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  1. So adorably cute. And the way he wipes his hair back (that doesn’t need it) — Yeah, he plays for our team.

  2. Very cute. I just watched a YouTube clip about a Muslim Congresswoman being sworn in talking about Trump and telling folks “We are going to impeach that Motherfucker” . My Conservative with a small “c”, policeman fiancee pissed himself laughing. It left me, a Liberal Republican Nationalist (for you American Folks, & others not familiar with Scottish Politics that has got fuck all to do with either US Politics, either Social or Economical) with no time for the Monarchy or Aristocracy who voted Yes in 2014 Scottish Referendum, who thought it was in bad taste. As I said, even though I’m a Republican, and have no time for the Monarchy or the Union, I think if anyone said that about the Queen, they should have been dragged out of the H. O. C. . by the bollocks. Respect the Position. Even if you can’t respect the person. Can you image if a Republican 3 years ago said that in the house about Obama? All the media would hear was, “Impeach that Ni**er”. Fucking hypocrites. P. S. I still think Trumps a prick and Pence is one dangerous deluded Motherfucker. But I would not go on TV and say that. I have more respect for myself than that. What a potty mouthed idiot.

    1. My golly, you are politically challenged. Stick with good people/bad people or you will hate yourself and your life! Your president is the enemy by the way. You better learn some new rules.

  3. So, you’d be deferential to Hitler too, after all he was elected and you’d respect the position? How very odd…

    1. I know Trumps a prick but he’s not packing folks into the Concentration Camps. I know he’s a bastard but there’s a time and a place for everything. You wouldn’t pull your pants down in the middle of a mall for a shite. You wouldn’t, (if you were a horny 14 year old dragged to. Church against your will) masterbatecas people were singing hymns, you wouldn’t screw on a dental surgery etc. The point I’m making there a place for everything. SNL would been a better place and to say what they really think about him and Pence. Pence a man who is truly deluded.

      1. The president is packing people into concentration camps. He’s your actual Nazi. And he has the reading age of an 8 year old.

  4. Oh piss off you sad git. I’ve been here 5 bloody years. Who the hell are you. Casper the Friendly Ghost?

  5. I’ve been here for >10 years, since I was a preteen. So don’t try to pull rank on me, comrade. And if by some miracle you are actually a Brit and not a Russian troll, then kindly shut the fuck up about our politics if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Sincerely, an American.

  6. Then where have you been for the last 5.! years? And unless your another guy that can’t read or follow what we talk about on a regular basis you will know I hate Trump and Pence with a fucking vengeance. How is it some folk can not read what is written and just read what they want to? In our country the MSM including the BBC is controlled by interest groups and individuals that protect each others back and protect the status quo. If you so much as step out if line they will come down on you like a tonne of bricks. Either that or they will make crap up. As someone jokingly calling himself Lord Bullington will admit to the ex Prime Minister David Cameron and ex Foriegn Secretary Boris Johnstone both belonged to the Bullington Club which was open to only the Super Rich and connected. The Skull and Bones is the US equivalent. They as an initiation had to fuck a dead pig, attack a tramp and trash a restaurant whilst throwing a blank signed cheque at folks. Boris even went into a Barmitzva with the head of a dead pig and a small sandcastle bucket full of pigs blood. That’s the kind of fucking scum we have in Britain. You have Trump and Pence. But those two morons stateside can end the world tomorrow. That’s the difference. But it doesn’t take much for the Media to jump down your throat. Play the long game, don’t play their game. Trump and Pence will hang themselves soon enough with their own rope. No need to lower yourself to their level. In other words the level of vermin that is the GOP. And If that still makes you think I’m a Republican or Russian troll, then that is your lookout. Some folk are easily triggered. DON’T LOWER YOURSELF YO THEIR LEVEL. You are much better than that. Let the world see them for the bastards they are. No need to muddy the waters. Is that clear enough for you?

    1. “Some folk are easily triggered”, sort of like how you were triggered by a Muslim woman calling trump a motherfucker? This is Rashida Tlaib we’re talking about. She famously heckled trump during one of his rallies and was physically ejected for it. This is her modus operandi. And as a Muslim woman in trump’s America, she has every right to be angry! So let her handle herself how she sees fit, particularly given that you don’t have a complete understanding of her experiences. If her experiences led her to believe this is the proper way to attack the fascists in our government, you should respect that. If you want to take the high road, so be it. That is your choice. But it takes all kinds, so let her be her.

