Of Love

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As many as 70 chart topping French singers have released a new single called De l’Amour to tackle homophobia. The haunting and beautiful melody translates into English as ‘Of Love’ and tells the story of gay refugee Azamat; who was the first refugee the charity helped escape persecution in his home country.

The song was released this week as a download. All proceeds from its sales will go to French charity Urgence Homophobie (Emergency Homophobia).


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  1. A melody so elegant it’s hard to believe it wasn’t composed in the 1960’s – 90’s, the Golden Age of Popular Music.

    With 10% of the population of France already adhering to the Mohammedan heresy, and those people reproducing in far greater numbers than the rest, “Urgence Homophobie” really is an emergency.

    Hope this song helps.

    1. islamophobia isn’t the right answer to homophobia you know ? and spreading false facts about islam isn’t helping either. You should be ashamed.

  2. Josh’s French is fried!
    “De l’amour” is more like “(some) love,” as in “we need love” or “give us some love.” Or both. ;)

    Nice song, sounds a bit sad though, but it’s for a good cause, there were several violent homophobic aggressions in September and October in France.

    To fight the winter gloom, here are a couple French songs from sunny islands:

    – From the Réunion, near Madagascar, a song about intensive agriculture whose video denounces racist aggressions. My French is apparently too bad to understand the relationship between the two…

    – From the Spanish Canary islands, a song that mixes in both French and Silbo, the whistled language of the islands natives.

    It’s more like 7.5%, horselips, and I am not sure the more important Christian heresy does any better on that point, the LGBT-hating protesters come mostly straight from the traditional wing of this religion. Like the ones who protested against equal marriage and are now protesting against assisted reproduction because lesbian couples could then get their own babies, regardless of how beneficial it would be for some heterosexual couples too.

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