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    1. and what, prey tell, is stopping you from setting up a competing website with the boys you’d want everyone to see?

    2. He’s building a successful career (started at age 14) making videos of himself being cute and funny. You may not find him cute, but over 4 million others do, myself included, though I don’t “follow” him. He may be a scumbag in real life as may any of the other boys who appear here — do you know him personally — but he definitely qualifies for these pages.

      1. Not bad. He looses his shirt from time to time. It seems the gifs in the top aren’t there though… so where else is he posting I wonder.

      1. If Indy were on Disney channel, i would sure start watching again (despite my age) because how can a person not be entertained by that exquisite face??

        Anyway, the lyrics of R.E.M.’s Blue first came to mind upon reading your disney-esque reply:

        Cinderella boy
        You’ve lost your shoe
        Cin de rella boyy
        Your coach awaits

        A sun makes shadows
        All over your face
        As you sit
        Naked and blue
        Into me

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