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  1. OMG, two male flight attendants holding hands? How could that be, it is one of the most macho straight professions.

  2. It’s disgusting that they feel they need to stop holding hands when if a straight couple were doing it, the others would be smiling or otherwise “cheering them on”. In 2017 and with several countries around the world legalizing same-sex marriage, and we still have to “be careful” with showing same-sex affection and still worry about keeping our jobs.

    And the far-right religious in America are digging in with all fours because they have a madman in the White House and a Republican-controlled Congress.

    Anyone else suggesting there just might be a heart attack soon for the whale in the office right now — after all, his “medical statement” was pre-typed for a doctor to sign in a limousine. So we know it’s fake.

  3. What airline is that? If its from some muslim country the reaction is more then understandable. I mean they could end up in jail or worse.

  4. Many companies discourage coworkers from dating regardless of if it’s a gay or straight relationship, sometimes to the point of firing both parties if they’re found out. I’m not saying the fact they’re both guys had nothing to do with the reaction, but it could easily be a company policy like that.

    1. “Many companies discourage coworkers from dating regardless of if it’s a gay or straight relationship,”

      Except one doesn’t need to be “dating” just because they were holding hands. Straights forever have been touching in a myriad of ways for consoling or just caring. While more “uncommon” today, men would even kiss female co-workers (on the cheek or similar) when greeting or other.

      These two could have been doing the equivalent. Of course we’ll never know for sure, but this video perfectly shows the double standard that straights enjoy and at the same time will blame and harass the gays and bis.

  5. Did you have seen the latest TV show of the dutch comedian Bert Visscher! it’s not gay, but it has comparable scenes in it. Very much laughter, and funny, even if you ‘re not known by the dutch language. Visscher isn’t gay or transvesty, but plays now and then a woman.

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