Austria deems Teenage Boy not gay enough to deserve Asylum

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Austrian officials rejected an Afghan gay teenage asylum seeker because aggression isn’t ‘expected from a homosexual’, according to the report written on him by the responsible officials. The official found no grounds for fear of persecution for the 18-year-old, according to the Falter Newspaper. Homosexuality is illegal in Afghanistan and can be punishable by death.

The assessment contained many concerns. It reportedly stated that, because the teenager got into a fight with roommates in his accommodation, he had ‘potential for aggression’. This ‘wouldn’t be expected from a homosexual’.

The report also noted: ‘The way you walk, act or dress does not show even in the slightest that you could be homosexual. Astonishingly, the report used having only a few friends and spending time alone against him. The assessment noted: ‘Aren’t homosexuals rather social?’

The 18-year-old also noted he kissed straight men. The official rejected this, saying that no straight guy would allow this to happen and would have beaten him. The Falter reported that the man came to Austria as a minor and is appealing against the decision.

This comes days after it was revealed an Iranian asylum seeker was rejected because he couldn’t explain what the six colours of the Pride flag stand for.

According to the Federal Office for Aliens and Asylum (BFA), not knowing the meaning behind the global LGBTI flag was reason enough to block his asylum request. Luckily, Austrian LGBTI group ‘Queer Base’ were able to support him through the process, and he has now been given asylum in the country.

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  1. Yet another example of people that cannot separate the sexuality from the stereotypical lifestyle constantly crammed down our throats by shows like “Will and Grace”.

    Clearly those Austrian officials have never run across a pissed off drag queen, or they’d know just how aggressive gay people can be when pushed. Heck, I’ve known jocks that would rather pick a fight with Mike Tyson then a gay man.

    As for the flag, most gay folk don’t know squat about Harvey Milk, Stonewall, the lavender scare, Kathy Kozachenko, Oscar Wilde, how bad AIDS was in the 80’s, or anything else related to gay history unless they were alive when it happened… how the hell is someone from a country with an oppressive regime that restricts communication supposed to know what the colors on the pride flag means?

    Heck, according to everything I can find, it was only the original 8 color pride flag where the individual colors had any sort of significance…. with the six color flag they’re using, there’s no significance given. What that guy should have told those officials was to bend over and he’d prove he was gay….

    1. I’ve been actively gay for 65 years, lived in NY, Paris, Rome and Berlin, have almost every gay classic there is, and I had no idea the colors of the rainbow flag had any specific meaning. I’ve always assumed it was a nod to Judy.

      1. That’s how it started in the very beginning. Apparently shortly after a bunch of Californians assigned a bunch of hippie meanings to each of the eight colors.

        From what I’ve been able to find those meanings only lasted until the flag was reduced from 8 colors to 6 right about the time it became more widely recognized as a gay symbol. From then til now, the individual colors were no longer assigned any particular meaning

  2. I was a bit surprised about this. Then again, Austria is a bit of a dark horse country in Europe.
    The world never stands still and in North West Europe including other like minded countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia we have for a good long while enjoyed rapid progress towards having fully inclusive and free societies. I hope we continue to progress but the monster headache of immigrants importing extremely unwholesome cultural behaviour may truly upset the apple cart.
    The other surprise that bugs me is how the USA has utterly lost direction concerning anything human.

  3. Austria deems Teenage Boy not gay enough to deserve Asylum milkboys 2018-08-16 News, News & Opinions …
    — Always remember that the colors of the “gay” flag are from the spectrum, through a prism, of the sun. It is from a HIPPY 1960’s USA thing. The originals explain the original flag is from a fact — that the sun includes us all as the spectrum through the prism “proves”. THAT is the original idea. It is to mean that “WE ALL ARE ONE UNDER OUR SUN”, or, “… THE SUN”, intending as a rhyme, and, as meaning as an all inclusive, that is, a symbol of / for all peoples. It is not originally of intent to be a racial nor a sexual thing. The original flag is a HIPPY thing. Originally, the “gay” flag is not homo nor racial. It is from the HIPPY movement, queers inclusive, 1960’s. There is no meaning to each stripe of the flag except as visible colors from the sunlight through a simple prism making a “spectrum”. HIPPY thing. Know from personal experience.
    — Any Country denies people entry as that Country’s self protect. Why do they, almost all, invent passports. “YOU are of this and can not leave”. “YOU are not of this and can not come in.” PERIOD. Sympathy goes only so far. INVASION is the fear. And a very real fear.
    — The whole thing is not exclusive to some “queer fear”. [what does that guy say ? “we have our own. who needs or wants you ?”]