      And I called you a Russian troll because attacking leftists for breaking decorum and calling for them to “respect the office” is exactly the narrative being pushed by US Republicans (and their Russian overlords). Even using the term “MSM”, as you just did, is a conservative talking point in the US. And you also brought this entire topic up completely out of nowhere. It is completely irrelevant to the post, which is another hallmark of the way Russian trolls operate. They manage to turn every comment section into a political discussion by throwing out irrelevant talking points such as the one you mentioned. So fine, if you say you’re not a Russian troll I believe you. But perhaps you shouldn’t ape their tactics if you don’t want to me mistaken for one.

      As for where I’ve been for the past 5 years, I come for the boys not for the comments.

  7. My golly, you are politically challenged. Stick with good people/bad people or you will hate yourself and your life! Your president is the enemy by the way. You better learn some new rules.

    1. If this was directed at me, then I think you’re confused. I despise the criminal-in-chief who’s currently calling himself the president. He is my enemy, as well as the enemy of the liberal (in the American sense) world.

  8. Not another fuckwit that can’t fucking read. I’m from Scotland ffs. And so think Trump and Pence are fucking idiots. How the fuck can no body in this day and age fucking read? I hate these bastards with a vengeance. Go on. Believe what you fucking want you sorry bastard. I wonder if you ever read what is in front of you you stupid brain dead Fascist bastard. There you go. Is better? OK. I’ll go down to their level. OK. Here goes Trump is an orange bastard who is mentally challenged and Pence is a fuckwit who believes in fairy tales. And that’s the truth. Can I honestly say this. Because I thought it wad the wrong place to say such a thing. It means I agree with Trump? Ffs. ISs this your level of argument? I’m not a elected representative with most of the media out to get me regardless of what I say. Ffs we don’t want to give these cunts any more ammunition. Is that fucking clear?

  9. All I was saying for these few thick cunts that can’t fucking read, is that although I agree with everything she said, I just thought it was the wrong place at the wrong time to say this. THAT IS FUCKING All I SAID YOU PAIR OF STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS. No wonder folks that are right wing take the fucking piss. You always get someone that takes THINGS out of context. Well I’ll be clear as crystal on this Casper and Huggy Bear. Why don’t the pair of you FUCK UP.

  10. Anger is not a strategy and spewing four letter words is falling into a trap. When you answer name calling with name calling, and tantrums with tantrums, you are not resisting him, (Trump) but on the contrary you are mirroring him. You are not diminishing him, you are simply demeaning yourself. You don’t fight fire with fire. That leads to more fire. You fight fire with water. I do believe Trump will be given a rope by the House of Representatives and he will be so naive, not only will he put the rope on himself, he will hood and strap himself and pull the lever. I think we are close enough to the beginning of the end of his Presidency if we play our cards right. Cursing will not bring that 1 minute closer. It maybe even be counterproductive. Cool heads and deep breathes and a well thought out strategy might well bring his Government down in 2 years time
    Acting like spoilt brats and potty mouths only mirror him and his supporters. And who wants to mirror a Trumptard? . Be better than your enemies. There’s a lot of folk out their who may have voted for him that will be starting to regret it. Don’t chase them away ffs and give this buffoon and his deluded Vice President/Organ Grinder another 4 years.

  11. For the anal renentives out there I meant there not their. But then again being a Russian Troll I don’t quite get the nuances of the English language.

  12. For your information the UK most folk that use MSM are progressives as most of our media, especially the printed word are owned by multi billionaire tax dodgers, one of whom owner of the Daily Mail. A Grandson if I’m not mistaken of Lord Rothermete who owned this rag in the 30s who proclaimed in a front page pread in 1926, “Hurrah for the Blackshirys” and whose paper actually was Fascist regressive reactionary and all the things that most Liberal minded folks fear. They had a 2931 appeal. Along the lines, but with different words. Effectively “adopt a Brownshirt”. The Daily Mail and their readers of that time raised Millions of Pounds by today’s standards to help fund the Nazi Party and to buy guns for Franco. From what I see compared to the UK the media by and large is Liberal in the USA. At least by comparison to this bounty. OK you can get any amounts of papers, but the majority are skewed and bought by idiots who believe right wing nonsense and lap it up accordingly. The BBC is an establishment mouthpiece who say they are impartial but suck up to Governments and will not challenge anyone. They even fanned the flames of UKIP, regardless of how one voted 3 years ago, vthis is a party that Trumptards would feel at home in. So it’s not the right in the UK that use that label as by and large the right own just about every media outlet there is. If your a prigressive/lubetal/socialist in the UK and you want to have a wide choice of debate your shouted down. The BBC pack thbeur audiences at Question Time (a political question and answer show) with right wing bigots. Even in areas that are supposed to be a mirror of that particular constituency. Even those that are overwhelmly Liberal and Socialist and thus should reflect that half the audience cheers folk with Fascist tenancies. One of the former producers of this show had links to Far right agitators. And she was the one that picked the audiences. The BBC is firmly in the grip of the establishment. Ex privately educated ex military right wing bigots. By comparison the USA media is a beacon of hope. Your ideas would suffocate in this country. Its packed from head to toe by bigots who control everything. Please read about Boris Johnstone our ex Foriegn Secretary and possible again future Foriegn Secretary and Jacob Rees Mogg or possible Future Prime Minister andcTremble for us.

