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  1. Ha ha, good on you guys! They might be labelled ‘Old gays’ but there’s one thing for certain – EVERYBODY will become old eventually, if they don’t die of something along the way. As it happens I’m a few years behind these guys..but not many!

    But I’ve got to say, I think this video is very patronising. It appears to be produced by Grindr, but do they think they actually INVENTED these terms, or ‘tags’ as they like to call them? Did they hell. They’ve always been used, before the internet, smartphones, apps and even going back to when the only Apple of any significance was The Beatles’ own record label.

    It’s as if they think gay men never arranged meets before their all-conquering app came on the scene, and have never heard the term ‘personal ads’ – for the benefit of younger guys reading this, these were advertisements guys would place in the personal columns of certain newspapers and magazines popular on the gay scene, outlining the type of guys they were looking to meet. And they worked..though admittedly not as quickly as Grindr!

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