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  1. About as good as it gets: lips, smile, taunt tummy, that vein running the length of the left arm,
    legs, etc

  2. Is this thing in the picture a sex object ? Do you sexualize him or, are you a sex object making the him an object of your sex ? Is he, by way of his performing publically, here, a making of you a sex object ? If you are here merely to find out things about sex, then, you are a sex object as much as this all here is. That most of all this here on this site is about sex, this site and its content is a sex object as well as a product of and about sex. The subject of / about / on sex MUST have an objective. If you recoil against sex you MUST have some object to recoil from / against / off of. New born babies are little objects resulting from sex. Even if the result of sex is not the sex objective, the fact of sex makes participants sex objects.

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