant.
    — Do not believe this guy. He acts too much a victim while living higher and mightier than most in his hometown.

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