One big Coming Out

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Coming out isn’t easy for many people but a neo-Nazi coming out as a gay Jew might be a whole new level of leaving the closet.

Growing up in England, Kevin Wilshaw had no friends. As a teenager, he drifted to white supremacist circles, finding a sense of camaraderie among its tightly knit thugs. When he joined the National Front, an extreme far-right British party, he cited his hatred for Jews on his application form. He proceeded to have a storied career of bigotry, smashing a chair on an opponent’s head in Leeds and vandalizing a mosque in Aylesbury. And today, he disavowed his ties to his former neo-Nazi friends and came out as a gay Jew.

In an interview with Channel 4 News, Wilshaw admitted that coming to terms with his sexuality opened his eyes to the vileness of his views.

With stories like this and Trump in office, you gotta feel pretty bad for the writers over at The Onion, those poor fellas are gonna be looking for new jobs pretty soon if the world keeps this up.

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  1. Don’t worry for these writers, the job market for them, and TV ratings too, have exploded thanks to Trump. There’s even a quarterly magazine here in France that’s called America and was planned to last only 4 years, Trump’s mandate. I find them a bit optimistic… (in French)

  2. A similar thing happened in New York a few years back. The leader of the local branch of the Klu Klux Klan was outed as a Jew.

  3. There is more joy over one sinner who repents . . .

    (so apparently said the god to which most of these strange people prescribe.)

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