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It sucks that coming-outs are still a thing. It sucks that some people have to announce their romantic and/or sexual preferences as if they’re plague-ridden.

But you gotta deal with the time and society you live in so if you’re in a country where dogmatic religion and “traditions” still play a big role in many people’s lives you’ll hopefully have a mother as supportive as Drake’s.


She was so proud of her son that she took out a newspaper’s ad to announce her son’s coming out. Kinda weird? Yeah. Probably done with the best intentions? Very likely.

You can read more about it here if you want and watch Drake’s coming out video below.

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  1. Perhaps he’s a bit embarrassed about what his mother did, but he did in fact publicly ‘come out’ almost a year and a half ago in his YouiTube video. All parents of LGBT children should be as good as Joan Wilson. I commend her for her love and support for her son. Hopefully it’ll cause some of the ignorant knotheads who voted against the equal rights ordinance HERO there to change their minds.

  2. I would hope that his mom asked Drake about the paper ad before she did it. She must have known the repercussions of doing so before he would have come out to them (his school, neighbors, church people).

  3. re: The necessity of gays/bi’s/trans* “coming out”.

    I predict that we (USA) will won’t need much more than 2 generations for this to be a thing of the past (for the most part).

    Gays are now being recognized as equal citizens (with the exception of the deep bible belt). And same-sex marriage will hasten the demise of gays “coming out” even faster: If we allow same-sexes to marry, then we can’t [legally now, and socially very soon] stop same-sexes to recognize each other, romance each other and show public displays of affection (PDAs) to each other. And it will *rapidly* slide down the social “ladder” from adults (now), to mid-teens dating each other, to young teens openly seeing each other in even slightly romantic ways, to even pre-teens openly stating who they like and admire on TV and in the movies (and beyond). The normalization of same-sexes will happen very quickly now, thanks largely to the Internet, and more liberal media.

    And, we will see and hear a barrage of religious “indignation” as this happens. We have already seen nearly a dozen christian-sponsored movies in our theaters just since June 26, 2015. But, for the most part, they will get washed down the social drain as more and more familial, friends, and co-worker gays come out. It’s going to get very difficult to bash gays when more members of their families (immediate and other) show themselves as gay.

    But the religious will not relent and keep their “war machines” active. They’re already trying to establish the very recent Hollywood move, Risen as some type of “documentary.” Things like this shows their so damn desperate to “be right.”

    Slowly, it’s getting better.

  4. Ooops. Sorry. That statement should read as:
    I predict that we (USA) won’t need much more than 2 generations for this to be a thing of the past (for the most part).

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