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    1. “He says that like it would be a bad thing if it was.”

      Exactly ….. as he “pans” his camera over to the shower to highlight another male’s buttocks. …. No, “not a bad thing at all.”

      Kind of like Seinfeld‘s “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

  1. looks like they are both peeing!
    haven’t we all had such fantasies in our wild times?
    sex is free and a human right period

  2. It’s a 14 year old laddie with a high pitched girls voice sitting on a toilet expelling the semen from his boy butt that this young stud deposited into his love canal that milked his l8 year old balls via his huge dong. “Don’t worry, it’s not a gay thing” Yeah, whatever gets you through the day Princess I expect said 18 year old stud is showering the 14 yer old shite from his swollen cock and gargled lusterine to rid of it from his tongue. I think you’ve just witnessed a post coital video from a young man and a child. OK, one that’s 14 and likes to get fucked by older boys. “Been there, done that and got the T shirt”. That happened to me when I was younger as well. I sat and let it dribble out of me whilst he had a shower. I showered later as I loved the testosterone musky smell that men produce after a good hard fuck. Did then and do now. I smell like a little girl by comparison. Even my farts smell sweet.

  3. But he’s sitting down peeing and the stud is standing up? Lol. Dirty little Queens just had a good hard fuck and is expelling the sperm out his arse.

  4. “What a vile comment from White rabbit. Yuk”…. Says the person from the country whose age of consent is 13. Don’t tell me your one of those travelling hetros that occasionally enters here? So what should the age of consent be? 25? Or 13 for straights and illegal for gays?

    Or is it the act itself?, You do know that the act of sex between two boys, at least one will ejaculated semen, and if no condom is used. I WONDER WHERE IT ENDS UP? Muythis is a hard question, I don’t know.. Please tell me. You jumped up little hypocrite. Away and bash some Catalans for voting… Mmmmm you probably did? . Were you one of those who travelled from Madrid with your Spanish flag to Barcelona singing the Fascist anthem whilst jerking your right arm in the air shouting Hail Franco? A gay man who doesn’t like reading about, gay sex? FUCK OFF YOU HYPOCRITE. There are plenty of girls and women who like to read about gay sex between boys, and men who like to read about lesbean encounters. So either your not gay or you are very confused? Either that or your retarded or a Nun? Get back to your rosary beads Sister Conception and pray for all our souls, whilst turning a blind eye on Father McFiddely breaking in new tight virgin 8 year old vchoir boy. Haven’t you got a young goat to throw out of a tower to its death in the name of Jesus? It’s getting to that time of year.

  5. The travelling Spanish Hetro Fascist is disgusted by gay sex. But apparently not by the age of consent in Spain being 13. I take it he’ll be OK with that? Or does he want it to be 13 for hetros and a rope for us queers? If he says he’s gay then I’m secretly a Spanish Nun called Sister Connception fingering my cunt with one hand whilst saying the rosary with the other Or are you another tight arsed queer that is disgusted by the thought of gay sex. Go see a shrink.

    1. I’m quite used to you now — it doesn’t bother me at all. Many times, you just ‘echo’ what many of us either think or fantasize about, so what’s the fuss, anyway? :-)

      My opinion, whiterabbit, just keep this blog colorful. If they don’t like it, then don’t read it.

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