Ouran High School Host Club is super queer and super great

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When scholarship high school student Haruhi Fujioka starts the new year at the prestigious Ouran Academy, she has no idea what she’ll be getting into. After accidentally stumbling into the unused classroom in which the host club entertains its female clients, she breaks a vase and must join the club to pay off the debt.

Haruhi, apparently a natural at hosting, spends the rest of the series keeping up with the club’s hijinks, presenting as a man so that she can continue making money for them, and developing close relationships with the other members of the host club.

By focusing on a group of teenage boys whose primary goal is entertaining their female counterparts, the one-season Ouran High School Host Club, based on the manga of the same name, addresses teenage sexual desire in a way that seems encouragingly direct for those of us used to the roundabout moralizing of Twilight and its ilk.

In a self-aware parody of shoujo fiction, the boys all inhabit different “types” (the boy Lolita, the strong and silent one, and the prince, for example), and cater to their clientele by playing up those aspects of their personality. Their willingness to put on a show for the benefit of others contributes to the show’s many subversions, and both in terms of gender presentation and sexual orientation.

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  1. Wouldn’t call it queer. Rather, it’s refreshingly free of all the boring, normie crap that’s feminism, lgbtqia+, protestant sexophobia and other modern western ideas. Just like Cardcaptor Sakura before it (CCS is much better than Ouran btw), it’s a series that could never have been made in the modern west – and in particular not in the Anglo-Saxon part of it. Those two series are a nightmare to any modern westerner (be they politically correctly left, rightwing protestant, common-sense centrist fool or whatever).

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