One Clingy Ghost

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I have no clue what this is, usually Thai horror films are amazing but this…!?

“Grandpa’s will asked the family to keep & preserve his body in the house with the family; they have been living with it for years and funny occurrences start to happen when the whole family unites to find the secret treasure grandpa left behind somewhere in the house…”

Yeah, that sounds pretty awful :p

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  1. OK, the premise could have been very interesting, but the execution left a lot to be desired.

    But, some very cute actors!

  2. Love to find out what the real name is. Tried tracking from youTube but that was pretty much a dead end, pardon the pun.

  3. Cute bit of silliness and a cute guy. In the short, he masturbated. Period. And a fantasy is part of it. How does he explain his noise of sex with others who hear and discover him? Is the THAI culture sexually allowing in any way different, more or less, than any body else or any other ‘people’ ????? Since when? This movie is as bad an anti-gay thing as a definite anti-gay thing. Why are gays so anti- gay? Why are gays so anti young? Why traumatize the masturbation which at first comes unbidden? Why traumatize it at all? Make it public and
    S M I L E as everyone, M & F, does it or tries to do it, asleep, at first, or otherwise. BAD and not nice video. It shows that the makers of this video are gays as messed up as any other straights who hate or are angered about sex. MO NEWE THING HERE. OLD PURITANIA.

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