You should, actually, fuck a peach

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We all know the scene in Call me by your Name. Elio — who is raging with the inimitable fervor of adolescence — lays down and gets to work relieving his boredom and sexual frustration in an, erm, interesting way.

He jabs his fingers into a ripe peach and plucks out the pit, sunset-gold juice splattering across his chest and abdomen. Then Elio rolls the peach around in his hands while looking up at the ceiling. Is he really going to…? you think. Elio unbuttons his bermuda shorts and moves the peach down to his crotch. Every sound is heightened.

We hear smushing, gushing, ripping, and gasping without ever seeing what exactly Elio is doing with the peach. But then again, we don’t need to. We know. The camera stays locked on Elio’s face, obliging us to watch the series of strange face contortions Elio  performs.

It feels like we’ve stumbled into a teenager’s bedroom at the worst possible time and haven’t closed the door behind us and mumbled our apologies. The scene of eccentric self-pleasure quickly crescendos into Elio heaving out a trite “fuck” and the moment is over. Elio places the soiled peach onto the nightstand beside him. A character has just fucked a peach on screen for the first time in cinema.

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  1. I wonder if this feat got him a Guinness Books record…
    Timothée is a real gay icon even though peaches work for any horny teenager and he’s straight.
    His girlfriend before that movie was Madonna’s great grand daughter or something. ;)

  2. It may be the first time someone has used fruit as a sex aid in a mainstream film but thanks to “tube sites” we can enjoy hardcore melon, tomato, banana skin and even meat fucking. This was really pretty tame compared to even normal masturbation with lube.

    1. “It may be the first time someone has used fruit as a sex aid in a mainstream film”

      I don’t know positively, but wasn’t some fruit like watermelon or similar used in one of the many 80s and 90x frat-type “bad-boy” movies? I didn’t see most of them, but there seems to be several ‘memes’ of that activity that have been referred to over all these years.

  3. As I read this article, I’m in Starbucks sipping on my daily usual [Venti] ‘Peach Tranquility’ Tea thinking, hmmm, is this how my tea has been flavored? Well, I suppose it could be a lot worse than the image of Timothée’s cute, sexy body “molesting” a nice, large and ripe peach — just [mentally] add some cinnamon to it and the idea of it takes on even a new “spiciness.”

  4. I believe there is a strong parallel (and connection) between Brokeback Mountain and Call Me By Your Name — and it most definitely is political which they [societal acceptance to any degree] need to be. [In the USA] Brokeback Mountain got people talking about gay relationships and being gay — even if much of the talk was ‘joking’ about it. And Call Me By Your Name was able to get a lot of people recognizing that gays can be just like anyone else — but different in the sense of blue vs. brown eyes, blond vs. black hair, or left- vs. right-handedness — and this is the way it should be. Different, but the same. And as far as reproduction/having offspring, there’s always adoption and/or surrogate pregnancies by the willing. Both movies connected with society at large for the [eventual] good.

    1. “So his D is so small”

      Hardly. Did you SEE Call Me By Your Name? In one scene, he has an OBVIOUS erection that he needs to adjust — and it’s not that small, by any means. In fact, there is another scene where he shows an approximate semi-erection as well. Neither one shows he’s lacking.

      I know I could be quite satisfied — but, then I don’t mind the small ones as well — easier to manipulate and please them with.

  5. FUCKING A PEACH has some sexual historic meaning. There is the PEACH PIT. You FUCK a PEACH to its PIT … uh oh …
    — If you know not the problem nor the meaning, you are more than ignorant than this writer.
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  6. Maybe this could be a new product — peach-scented sex cologne?

    I watched this movie again yesterday — this scene was definitely messy and sticky, but I bet it smelled great!

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