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Want to see what internalised homophobia looks like? Wait for the fem vs masc question :p

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  1. “Do All Gay Men Think the Same?” No fucking way. Just take “religion” as a primary piece of evidence — How can a homosexual / bisexual [leaning] person possibly seriously believe in any “god” or “jesus christ” (or even “muhammed”) that condemns them/their actions in every one of their religious texts? Seriously, how fucking stupid are you gays that even ‘tout’ your beliefs when that very “religion” condemns you to “all eternity” [which in itself is pure bullshit]?

    And THAT is my ONE reason I can’t vote for “Mayor Pete” — his hypocritical religiosity.

    1. “Be still, and KNOW THAT I AM GOD. I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)

  2. The “fem vs masc” question doesn’t reflect homophobia to me, just personal choice. It’s the masculinity, the manliness in men that attracts me to males. I like a guy who competes with me for the “lead” in bed, or in anything else. For femininity, to delight in the coy, the demure, the feline, I am attracted to females. Viva le difference!

  3. There are five year old males who say they are girls. This one insists there is something wrong. One will bodily discover male-ness or female-ness, and that is after birth. One either learns or creates a self that is boy, girl, masculine, feminine, other — such stuff is not a bodily discovery. .

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