  13. It magically reappeared as did my reply on the Brazil enters a dark age piece. I should have wrote 1931 not 2931. And Lord Rothermere not Lord Rothermete.

  14. Oh for God sake. Forgive the spelling mistakes. It’s not that I can’t spell. It’s I type very fast and don’t get to all the mistakes in the 4 minutes accordingly. So forgive me. And yes Trump is an idiot. But as someone who is a Scottish Nationalist and a Republican (in a left wing Anti Monarchist way) if I shouted in the House Of Commons fuck the Queen the Old motherfucker and bring on the Revolution I would probably get arrested. As saying such a thing about our head of State in a Public Place especially if you are an elected official and its being televised would probably find yourself being arrested even (if) your not charged. So to my ears I’m not used to that. Hell a group of MPs were threatened with expulsion from Parliament for applauding. Yes applauding. Try shut up Motherfucker in there, if your about to get thrown out of the House for simply clapping. That’s how fucked up the Political Situation is in Britain. I ask if any other country in the world would boo their elected officials and threaten them with expulsion for clapping ones hands?

  15. I appreciate the difficult political situation you all are facing in the UK. I try to follow it, and I’m familiar with the major characters like Boris Johnson. I am very much against the Tory agenda and the lunacy of Brexit. So I feel for you. I didn’t realize MSM was used to attack conservative media in the UK. In the US it’s the opposite, so I experience it as a dog whistle for conservatives and it sets off my troll sensor.

    I also didn’t realize there was such a restrictive culture around political speech for MPs in the UK. But I also don’t think calling trump a motherfucker is akin to calling the queen a motherfucker. It’s more like calling Theresa May a motherfucker, as we don’t have a legally enshrined/protected figurehead comparable to the queen. She also didn’t say it on the congressional floor or anything, just on her own time in an interview. So I understand why you would find it jarring from a British perspective, and it’s jarring to many in the US as well, but it’s not unprecedented or illegal. And as I said, it takes all kinds. She should be allowed to express herself in the way she sees fit, within the bounds of the law, and we shouldn’t be attacking our allies and bolstering conservative talking points in the process.

  16. Make America Great Again!

    Keep America Great Again!

    Build the Wall!

    Lock her up!

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

    1. MAGA = Manipulating All Gullible Americans

      MAGA = Morons Are Governing America

      MAGA = Many Are Getting Arrested

      MAGA = My Attorney’s Got [an] Attorney


      We wished you a Mueller Christmas …
      We wished you a Mueller Christmas …
      We wished you a Mueller Christmas …

      And impeachment THIS year …*

      I just couldn’t resist.

  17. If you mean Anne Coulter, I agree. Lol. Maybe we could build a wall around her ego? It would only take 2 years and only cost $200 BILLION.

    At least your consistent Horsey. Consistently nuts, consistently gun deluded and consistently a God fearing Queer. (an oxyMORON if ever there was one). Lol. But at least you read what folk write before passing judgement. I wouldn’t like to be in the box with those two on the bench passing judgement. They’d hang you for walking on the cracks on the pavement.

