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  1. Honestly, I tire of always making anything sexual sound and seem like a “funny” out of control game and the adults being just as childish as the children they’re supposed to be instructing.

    I’m not against humor, but with any sex[ual encounter], it’s always taken to the Nth degree to the point of bordering on total ignorance of what they’re supposed to be educating the [child: mentally as well as age] on. And we never rise above the gutter talk.

    We make so many ignorant jokes about it, that whenever any serious discussion is necessary, the “adults” fail miserably attempting any conversations.

    1. @Rob
      ~That scene is one of my super faves.
      😋Didn’t hurt that his attentive student is so damn friggin adorable either!

    2. Just another example of what I described — even if it is considered “classic” to modern TV.

  2. This discussion never happened to me or any of my young friends. And Mother and I never had this discussion with our kids. Seriously, neither of our children were so fucking stupid and out-of-touch clueless that we had to actually teach them to masturbate. The subject of sexuality is off the table, beyond the jurisdiction of parents, except when approached by a kid seeking information or advice.

    It is only in our top secret privacy that the delicious, forbidden nastiness, the heart-pounding excitement, the elation of discovery, the risk and the reward of it all can be experienced to the fullest possible extent. And shared with only our most trusted friends, and only after solemn oaths of non-disclosure. One’s sexual coming-of-age is the very high point of pubescence and adolescence. Who can forget breathlessly sharing that “smell my finger” moment …

    But, but, but, what about venereal diseases, unintended pregnancies, blah, blah, blah? Hey, we had all of that when I grew up, only very few ever caught a bug or got knocked up – the ‘gutter,’ friends, older siblings or a trusted uncle or cousin kept us informed. And they taught us a few other things as well. It was the best of times.

    Yes, HIV changed everything. Granted. And the government was right to push a zillion public service announcements about safe sex down everybody’s throats, at least when said throats were clear of genitalia. But that was the 80s and 90s – everybody’s got the message now. And yes, I must sadly concede it’s OK to include mention of sexual safety in school.

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