  4. Most parts of the “civilized” world have entered into the next phase of global homophobia [led by the USA]:

    As some countries are enacting laws “protecting” some gays and same-sex marriage, many of these same countries are now enacting their own version of “religious freedoms” screaming it out to the public while under-breathing religious privilege — enough so that at the very least, they can literally and legally snub their noses at gay protective laws. Their modus operandi is to come up with some asinine “reason” that never makes any common sense just so they have something to use to refuse either service or recognition of anything even related to homosexuality/homosexuals: remember, they not only want to kill the message, they want to [at least] humiliate the messenger — if not outright imprison/kill them.

    The above is an example of exactly this. Almost on cue, USA [specifically, Lakewood, CO’s Masterpiece Bakery] has another of their religious entries unfolding right now — they’re refusing to bake another cake — this time to a transgender couple. And of course, they’re screaming “religious freedom” because the Colorado Equality Board is “harassing” them — just like in the Supreme Court case they “won” — because of a technicality [SCOTUS jargon: “no standing” {whenever it comes to any direct religious cases}]. [You can look this case up.]

  5. Austria is not the best place for any Middle-Eastern refugee to apply for asylum, LGBT or not makes no difference. Austria has joined with Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. and the Baltic States in resisting the EU demands to accept Islamic refugees, and in fact several of these nations have outright refused to admit this human virus – a ticking cultural time bomb – into their stable, happy societies. Austria and 5 other European countries have begun construction of over 800 miles of border fortifications to deter migrants, and redirect them to more willing hosts like the Germans and the Swedes.

    They have only to see what the hell is going on in Paris, Marseille, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Manchester, Berlin, Cologne, and Stockholm among many others to know that Muslims don’t play well with others, and to conclude that they don’t want to play with immigrant Muslims either. That goes for me too. I live in a big college town with a fair number of Arabic exchange students, and that’s fine, but all of a sudden there’s a half-dozen mosques in town, two of which are considered ‘radicalized.’ Demands have been made to the airport to install, at its own expense, foot-washing fixtures in the rest rooms for the convenience if Muslim travelers. The venerable adage, “when in Rome…” doesn’t seem to apply to Muslims. They think wherever they go it’s Mecca. Who knows where this will end.

    As for the meaning behind the stripes in the gay flag, I’m clueless, and couldn’t care less. The ridiculous assumptions made by the Austrian BFA officials regarding the “likely” attitudes and behaviors of homosexuals were deliberately stupid – crafted specifically to send a warning message through the refugee grapevine to stay the fuck away from Austria.

    1. The ironic thing about the video is that these young men there – unlike the owner of this site – surely see a big problem in importing masses of Muslim people to western countries.

  6. I think proving something that is intrinsic to someones thinking and motivation i.e sexuality is probably too open to abuse by people saying they are, just to get asylum. It is impossible to know if true in most cases, I would imagine and what of the many who swing both ways, do they get the same consideration? What about feeling persecuted for other beliefs or that are visually difficult to prove e.g. being bullied for their gender or religious group .
    Cases just have to be considered on a case by case basis and based on evidence. There are many desperate people who want to gain citizenship whatever it takes and claims of asylum must be the gold standard for the most in need, whatever their reason.

    1. “I think proving something that is intrinsic to someones thinking and motivation i.e sexuality is probably too open to abuse by people saying they are, just to get asylum. It is impossible to know if true in most cases, I would imagine and what of the many who swing both ways, do they get the same consideration?”

      Very true. Many years ago when I was much younger, I was complicit in (indirectly) helping a Chinese from mainland China receive asylum/refugee status here so he could bring his wife and 10-y.o. son from China. He’s gay but was “forced” to marry someone because he would have been shamed or worse in his hometown which is in central China. While here, he was my “boyfriend” so I felt compelled to help him as long as it didn’t involve me lying to Immigration or other Federal Agency. I had taken a photo of him with some other Chinese just to show he was of the Falun Gong religious cult. He wasn’t, it was just convenient for him. I did wrong, technically, I know, but he was a good and intelligent person and since I was involved with him, “romantically,” I did that small thing to help him out since we had been together for about 1-1/2 years.

      Things like “religion” and sexuality are very difficult to prove one way or another. So it becomes easy to claim “asylum/refugee” status because the receiving country/government can’t prove the seekers were NOT “abused” or whatever it takes to gain asylum if they have someone to speak up FOR them or some tangible “proof” [like photos, videos or something like that].

      It took awhile, but he did get a green card.

  7. Well, shit! I have kissed straight men, gotten into fights, been a loner, and I have absolutely no idea what the colors of the rainbow flag stand for. Also, I’m not sure if I walk and talk the “correct” way to be gay — although I’m fairly sure that is a culturally specific thing rather than being the same everywhere in the world.

  8. Cute feminine boy in that video! He can take asylum in my bedroom (and hope he will enjoy it, too)! :-)

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