  18. Fair enough. I think the Umpa Lumpa (what’s with the Orange make up?) will hang himself with his own rope. Your reply was not here when I last checked at 1pm. So that’s 12 hours before it showed. My last post wasn’t here at 1pm either. So there’s been a delay in these lists appearing. Probably as it was night time and they needed to be looked at for some reason. We need to defeat this asshole and his crazy Vice Pence. It’s not the Orangutang should be afraid of. He’s another Reagan being worked by the strings. It’s Pence the Organ Grinder. Now that really is one dangerous Motherfucker. He will start another World War. He is seriously deluded. And that term MSM is used by the Anti establishment IN THE UK. God help you in this country if you don’t have connections or born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You can be a 3rd generation billionaire and still be considered common. It’s not what you have, or what you know in this country its who you know. Connections and bloodline mean everything. And I don’t mean Alex Jones right wing bullshite. I really mean bloodlines. All but a few Prime Ministers have a certain bloodline. David Cameron for one has this

    By that I mean Artistocratic. Believe it or not a Margaret Thatcher (may she burn in hell) was not even one of them. Tony Blair the Labour PM however was minor Aristocratic on his Mother’s side (albeit illegitimate… As is Prince Charles new wife Camilla, the descendent of one of Edward VII affairs with one of his numerous aristocratic whores) . And yes, he David Cameron) had to fuck a dead pig to get into the Bullington Club They are sick puppies. And you can work out for yourself what Boris Johnstone did with the Pigs head and blood at the Barmistva. He once said the Queen was off to Africa to see the Puccinninues with the Watermelon Smiles. How the MPS and the Media all laughed. Jolly japes and hockey sticks for Empire Lovers. Hurrah. Now they are the real Mothefuckers. BTW Boris Johnstone is American. Born in New York. So he could be heading Stateside after he’s fucked this country up to vhave a go at living in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    1. Somehow I get the sensation you’re not a dedicated monarchist. Perhaps it’s just an emanation of a penumbra.

  19. Just posted a long reply to Casper it might be there for midnight. It took 12 hours for his last reply to me to appear.

  20. My only thought is the congressperson should not have used the word “motherfucker” to refer to anybody, if they did use that word. No reason to be gutteral just because the other side is. Otherwise everything is okay. The current president has committed multiple impeachable offenses and should have been impeached, tried and convicted shortly after taking office. Only power protects him, not justice, there is no justice. All American presidents have committed war crimes and would be executed in a world with justice. Since there is a death penalty for ordinary people, there should be one for the high and mighty.

  21. I totally agree Sidog. But Pence will do to Trump what Ford did to Nixon. Then what? Same old same old I’m afraid. You impeach Trump the Orangutan in Chief and you get Pence the Organ Grinder. Is he as dangerous, deluded and paranoid as I’ve heard? He even thinks men should not go out to dinner with women that aren’t their wives. Does that include your Mother, Aunt, Granny, Sister and Cousin?, What a nutter. Deluded dangerous and nasty to boot.

  22. I’m a Scottish Nationalist as well as a Republican. (I’m not explaining this again to the politically challenged, eh Huggy Bear?) If you say your voting Red and are a Republican in BRITAIN this is the complete opposite of what it means in America. Even the word Liberal in America loses a lot of meaning in Britain. You vote Liberal in Australia and your a True blue Conservative Monarchist. {The colour blue is also associated with conservatives here). You must be the only country in the world where the colour Red and the word Republican means right wing? I see myself more Centre with Liberal tenancies myself. Especially on the bedroom. PS Pence is fucking nuts. No wonder Trump picked him. Who would shoot a Trump and replace him with Pence? Probably a certain Kansas Church? I’m putting mobile phone down and getting back to sleep. Diabetes a bugger. I’m pissing like a horse. Although that’s the only thing I have in common with a horse. Also I think honestly anyone that would say that in the House of Commons about the Queen, even though I don’t agree with them, would probably be ejected arse first out of the door. And a Motherfucker in Britain to a lot of people implies someone who fucks their Mother. Not a nice thought. Nighty night now.

      1. Going to bed now. It’s gone Midnight. The witching hour. Ta Horsey. And nighty nighty to Horsey. Penboy and Josh and all boys and men at milkboys.

  23. M. A. G. A. My Anus Got Assaulted. (By Mama & Grandpa).

    M. A. G. A. Mama And Grandpa Arrested. (for said assault).

    M. A. G. A. Mr America Got Assraped. (By Proud boys).

    M. A. G. A. Make Americans Gun (down people) Again. (and again and again etc).

    M.A.G.A. Make Arnie Governor Again.

    M. A. G. A. Make Another Gun Assault. (easier) . Sell guns to loonies.

    M. A. G. A. Make America Great Again. (Impeach Trump).

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