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  1. Except for the face (and blue hair), it’s amazingly realistic. Very good graphic artist — just needs to work replicating real human faces..

    The artwork on his tumblr is also very good.

    1. It’s just bondage. And from the smile it’s depicted with, I’d say it’s intended to be consensual.

  2. When I first saw the pic I didn’t realize it was a small item, I thought this was some type of new Japanese sex toy. Never saw whatever this character was from but, if I saw someone IRL dressed like that, with the same umm, characteristics, I’d sure be into him!

  3. Wuaw. Fantastic.
    Incidentally, it has been a while since I last visited you, the style has not changed, in fact I like the new look, and will as before log in regularly now.
    Thank you.

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