Oh Tommen…

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…you sweet, sweet summer child. It sure seems to be the year of leaks. Bieber, Troye, now Dean-Charles Chapman. And much like the character he portrays on Game of Thrones, the British actor seems to occasionally have trouble with his sexual energy clouding his judgement.


The little prince who could. Four times sin a row.

Yesterday a video surfaced that was captured on the video chat site Omegle. It shows the 19-year-old actor having a wank with his cousin (who seems to take more than one close look at Dean) and according to 4chan he confirmed the authenticity of the video on his Instagram account. Take that as you will.


Both the thread and the video are gone by now but let’s all take this as a reminder to use common sense when we sext or get off in front of a webcam. The headache the potential aftermath can cause is rarely worth the few seconds of bliss that orgasm might bring. More importantly though, don’t record people without their consent. Duh.

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  1. Welcum back Milkboys!
    Dean-Charles is a hottie – cousin’s a lucky dude. Hey Dean – can I be your J/O buddy too?

    1. Where will it “surface” next? Inquiring minds want to know. There’s no question of whether it was downloaded or not …. to appear later …………………………

    1. I gave the link but they won’t post it for some reason, has been awaiting moderation for two days.

  2. He’s got a nice body and dick, that’s for sure. As for the link, just type in his name and wanking video and you’ll find a link. I’d like to apply for when his cousin isn’t available!

    1. Yes, we are rewarded, twice. His cousin is very attractive as well. :-) Although both could use some additional teenscaping. 24 minutes of teasing and pleasure.

    2. Nope. Its pretty much gone. I cant even find a newspage saying something about it. Would you please share it?

      1. It’s definitely out there. Just Google or Bing it as he said.

        Neither are a “slouch” in the size department either and quite nice to look at. Great erection angles as well. :-)

      1. “i don’t want to spoil something if you did not seen 6th season yet, but there you’ll find an answer”

        I haven’t seen any of it, can’t get that cable channel. So, I’m assuming that he’s either been killed off (in story) or has already quit/been fired.

          1. Thank you. But, since I haven’t seen any of the series, obviously, I don’t fully understand it.

            But, their loss is our gain, I’d guess.

            For his sake, I hope this doesn’t keep him from future roles.

  3. You really wonder why someone as good looking and at least a little famous is stuck on Omegle with a naked cousin. He could, I’m sure, get head or ass whenever he wanted it, from either sex and whoever it was would do the cousin too.

    I’d love to know who was on the other end of that video. Was it a girl or a boy?

    1. “I’d love to know who was on the other end of that video. Was it a girl or a boy?”

      Yes, I’ve wondered that many times. And wished they would include the audio more times for these videos. Some can give you a great insight how people think and behave (it’s fun to learn these things!).

  4. Oh come on, these are two eighteen-year-olds (actually nineteen in Dean’s case), and going by photos it is a very recent clip. I imagine they were horny and having fun; how refreshing to see two guys having a bit of fun with no guilt involved.

    It won’t in all likely-hood (adversely) affect the ratings of his new series ‘Will’, in which it looks as though he plays one of Will Shakespeare’s boy (read girl) actors, so he even goes milkboy in his latest role (he played the gay/transvestite role in Billy Elliot on stage (didn’t he?) when he was younger too).

    He is obviously happy in his skin, and enjoying it. The world appears to be growing up, at least in his case.

    Anytime anyone goes nude on-line their is a risk someone is recording it; he has been round long enough to realise this.

    And, great to have you back on-line.

  5. @Erik:
    “I also saw a forum that stated it was not Dean but a look-a-like.”

    Always check the ears. They are the same.

    1. I think its him. And I was 16, 17,18, 19, 20 once. And when the opportunity for fun is there, I gladly jumped on.

  6. I managed to find a link to download.
    Not sure, can’t tell – no sound. Do a Google if you really must download it.
    Very convincing look-a-like if it is not him.

  7. I posted a link to the video on here two days ago. I guess that was not proper to do as my post was deleted. Anyway, as someone else said it does not take much to search it out. Can anyone tell me why posting the link is not allowed?

    1. @Erik
      ~I reposted the link after your comment mysteriously disappeared, then mine did too…🤔Thought the object of whacking off was to cum? Hope those watching them were able to at least!

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