How Our Flag Means Death found its queer cult following

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If you’ve spent any time in queer online spaces in the last year, you’ve probably heard rumblings about “the gay pirate show,” as many early fans affectionately dubbed Our Flag Means Death.

While few people were talking about the show when it debuted without much fanfare on Max last March, it didn’t take long for the tides to turn in its favor. More than a year later, with the second season set to premiere on October 5, Our Flag Means Death has earned one of the most dedicated and ravenous fandoms in contemporary television history, and I was one of many who were unexpectedly swept away to the homoerotic seas.

After hearing very little about the show, I decided to dive in a few weeks after the first season had finished airing. One episode quickly turned into me watching the entire season. As darkly comedic as it was sincere, Our Flag Means Death both disarmed and captivated me.

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